BJP Might Announce Lockdown in India only after the Elections Are Over, Else It will be a loss of money invested in elections and rallies. Elections Results & Forming Government Is More Important & Valuable Than Few Lives.

Politics and agendas- they seem to run the country on behalf of our government these days. While the nature of this is not a new concept for India, the degree sure is. It is because it is astounding how the Supreme Leader and the ruling party gets away with anything now and it is not okay. With close to 3 lakh cases being registered in one day, India is facing a devastating second wave of the virus and anybody in their senses would not even think of elections and rallies, let alone urging people to come out and vote in max numbers. However, our very own Prime Minister is not only catering to large crowds of people without proper covid-19 protocols but also asking people to go to voting booths and vote in unprecedented numbers. Last year, during the first wave, a nationwide lockdown was imposed when the total cases in the country touched the 500 mark to try and stop the curb of the virus. Ironically, the mark has crossed about 15 million with close to 3 lakh cases being registered every day and yet, the Prime Minister seems to be utterly disinterred in announcing the lockdown. It raises a lot of questions and looks like the government is in no mood to give answers, like always. The states have announced curfews and some have gone to the extent of lockdown as well.
But Prime Minister Modi, in a recent speech, talked about how lockdown should be the country’s last resort. While he completely ignored the vaccine and medicine shortage in a number of states to tackle the virus and paid no heed to the fiscal federalism agenda being delayed for the longest time, this statement has raised a lot of questions. In a hurriedly called address to the nation late Tuesday evening, the PM said economic activity and livelihood must remain least impacted. His call for patience during the crisis period came in the backdrop of several states rushing to announce curfews and severe restrictions in different ways. “We have to save the country from lockdown. States should focus on micro-containment zones,” Modi said. The PM asked state governments to urge migrant workers to stay where they are and give them confidence that they wouldn’t lose their income and livelihood. He also gave an assurance that with vaccination opening up for those above 18 years of age from May 1, the workforce in cities would be able to get the shot. However, our experience with this government has been such that we no longer trust words and the actions, well they are never as much as they should be. So, while the prime minister gave a number of reassurances, he was sceptically silent on the reason behind this call for prolonged patience and delayed containment measures at a time when the country is standing at one of the worst paths witnessed. Well, if the government won’t answer, we’ll try and find the answers ourselves.
While we are observing our Prime Minister aggressively indulge in the West Bengal elections amid the virus, it is no secret that the ruling party has spent a lot on election rallies and campaigns. Recently, the political parties in West Bengal received a warning from the Election Commission about the cancellation of further process in lieu of the leaders not following protocols like wearing masks and maintaining distance. This led to Prime Minister Modi’s decision to reduce the number of people gathering for elections to a maximum of 500. Note that the number of people allowed to attend the death service of a relative is 20, which in itself shows the disparity and influence of power on laws, but this is a debate for another time. The ruling party’s actions to consistently delay the decision for lockdown hints at the possibility of the party avoiding the losses if in case the further elections get cancelled. As horrible as this sounds, this might as well be a very reasonable possibility looking at the ruling government’s track record. People over politics? Who told you that?
bihar assembly election 2020: why bjp will not hold public rallies in post- coronavirus bihar assembly polls | india news - times of india
None of this is acceptable. None of this is okay. People in the country are losing lives and getting affected by the virus exponentially every single day while the Prime Minister is busy lauding people of West Bengal to come out and vote. The country is facing a terrible shortage of basic coronavirus requisites like hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, and remdesivir and tocilizumab injections while the Prime Minister has been more concerned with observing rallies. A 101 days after the first two vaccines were approved in India, the central government decided to waive the requirement of bridging trials in the country for vaccines approved in Europe, Japan, and the US etc. Why was the same decision not undertaken in December last year when the Pfizer mRNA vaccine applied for it? Looks like we don’t get answers for actions anymore. Why is the government trying to get manufacturing started of the Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin at Rs 904 crore vaccine plant in Chengalpattu, three months after the vaccine’s regulatory nod? No wonder the country is facing a vaccine shortage. Did the government of the country assume that the pandemic was over or was it just lethargic to undertake any particular action in this regard? Undoubtedly, election results and political positions are more important than human lives for the politicians of the country. Decide for yourself how you want the future to look like.

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