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Can you contract the Coronavirus if you smoke?

Smokers will probably be more vulnerable to Covid-19 as smoking increases the possibility of transmission of the virus in hand to mouth, and the Union Health Ministry has said, cautioning that the use of tobacco goods may boost the severity of respiratory ailments and also make individuals susceptible to coronavirus.

In its document ‘Covid-19 Pandemic and Tobacco Use in India’, the ministry said specialists have verified that physicians are more likely to create symptoms from Covid-19 since it cautioned against the use of any products and primarily attacks the lungs.

How it is challenging the youth today?

Even the COVID 19 pandemic has attracted a renewed focus on public health issues like smoking, vaping, and substance misuse.  In the past several years the proportion of teens engaging in smoking and vaping has improved significantly, an 80% increase in 2018 to 2019. The public health campaign has shown their concern over the rising number of teenagers who are choosing to smoke.

There has been again in the number of teens indulging in vaping that is viewed as an alternative even though it has been banned in several countries. While specialists are attempting to figure the explanations for the rise in vaping amongst adults, it must be addressed inside this juncture since the COVID 19 pandemic could pose a risk. SARS COV -2, as the name suggests or COVID 19 causes severe acute respiratory illness.  The COVID 19 viral strain directly impacts the lungs, decreasing its capability and limiting the consumption of oxygen and resulting in ARDS and pneumonia.  It’s particularly deadly in problems or even both, and individuals who have underlying disorders.  Research has proven that vaping and smoking include a damaging influence on the respiratory function of the human body especially lungs.

The researchers are still finding concrete proof to support their statement but according to the ones who are already admitted, it is a proven fact for real.

“Further smoking products like pipes or hookah frequently involve the usage of both mouth-pieces and hoses, which could ease the transmission of Covid-19 in tropical and social preferences,” the ministry stated. Tobacco use is a major risk factor for the four main Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs), cardiovascular disease, obesity, chronic lung disease, and diabetes, which places individuals with those ailments at higher risk for developing acute illness when affected by Covid-19.

NCDs are estimated to account for deaths of more adults in India and which are to rise in number accordingly. The compounds in tobacco smoke suppress the activity of different types of immune cells which are included in general and concentrated immune reactions. 

So, what is the result?

Several research bureaus across the world are still trying to figure the different physiological, environmental, and biological causes that might worsen the spread of COVID 19. The connection between smoking, vaping and COVID 19 was detected during the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China. Plus it had been observed that from all deaths due to COVID 19 in China, 6.3 percent of those casualties had an underlying respiratory disease as opposed to 2.3% who didn’t have any respiratory illness. 

These problems coupled together with underlying illnesses including individuals on immunosuppressant medications and overwhelmed and routine healthcare will prove to be an uphill battle. Therefore, it is vital to do all that we can to strengthen our immunity to enhance our chances of survival in the event of the virus for example kicking your habit contracts. We will need to strengthen our resolve of battling with this pandemic and adopting a healthy lifestyle could be. 



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