All Regular Passengers Trains have canceled till 12 August!100% refund will be given! Here is all Info about the latest decision of Railways!

 The Indian Railways took a major decision on Thursday due to a sudden increase in cases of coronavirus in the country. Even after the lockdown corona cases are increasing day by day especially in Mumbai and Delhi. 

The Indian Railways announced the cancellation of all regular trains till August 12. If anyone has booked the ticket till this date, he will get a 100% refund. Railway has issued this information by issuing a circular.


However, special passenger trains including 200 mail express trains and 30 Rajdhani trains that have been running from May 12 and June 1 will continue to run.

Which trains will affect the passengers with this decision?

All regular mail, express, passenger, and sub-urban trains have been canceled till 12 August. These passengers will not be able to book tickets for regular trains.

Will any of those recently started trains continue?

The local train service was recently started in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a special service for limited people. In this, those passengers with essential services were traveling, who have been allowed locally for them this service will continue.

The railway ministry officials’ special trains, including suburban trains along with the Central and Western railway zones and Shramik Special trains, will continue to ply.

In its guidelines, Railway also advised passengers to reach the station 90 minutes before the special train leaves. Only passengers who have confirmed tickets will be allowed to enter the station. Under the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, all passengers will have to undergo thermal screening and will be allowed to travel by in which they do not show any symptoms.


On the train, passengers will have to follow the social distancing rule and wear face masks during the travel. All passengers have to keep using hand sanitizer continuously. All passengers are strictly guided to have the Arogya Setu app on their phones. All zone of the railway has been informed to make separate doors for entry and exit at every station so that there is no face-to-face movement among passengers.

How passengers who booked a ticket by railway counter will get a refund?

  • Passengers who booked tickets from the railway counter will be eligible to apply for a refund from the date of the journey to six months. They should have a file a Ticket Deposit Receipt or TDR at the station. They can submit TDRs within two months to the foremost claim administrator or chief commercial administrator refund’s office. The refund will be concocted after verification.
  • On the other hand, if someone has booked a ticket online to travel by these trains from July 1 to August 12, it will be considered as a cancel. Thus, the Railways authorities have cleared that 100% of the ticket refund will be given to passengers.
  •  On Tuesday, Indian Railways also announced the cancellation of all tickets booked for regular trains on or before April 14 and said it would soon start generating refunds for those tickets.
  • In an earlier announcement on May 15, railways had canceled all trains scheduled for travel till June 30, 2020, and decided to refund those tickets too.

Why the decision not to start regular train service has taken?

Railways had earlier also decided to cancel the regular train service by 30 June. Now he has extended it till 12 August. Sources said that this decision has been taken in view of the increasing cases of coronavirus in the country.

What options do travelers have now?

Railway said that 230 Mail and Special Express trains are running and this will continue. These include 24 such trains on the Rajdhani route from May 12 and 200 trains from June 1. Railway has already said that if necessary, some more special trains can be run.

We look forward to serving you again, we are really working hard to make a number of changes to our systems and procedures with your well-being and safety in mind. It is important that we take additional steps to keep you safe and healthy while traveling with us, “promised by the IRCTC.

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