The new Netflix plans offered in India: Starting at Rs 149

The new Netflix plans offered in India: Starting at Rs 149

With new Netflix plans and reduced pricing in India, the mobile-only plan has been reduced from the previous Rs 199 to Rs 149 per month. Below is more information.

India’s monthly mobile-only Netflix plan has been reduced to Rs 149 a month, down from Rs 199. All customers will be able to take advantage of the new plans. Given that Netflix remains the most expensive streaming service in the country, this move is likely part of Netflix’s effort to woo more subscribers.

A Netflix Basic subscription will now cost Rs 199 per month; previously, Rs 499 per month. This is a significant price reduction. Instead of Rs 649 as the earlier price, Netflix’s standard plan will cost Rs 499 per month.

Netflix’s premium plan, which has the highest price, will cost Rs 649 a month. Netflix’s premium plan, which has the highest price, will cost Rs 799 a month. The rest of the details are below.

Netflix Gets a Price Cut in India

Netflix plans introduces new features.

All members will see the price change starting from the next billing cycle, tomorrow, December 14. There is no need to enrol in Netflix again; you can simply choose the packages at the new pricing for new members.

Members of Netflix’s Mobile, Basic, or Standard plans will be upgraded to Netflix’s plan one tier higher than their current plan at their recent monthly subscription price. As a result, users of the Mobile plan will be upgraded to the basic plan at Rs 199 per month.

In the notification, they will have the option to confirm upgrading to the plan or choosing any other method they want. All in all, the prices have been reduced by 18-60 per cent.

Starting at Rs 149 per month for mobile, Netflix plans are now available. A mobile or tablet with 480p resolution is supported with the mobile plan. Netflix cannot be accessed from a television or computer. A single device can access the account at a time.

With the Rs 199 basic Netflix plan, the resolution will also be limited to 480p, but you can access the account from a computer and TV at the same time. However, only one device can be connected at one time.

Netflix plan now offers a standard at Rs 499 per month and simultaneously supports up to two devices. 1080p resolution is supported. Mobile, TV, computers, and tablets can be used to access the account.

Netflix’s most premium account, which has 4K resolution and can play on four devices simultaneously, costs Rs 649 per month. All four devices can view this content, including a mobile device, tablet, computer, and TV.

Netflix plans in India 2021: best Netflix plans with monthly and annual membership prices, benefits and more - Daily

Starting today, you will receive a seamless upgrade to the higher Netflix plan if you already have a Netflix subscription. Whenever you log in the next time, a notification will appear on your device asking you to confirm the upgrade or select a different Netflix plan. Those on Netflix’s top-tier “Premium” plan will see their pricing change as of the next billing cycle. It also applies to those who opt to stay on their current plan, regardless of its current price.

Benefits remain the same. On Netflix’s “Mobile” plan, you can watch standard definition (SD) 480p content via phones and tablets. On Netflix’s “Basic” plan, on the other hand, you can stream content on a range of devices but at a tight resolution of 480p. (Netflix allows SD video on its non-mobile packages, but Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar allow HD streams. Amazon limits video quality on Prime Video Mobile Edition, while Disney+ Hotstar does not restrict video quality on any subscription plans.) Netflix “Standard” subscribers get 1080p HD video, and Netflix Premium subscribers get 4K resolution and HDR.


Old price/month

New price/month




Netflix Mobile

Rs. 199

Rs. 149



Phone, Tablet


Rs. 499

Rs. 199



Phone, Table, TV, Computer


Rs. 649

Rs. 499



Phone, Table, TV, Computer


Rs. 799

Rs. 649



Phone, Table, TV, Computer

Thanks to these new prices, Netflix is now slightly more competitive in India. A new Amazon Prime subscription went on sale on Tuesday, costing Rs. 1,499 instead of Rs. 999 per year. About 125 rupees a month. With Amazon, you can stream 4K HDR to multiple devices on a single plan, unlike Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar. Select mobile operators offer this Prime Video Mobile Edition that starts at Rs. 89 per month.

The Disney+ Hotstar Mobile plan currently costs Rs. 499 per year, the cheapest of the bunch. A monthly fee of 42 rupees is involved.
In addition to these services, Disney+ Hotstar Super (Rs. 899 per year) lets you watch on two devices simultaneously, and Disney+ Hotstar Premium lets you watch on four devices simultaneously.

Struggling to win subscribers, Netflix cuts prices in India | TechCrunch

“As Indians, we are big fans of great entertainment,” Netflix India VP of content Monika Shergill said in a prepared statement. Now Netflix is even more accessible for all tastes, plans, and moods. Watch all Netflix on your mobile for just Rs. 149 on Friday or Saturday, and any device for Rs. 199 on Sunday.

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