Top 10 Best Employee Tracking Software of India 2023

Top 10 Best Employee Tracking Software of India 2023

Software for employee tracking is widely used in enterprises to keep an eye on daily activities. The thought of successfully implementing the best employee tracking software can be intimidating for a manager or even an individual. It can appear to some people to be an infringement on employee privacy. However, tracking employee activity on corporate networks is essential in many commercial use cases.

Top Employee Tracking Software of 2022

This essential software has numerous practical purposes and will help you keep an eye on your company’s data and security, whether you’re a worker who is being monitored or an employer trying to track your staff.

Employee tracking software, commonly referred to as employee tracking software, is an application that may be downloaded on a work computer to monitor routine activities. Only the machines and actions this software configures to track can be tracked by it.

Generally speaking, these tools will keep tabs on things like communications, time devoted to a task or job, attendance, browsing websites or applications, data migration, and potential threat intelligence activity (such as odd conduct).

There are many different tracking programs available. Therefore, the features can vary greatly. However, most applications can track file motions, mouse clicks, keyboard depressions, and application selections. Additionally, it might capture the user via a webcam or capture real-time movement on the screen. Additionally, admin users typically have access to user histories for business audits.

Principal Goals of Employee Tracking Systems

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Workforce management software is typically used for the following three things: productivity tracking, business security, and remote monitoring. The use of staff tracking software in conjunction with an entity surveillance system can yield valuable information. It can increase efficiency, prevent data breaches, and provide helpful information when assessing employee performance.

Monitoring employee productivity

Software for employee monitoring is frequently a component of a broader system for employee monitoring. Managers may use time monitoring, absenteeism logs, and dates and times on application and website usage to determine how long projects take.

Spyware is a crucial component of staff monitoring and is helpful for both objectives. Managers can record chats in workplace messaging centers using the keystroke logging tool to track productivity. They can then determine whether their staff members put in any labor or took it easy the entire day.

This software may be used in combination with team management software and productivity tools. Additionally, it can be used to monitor employee fatigue and low business morale.

Safety Monitoring Software

Top 7 Employee Productivity Tracking Software For 2022

The program may be helpful as a tool to prevent data loss when used for security. It can keep track of typical actions taken by a user or machine and notify management when those actions change. Additionally, it might be able to keep an eye on specific files and notify management whenever a change is made.

Keystroke recording can be used in security settings to identify users who type strange code as if they were planning to convey confidential information to a coworker or submit it to a malicious website.

Utilizing user behaviour analytics (UBA), some software tracks employee behaviour trends to determine the activities employees often engage in. The administration is informed when an employee departs from their routine activities, so they can look into it.

Today’s world has a great place for and widespread use of employee tracking software. Some top employee tracking programs that have gained popularity in India are listed below.

1. Teramind

Teramind Reviews | How Good Is It To Monitor Your Staff?

Teramind is a very secure piece of software that may be installed locally or remotely over the cloud. We recommend it for businesses or sectors where security is of the utmost importance because it can watch Windows, Windows Server, Mac, Citrix, VDI, VMware Horizon, and terminal servers. The three Teramind plans each have the functionality to meet particular tracking requirements.

The Starter plan is the most basic version, suited for routine monitoring. The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) plan incorporates the features of the User Activity Monitoring (UAM) plan with enhanced protection for enterprises that want more specific monitoring tools.

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Teramind can monitor an employee’s internet and app usage, email activity, meetings held online, file transfers, web chats, training, keystrokes, clipboard operations, and other activities. You can forbid employees from doing specific things and keep a video and audio log of their device usage.

2. ActivTrak (@activtrak) / Twitter

In addition to two premium services with a maximum of five users each and a configurable plan for larger businesses, ActivTrak offers a free option for up to three users. This may be the appropriate tool for you if you want to increase employees’ efficiency, but it’s also excellent for startups with a small staff and tight budgets. But neither iOS nor Android devices can use it. The features you need to monitor your team are present in ActivTrak transparently. For instance, you can use the monitoring software for both the quantity and quality of an employee’s work time.

Through mouse movements, computer activity (albeit not keystroke logging), website and application usage, and active-passive (idle) behavior, ActivTrak can monitor how many hours your employees spend acting productively as opposed to unproductively and actively as opposed to passively.

ActivTrak can help workers stay on task (and safe) by preventing users or groups from accessing particular websites and applications. Audit trails, USB activity monitoring, automated responses, and risk assessments are additional security measures.

It has particularly appreciated its sophisticated insight capabilities, which provide a plethora of information that can assist managers and employers in setting objectives and making well-informed business decisions.

3. InterGuard

InterGuard evaluation | TechRadar

With its extensive tracking and security capabilities, InterGuard is perfect for remotely monitoring employees to ensure they’re safe and productive. It offers exceptional cross-platform coverage and can be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks, Windows VDI and interface servers, iOS, and Android smartphones. For larger enterprises, InterGuard provides software that is hosted both on-premises and in the cloud.

There are yearly and monthly programs available. The program does a terrific job of keeping track of when workers are online and engaged when they log off and on when they take breaks, and what percentage of their day is spent engaged versus inactive. Even field service personnel can be tracked using geolocation.

The use of websites and applications, social media activity, emails, programs, files, chats, printing, and other activities can all be monitored by InterGuard. You may set up the software to send notifications whenever suspicious activity and prohibit employees from accessing hazardous or ineffective websites and applications. It’s ideal for remote workforces thanks to these security precautions.

4. BambooHR

New release: a partnership with BambooHR - Workable

HR software runs in the cloud and may be used to track employee performance. It’s not your typical employee monitoring software; instead, it’s a full-featured HR solution that can assist small firms with hiring and onboarding staff, managing employee performance, monitoring employee hours and processing payroll. With month-to-month agreements and per-employee pricing, BambooHR offers two premium plans (Essential items and Advantage), each of which provides a seven-day trial version and no cancellation penalties. Payroll, time tracking, and performance management are add-on features.

Both desktop and mobile users will find BambooHR’s software to be intuitive and straightforward to use. With the help of the mobile app, staff members may manage their vacation time, see business calendars, and access employee directories and organizational diagrams.

5. Hubstaff

It is thought to be the best monitoring system for managing employee productivity. It might be challenging to determine each employee’s productivity, particularly for remote workers. Hubstaff includes non-intrusive tools that enable you to precisely track employees’ time and user activity, reducing this issue and raising the efficiency of your team as a whole.

Hubstaff is adaptable software that can handle a range of businesses, gadgets, and workers kinds, including field service workers, independent contractors, and remote workers. Along with supporting iOS and Android devices, Hubstaff also supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome. It is a feasible alternative for organizations of all sizes because it offers a free option and three reasonably priced premium plans.

There is a two-user minimum for all paid subscriptions, a 14-day free trial period during which you can evaluate the software, and a 60-day money-back promise. Your plan can be changed at any time, either up or down.

Hubstaff focuses on managing employee privacy while monitoring their time and increasing productivity. It measures the amount of time spent using the mouse and keyboard; rather than keylogging the exact words typed, Hubstaff assigns a true or false value to the activity to represent productivity. It can periodically take screenshots, but users may choose to delete those that contain private data (e.g., banking information or medical details).

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6. SentryPC

SentryPC | TechRadar

For its fog monitoring software, it is a type of software that offers numerous cost-effective options to accommodate even the most limited budgets. Everything you require to manage your team effectively is included in its basic programs. Before making a purchase, you can view an interactive demo of the product, where you can read sample reports and data to get a feel for it.

Windows, Mac, and Android devices may all be tracked using SentryPC, which added support for those platforms. After installing the SentryPC application on the machines you want to watch, you can examine the tracking information from any web-enabled device.

You can keep tabs on your employees’ activity, including when users log in and out, what they acquire, when they reset their passwords or change them, and when they download and uninstall software. The software records the time stamp, the related IP address, and the specifics of each of these events.

You can limit the number of hours that employees can work and keep tabs on their activities, including the websites and apps they use, the programs they access, the movements they play, and their keystrokes. People can easily install geofences for any user if you want to keep tabs on an employee’s whereabouts. This lets to know when a user’s computer enters or leaves a fictitiously fenced-in area.

7. Controlio

How to Monitor Remote Employees' Productivity During COVID-19 Quarantine with Controlio Software | Work Examiner

 Controlio provides on-premises and cloud-based workforce management software that keeps track of and records the PC activities of employees in real-time. While more prominent firms can select associate members and AWS cloud alternatives, smaller businesses are often best suited for the public option.

It is simple to use and access Controlio. You may observe the activities of the PC you wish to track from any device with just a single program installed on that PC. You can monitor activity from the web-based dashboards wherever you are because the data is saved in the cloud. This is excellent for supervisors who need to monitor employee conduct while they are away from work.

Create unique monitoring profiles with Controlio to view each employee’s behavior in a single, well-organized location. Controlio gives you complete control over how you keep an eye on staff because it can be used in stealthy or tray icon modes.

The capability of Control to track display activity in real-time is one of its strongest features. You can also see previously captured surveillance video of an employee’s computer usage if you want to evaluate previous activities. The software provides keylogging if you require more insight into employee activity.

8. Veriato

Veriato RansomSafe Overview - YouTube

For Macs, PCs, and Android devices, Veriato is complete employee surveillance and insider detection systems software. Large businesses that want thorough insight into employee behavior may find its sophisticated features helpful. Veriato, for instance, aids in maintaining legal compliance, detecting insider threats, conducting employee investigations, tracking workplace productivity, and preventing data theft.

Cerebral, Vision, and Investigator are the three workforce management plans offered by Veriato. The plans differ in terms of functionality, intended business size (small, midrange, or big), and hosting mode (cloud or on-premises) (employee monitoring and insider threat detection). For a personalized quotation, speak with a Veriato representative, as prices also vary.

9. Work Examiner

Work Examiner employee monitoring software | TechRadar

Windows devices can use the on-premises employee monitoring program called Work Examiner. Work Examiner pays a one-time licensing fee rather than offering the software as a subscription fee (plus support and update fees). It offers Standard and Professional software plans. It provides a significantly longer free trial than most rivals do—a 30-day trial version for up to five clients. This gives you plenty of time to determine whether the monitoring demands the software will satisfy. The ability to record numerous screen displays, receive notifications of specific employee actions, and design a unique schedule for report export are all essential features.

10. Insightful

Insightful Meaning - YouTube

Employers looking to monitor employee behavior while protecting employee privacy and offering staff discretion over what is recorded can consider the freshly relaunched Insightful. Office workers, remote workers, and businesses can all be supported by it. Two-factor authentication, an API, and live support are all features included with every Insightful account. On-premises installation, role-based access, audit logs, and dedicated account managers are additional features that can be included in enterprise accounts.

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It can be used with this software to keep an eye on company or enterprise and employee-owned Mac and Windows devices because it includes both visible and hidden modes. On employee-owned devices, the program operates visually, requiring the user to clock in and out to use it.

On company-owned computers, you can choose between visible mode, which allows employees more discretion over how their data is exposed, and stealth mode, which runs the program covertly in the background.

How Does Management Software Track Employee Activity?

Best Employee Tracking Software for Businesses in 2022 - Tricky Enough

Since monitoring software is often merely a computer program, it can only track user actions on its installed machine. Additionally, it can only track specific behaviours. This is not a monitoring system, for instance. Although some employees can be followed using the web camera capability, this function can only be used with the consent of the employee.

The actions of the user when opening files and programs can be tracked by this tracking tool. Administrators can view the apps their employees are using, the phrases they are typing, and the individuals their employees speak to by recording sessions or taking screenshots.

The employee tracker will record if workers are viewing Netflix when concentrating on the following critical report. This software will keep track of all employee computer usage while they are at work. The main items these software tracks are: Webcams, keystrokes, computer screens, communication, time spent on apps and websites, attendance, time monitoring for project management, and insider threats.

Is Employee Tracking Software Necessary for Companies ?

Top 10 Employee Productivity Tracking Software In 2022 - Lystloc

Employee surveillance seems suspect to the skeptical worker. Like every worker, you are aware of the fact that you are a good worker and that being watched over makes you feel unsafe. It’s not about being unreliable that employee monitoring functions.

The reality is that attacks are widespread. Every organization may suffer from continuously changing cybersecurity risks. Every size of business is at risk from data breaches caused by a malware infection, SQL injections, Dynamic Denial of Service (DDoS) assaults, phishing, and insider threats. Unfortunately, it may be as easy as not regularly changing your password or briefly leaving your computer unattended.

Although you might be a fantastic employee, hackers and cybercriminals are still targeting businesses to steal important data. According to statistics, phishing attacks will affect 75% of enterprises globally in 2020.

Top 10 Employee Time Tracking Software to Use for Free or at a Rock-Bottom Price | Work Examiner

Insider dangers brought on by credential theft will cost $27.9 million in 2020. The majority of organizations use security solutions, including data loss mitigation (DLP) solutions, user behavior analytics (UBA) services, and staff surveillance tools, to secure their business because of this and the expense of downtime caused by cyberattacks.

How Exactly Does Employee Tracking Software Operate?

As was already said, there are many employee monitoring tools available. As a result, the features you can choose from will rely on the software you choose. For instance, the SoftActivity monitor has the following characteristics:

  • Real-time activity tracking for numerous users with a live stream of remote desktops on a single screen.
  • Tracking used applications and websites
  • Triggered action alerts
  • Email and communication records
  • Security and employee productivity reports
  • Immediately alerts for company policy violations
  • Interrogations for security events and high-risk employees
  • Vendor access monitoring
  • Internet and program monitoring
  • Employee attendance tracking
  • Perform compliance auditing in accordance with HIPAA and PCI
  • Insider threat detection and prevention

✓ 23+ Best Employee Time Tracking Software For Small Business - TancaThe software is often installed on a single computer known as the primary console by admins who have authority over it. The admin can deploy and install software from the console if it is linked to the corporate network and company workstations.

At the console, management, and monitoring take place, but data can also be distributed to specific recipients. The portal allows administrators to keep track of the time spent on projects and see which websites their staff members visited. In order to find out when employees arrived at work and left, they can also view the login alerts.

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