CBSE reduces 30% syllabus for classes IX-XII!!

The era of coronavirus has disrupted the functioning of the whole nation. Every country’s vital asset is the young minds it possesses. But the emergence of COVID-19 has trampled the youth development by harshly hitting the education system.

As the virus demanded social distancing and self-isolation the educational institutes including schools, colleges, coaching centers, etc. have turned their way to provide digital education. But the problem raised was that the students as well as their parents were complaining about the decreased understandability of the concepts.

And in wake of this, a step was demanded to be taken. 30% syllabus has for classes 9th to 12th has been reduced by the Central Board of Secondary Education. However, according to Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, the Human Resource Development Minister the core concepts will still be kept intact.

Changes that will occur on Syllabus:-

Class Xth

  • The chapters on forests and wildlife in contemporary India along with chapters on gender, religion, and caste; democracy and diversity; challenges of democracy; and popular struggles and movements have been removed from the syllabus of social science.
  • A section of the basic concept of evolution and a chapter on the functioning of the human eye has been deleted from the science syllabus.
  • The science practical experiments which demand the students to spend an adequate amount of time in the laboratory, like studying the comparative cleaning capacity of soap in soft and hard water, tests on acetic acid and mounting a leaf peal has been deducted from the syllabus

Class XIth

  • The students with political science as a subject will not have to study about federalism
  • Removal of political theory sections on nationalism, citizenship, and secularism has also been done.
  • Exercises to apply for a job with a resume or letter to the editor will not be included in the syllabus of the core English course.
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Class XIIth

  • The sections on regional aspirations, the Planning Commission, changing nature of India’s economic development and social movements have been deleted
  • Topic- India’s relation with neighboring has been erased from the syllabus
  • Students of Business Studies won’t have to study the concepts of GST i.e. Goods and Services Tax, demonetization, and the impact of government policy changes on business (a reference to LPG i.e. liberalization, privatization, and globalization).
  • Students with history as a subject will not be studying the chapters on the understanding partition or the chapters on the zamindars. peasants and the State.

The school teachers and principals have been advised by the Central Board of Secondary Education to make sure that the students are well explained about the deducted topics to an extent necessarily needed to connect with different topics. However, these deleted topics will not be the part of the topics which will be assessed Internal Assessment as well as the year-end Board Examination

Suggestions were invited from educationalists by Mr. Ramesh for syllabus rationalization and more than fifteen hundred suggestions were received for the same. Respective Committees of Central Board of Secondary Education have finalized the due changes in the syllabus. The finalized syllabus has been approved by the Governing Body as well as the Curriculum Committee of the Board.  

The process of regular classroom teaching has been disrupted by the ongoing deadly pandemic and different strategies to teach this curriculum are indeed needed and hence inputs for the same has been provided by the NCERT i.e. National Council of Educational Research and Training.

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An alternative academic calendar has also been prepared by NCERT for classes I-XII to support education in the CNSE affiliated schools.

Since mid-March, schools all over the nation have been put shut and more than twenty-five crore students have been affected by the same. Keeping in mind about the ongoing situation where the COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly, the schools may remain shut for an indefinite period of time and distance education through TV, radio, online classes are the only option left to continue education…

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