Change Does Not Occur Because The Poor Don’t Force It, The Bourgeois Can’t Afford It, And The Rich Don’t Need It. This Is Alarming!

We are told to survive in what we have and not change it. The lack of education around rights and powers causes poor people to live with what they have and the rich to get what they want! This has to change. Our Indian society is majorly divided into three segments: The poor, the middle class, and the rich. With such a vast majority of the middle class, why is it that this vast majority do not have a dime for their name? 

Well, that is because we are never taught how the system works. Rather we are told that the only way of surviving in this is “hard work”. That is not always the case. The people who think beyond this constraint are the ones who are wealthy.

how poor remain poor

Change is inevitable. This means that change is something that will happen whether people like it or not. This fact is more often than not overlooked by the general audience. The country is run by a handful of officials who do anything and everything to be on the profitable side, even if it means betraying their morals. People who cannot even stand up for themselves are the ones who stand up for 1.4 billion people, and we simply accept it.

It is the government’s duty to launch beneficial schemes for the people, and they do not do it out of moral kindness. They know that if they don’t do it, their future vote banks will slowly and gradually diminish. Thus, the people have the right to expect and demand beneficial changes from the government. So why don’t we do that?


Why Don’t The Rich Want Change?

By now, it is a known fact the rich and wealthy are the ones who “really” take decisions. But when decisions are made by people running private organizations, all they do is think about how much more benefits their firm can get by a particular resolve. They want the vast majority to fall under their banner; as a result, none of the schemes is beneficial in the bigger picture.

Indian population by income bracket (see online version for colours) | Download Scientific Diagram

Moreover, the upper class are already on the top, so why would they even desire to change that? This is true for everyone. Do they know something that the others are never told? It is simple, even though money has been around for centuries, only a handful of people actually know how to make it work. While the common man is taught to work for money, there are people who have money working for them. As a result, the rich don’t want that to change and manipulate their followers accordingly.


Why Can’t The Bourgeois Afford Change?

The vast majority of our population is covered by the middle class or, as many would call it, “The Working Class”. The middle class is probably the most levied of all. They work hard to earn money and provide sustainable living for their family. The responsibility of looking after a family is huge as it is. The people with such responsibility cannot afford to go on strikes, be denied jobs and awards or protest against the government. The problem is the officials know that and underestimate the most impactful lot in the nation. 

Indian Middle-Class Opportunity

The common man has the power to bring change and be the change without even denying their responsibilities, but the system simply won’t allow them to do so. The system is built so that the poor remain poor, the rich get richer, and the middle class get levied by taxes, expenses, and poor quality of living. The rich have the power to evade taxes, and the poor don’t give it anyway, bringing all the burden to the middle class. As a result, they work harder to earn more and hence do not get the time to demand their rights.


Why Don’t The Poor Force It?

By force, we mean why the poor do not demand change? Why do they not have the courage to ask the system to do what they require them to do? The main reason behind this is the “influential” people that run the country. The poor gave up on the system a long time ago. They know anything they say would be used only for political advantage and will never be worked upon. 


Moreover, every time the lower class rises against oppression, they are reminded why they should not. It is not a secret that that power pushes their voice back to the hole it comes from, and the so-called “leaders” allow this to happen. Naturally, the poor people realized that it’s all political propaganda and they will only be remembered once every 4 years.


What Can Be Done?

With the current system and events, it is clear that there are people who do not want growth but profit. People are restricted from information, and transparency is nowhere to be seen. In a time like this, people who know their roots are the ones who should be influencing others. To break free from the constraints of the system, one needs to be financially literate, or else it will be an endless loop of earning and expanding until it becomes no earning at all!

We have enough leaders; now, we need a guide.


Earning Money and Making Money


In today’s world, financial intelligence is equally important as traditional Mathematics, Science, History or Commerce. Without the proper idea of how money flows in business and how it works, one can only do so much to “earn” money; to be rich and wealthy, one needs to “make” money. In the world-famous book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, American businessman Robert Kiyosaki states that “The poor and the middle-class work for money. The rich have money to work for them.” Which holds true for the Indian system, which wants the poor to be poor and the rich to get richer, burdening the middle-class in between.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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