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After 30 years, LIVERPOOL breaks the ice with Premier League’s victory!!!

The footprints of soccer drive us to 2000 years ago to ancient China. England gave it the international recognition it deserved. The sport has now built a worldwide audience. The wildness in the game brings out some of the die-hard fans all over the globe. Numerous soccer tournaments take place across the world like the World Cup, The Summer Games, UEFA Champions League, Women’s Worlds, FA Cup, Asian Cup, etc.

The sudden entry of coronavirus did shake the grounds of the world. Till now more than 3.5 million people across 212 countries have been affected by this. But yet the world cannot stay at a pause forever. Hence Perth is hosting the remaining Premier League. After the green light by the government, the season resumed on the 17th of June, Wednesday.

These matches are the first time in the history where there will be no audience and strict social distancing norms. The crowd which used to be the strength for a team would now have vanished. It would be the inner motivation that will encourage the teams to kick the winning goal. The fans can enjoy the live telecast on televisions and radios.

Perth had to host 92 of the remaining matches of the 2019/20 season. And the show began with Aston Villa Vs Sheffield United followed by Arsenal Vs Manchester City.

But in the end, Liverpool kicked the final shot and attained its victory. After a gap of 30 years of silence, the 2019-20 season of Premier League was won by Liverpool. It happened when Manchester City was defeated by Chelsea with a score of 1-2 which directly meant that Liverpool had an invincible lead of 23 points over Manchester City and only 7 games are left in the competition. Chelsea was given a lead by Christian Pulisic’s goal before an amazing Kevin De Bruyne sparked hopes of a comeback but what led to the calm win was Fernandinho’s late red card. In the end, all this resulted in Liverpool’s great triumph.
With this Liverpool has reached the rim of their 19th title with a 4-0 battering of Crystal Palace at Anfield on Wednesday.

Liverpool was last crowned in 1989-90 as England’s top-flight champions.

The manager of the team, Jurgen Klopp is now looking forward to putting a golden impression to be remembered as history. For a Premier League Champion, the team needs to attain 15 more points to set a new record points total within the remaining 7 matches. This will also add a significant feather of the very first team to conquest each home game in a single season.

Jurgen expressed his gratification on the club’s official website after the huge victory that “You know it better than I do! Thirty years ago…30 years ago… I was 23, so I didn’t think too much about winning a title with Liverpool, to be honest! I had no skills for that! Thirty years later I am here and because of the great staff I have, it is unbelievable. Tonight, you see them all together. What Ray did organizational wise, what Mona did food-wise and with nutrition is amazing. What Korney did on a fitness level, what Pep Lijnders did and put into this game, there is so much of his soul in our game now in this short period it is unbelievable.”

The spectators are still holding their seats tight to see how the team takes it forward. The die-hard fans of the teams might be the happiest on the earth after this amazing win. The next match with Manchester City next month that is on the 3rd of July will show how the team portrays their motivated spirits. The world awaits…..



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