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More than a good infrastructure, a company needs good people working in it. Hire a good consultancy that can assist you with all your HR needs. One such agency is ZingHR which is highly advanced in what they do. They made it to the Microsoft Ventures’ 2014 summer batch of its accelerator program in India. The move has helped ZingHR in more than one way. Microsoft’s Power BI, Advanced Analytics, and machine learning enable that cutting-edge technology made its way to ZingHR. It also made sure there was a technology team embedded in the start-up for helping it to implement the product.

Prasad Rajappan is the Founder and MD of ZingHR – a Global Enterprise Cloud HR Applications provider aimed at simplifying Human Capital Management (HCM). A firm believer of delivering rather than promising, Prasad has always looked at challenges as opportunities to grow. An active personality in the room who will always keep the ball rolling and getting the best out of time. He brings an experience of over 2 decades into ideating and putting a concept into action. He has earned a Master’s Degree in HR and Operations from Mumbai University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Engineering.
The company is a sector agnostic HRTech Venture focussed primarily at Enterprises and SMBs in India and across the globe. They are focussed at driving and building innovative products which will help companies to look beyond just HR as a process but HR as a contributor to the top line and bottom-line growth through various products and services. They currently have offices across major cities in India and have clients in India, SEA, UAE and Australia.

ZingHR has been and HRTech Innovation driven company that is helping organizations to go beyond Automation, and deliver a solution that could directly impact Business Outcomes – OutcomationTM. ZingHR aims at creating a platform for the betterment of workforces irrespective of geographical boundaries. In these times they are more focussed on Business Continuity and Productivity for Organizations at large.

ZingHR has raised around $2.5 million including seed and angel funding and strategic investment by Zeta — a digital payment and meal voucher company.

They are focussed in building great products for SMBs and Enterprises. They want to be one of the most respective, innovative and problem-solving enterprises in the HRTech space offering clear cut products to help enterprises in building serious business continuity and productivity.

The company has won quite a few awards but the biggest accomplishment for them has been the love and appreciation of our existing customers. Everyone can buy software or a tech product from anywhere but it is difficult to buy a relationship and a well-wishing team to support customers by going out of the way. Their loving customers supersede all other rewards! 

To know more about their operations and to fulfill your HR needs in a tech-savvy way, just go to


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