Miami: Top 10 Startups in 2021

Top 10 Startups in Miami 

As a startup ecosystem, Miami has seen rapid growth in recent years, with several top startups emerging. A total of $519 million was invested in early growth startups in 2016, slightly above the global average. In addition, the ecosystem is valued at $18 Billion, which is significantly higher than the worldwide average of startups.


  • Milo

Milo Raises $6 Million in Seed Funding from QED and MetaProp

Year Founded: 2018

HQ: Miami, Florida

Size: 11-50

Founder(s): Josip Rupena


Founded in 2018, Milo is a Miami-based startup that’s still based in the city. Using Fintech, the company makes it easier for customers to obtain loans. Closing these loans can often be very complex and frustrating; and however, this eliminates one common problem in the loan market.

A lot of funding has been provided to the company to assist in its growth and development. Three investors have contributed $6 million to the startup, totalling a total investment of $3 million.


  • Taxfyle

Taxfyle raises $4 million in series A funding | Accounting Today

The company was founded in 2015

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

Sizing: 11-50

Founding members: Michael Mouriz, Richard Lavina, Will Sahatdjian


Taxfyle was founded in 2015 and is one of Miami’s most exciting fintech startups. Using smart devices to simplify and improve the accounting process, the company generates revenue by creating and distributing iOS and Android apps.

Since it was founded six years ago, Taxfyle has made significant money from startup funding. As of now, four investors have agreed to deal with the company. Four investors invested a total of $7.3 Million in growing and expanding this business.


  • SmartBarrel

Construction site technology SmartBarrel expands sales pipeline during Covid-19 pandemic - South Florida Business Journal

Year Founded: 2016

HQ: Miami, Florida

Size: 11-50

Founder(s): Albert Bou Fadel


The company was founded in 2016 in Miami and is currently based in Florida. A construction company can monitor their projects and subcontractors on the company’s online platform in real-time. Automated processing and accurate data collection are used to achieve this.

A total of three investors have participated in two rounds of funding since the company was founded five years ago. These investors provided an undisclosed amount of funding.


  • aXpire

Top Miami Startups To Watch in 2021 - Startup Stash

Year Founded: 2018

HQ: Miami, Florida

Size: 101-250

Founder(s): Gary Roy Markham


The company has experienced rapid growth since it was founded three years ago, making it a promising startup in Florida. Financial institutions benefit from the company’s services, including expense management, billing, and invoicing.

A total of $20 Million has been raised in startup funding since it was founded in 2018.


  • Propzie

Top Miami Startups To Watch in 2021 - Startup Stash

Founded in 2018

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

Dimensions: 11-50

A Yari Carrizo, Daniel Detoni, Erick Sasse, Felipe Hofstatter, and Erick Sasse were among the founders


Propzie, a real estate startup based in Miami, Florida, was founded in 2018. Incorporated into the company’s software is automation that allows other businesses to manage their hospitality operations and hotels.

A decent amount of startup funding has been secured since the company was founded in 2018. A total of $280,000 has been invested in the company by two sources.


  • Clarify

Year Founded: 2018

HQ: Miami, Florida

Size: 1-10

Founder(s): JC Alvarez


The startup, headquartered in Miami, Florida, was founded in 2018 and had offices nationwide. As a means of helping workers improve the quality of their work, HR tools are provided to assist workers in improving the quality of their work.

In a single round of startup funding, the company raised a total of $10,000 to help it achieve its business goals. Additional funds may be sought in future competitions.


  • RiceApp

Year Founded: 2019

HQ: Miami, Florida

Size: 1-10

Founder(s): Carlos Emilio Gonzalez, Flavio Icaza, Maria Jose Velazquez


RiceApp is based in Miami and was founded in 2019. Booking food, dividing bills, and paying at the table is made easier for customers. Using this system, customers won’t have to wait for table service, which makes things safer, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic persists.

In the two years since RiceApp was founded, the company has gone through just one round of funding. The company has secured a total of $70,000 for it to grow.


  • Moneta

Year Founded: 2018

HQ: Miami, Florida

Size: 1-10

Founder(s): Alejandro Alvarez


Moneta is a fintech startup based in Miami that was established three years ago. Users can transfer funds from their e-wallet to the startup by using their change from purchases. In-app QR codes are also available for users to use to pay for their purchases.


  • Papa

Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Miami, Florida

Size: 251-500

Founder(s): Alfredo Vaamonde, Andrew Parker, Jake Rothstein


Papa, which was founded four years ago, is probably the most heartwarming startup in Miami. The company operates a platform to combat loneliness by connecting college students with older adults who can provide each other companionship and thus combat loneliness.

Startup funding has allowed the company to further its mission to an excellent degree. A total of 13 investors have invested a total of $91.2 Million in the company.


  • Fanatiz 

Catching up with Fanatiz: The action may be off the field but 'our work never sleeps' - Refresh Miami

Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Miami, Florida

Size: 11-50

Founder(s): Matias Rivera Larrain


In 2017, Fanatix was founded in Miami and continued to have its headquarters there. Its online streaming platform enables its customers to watch live sports and VOD events, such as boxing fights, from various events.

Two rounds of funding have been raised from a single source of capital. Investing $17 million in their platform has allowed for further growth and development.

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