A hope: Covid-19 recovery rate in Delhi has been reported at 88%, says CM- “Delhi Model”

With the significant improvement in the national capital in recovery with the Covid-19 situation without any lockdown in place, stands at the recovery rate of 88% and only 9% are still infected, said by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. It is remarkable news for Delhi just like a beam of light in the dark weather. The recovery rate on Sunday was 87.95% from Saturday’s figure of 87.29%. Now the National Capital is at the 10th position in the country in terms of active cases. As the situation is improving in the city, the Chief Minister will announce a series of initiatives in the coming days while explaining the “Delhi Model” in India and Abroad. The model will be discussed at the press conference. 

It has also been observed that only 2-3% of people have died who were infected with the novel coronavirus and seen that there is a decline in fatalities as well. Currently, there is an arrangement for 15,500 beds at the hospitals in Delhi and 2,800 COVID patients are there, and remaining are empty. In the past 24 hours, 1,807 patients have been recovered.

Yesterday, almost 21 people lost their lives due to coronavirus. In the data collected in June, per day deaths used to be around 100 marks, out of which 35 were tested to be positive. Now the number has been decreased to 5 positive cases per 100 tests have been seen. However, there is still a need to consistently wear masks in public and obey other safety guidelines for prevention. 

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narender Modi will today launch a coronavirus testing facility via video conferencing in Noida, Mumbai, and Kolkata. This facility will help the testing capacity and strengthening the detection and treatment of the virus. Thus, controlling the virus to spread. 

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So far, Delhi has reported 1,30,606 cases, out of which 1,14,875 has been recovered. And the active number of cases in the city now is 11,904, less as compared to 12,657 on Saturday and 13,681 on Friday.

Together the people of Delhi, Delhi Government, and the center have attained a victory over corona but still smiling over the victory needs some time. Everyone is working at their limits!  

On the other hand, after the first plasma trials from Government Institutes of Medical Science in Noida. They have opened a plasma bank – it is the country’s third plasma bank at the Rotary Blood Bank in Sector 31. It was inaugurated by UP health minister. The bank has the capacity to store 10,000units of 200 ml each blood plasma. This will be provided to moderate to serious COVID patients at Rs. 10,500 for the general public and Rs. 4,500 for government patients. There is a discussion to provide plasma for free for people below the poverty line (BPL) and pregnant women.

Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal added the next step forward, on Monday he announced a launch of a new web portal to provide job backs to people and rebuild the economy. The app is known as Rozgar Bazar. And, recommending businessmen, government agencies, and NGOs to bring back Delhi on Track. He is also hoping that migrants who have moved back to their native places due to sudden lockdown and stop on businesses should now come back to the national capital. Rozgar Bazar is used by those who are looking for jobs and also for the recruiter who wants to hire. It will be immensely helpful for businesses, construction companies, professionals, and shop keepers. It is a bridge that removes the gap between job seekers and providers.

The improvement is the result of the hard work of the people especially doctors, nurses, and pandemic staff. But still, there is a lot more coming ahead in the fight with this virus. 

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