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As COVID-19 Cases Continue To Dip In Delhi, CM Kejriwal Announced Gradual Unlock Process From May 31 In The National Capital

As the COVID cases continue to dip in the national capital, Delhi Chief Minister has announced unlock process from May 31. Less than 2000 cases have registered in Delhi continuously since the past week.

The COVID-19 cases have stabilized, and Delhi now has ample hospital beds for the COVID patients. The city witnessed a massive surge in COVID-19 cases in April, wherein more than 30,000 cases were recorded every day. This situation led to the exhaustion of ICU beds and other medical supplies that excruciated many people’s lives. Since the people could not get oxygen cylinders and life-saving drugs like Remdesivir from medical shops, they forcibly had to pay huge amounts to get them from the black market.

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The black marketing of medical supplies is on an all-time high in Delhi. Several medicines are sold in these markets for thousands of Rupees which leaves these people agitated. Nevertheless, the Delhi government has not done anything to stop the black market activities. Another shocking incident is revealed in the National capital wherein 850 kg of used gloves have been confiscated from 2 people running a racket. These people collected the used gloves from hospitals and crematoriums, put them in new packets, and sold them to people.

This barbarous action has raised concern as even the shopkeepers and chemists selling these gloves didn’t inform the police and continued to make their profits.

Unlock process to begin in Delhi from May 31: CM Kejriwal

As the COVID-19 cases are stabilizing in Delhi, CM Kejriwal has announced that the lockdown will be relaxed in the national capital from May 31. In a press conference on May 28, he mentioned that from 5 am, May 31, a few relaxations will be provided to the residents of Delhi.

He also noted the positivity rate has significantly dropped to 1.5%, and the cases are continuously dropping in Delhi. “We don’t want unprivileged people to die in hunger more than COVID. We need to ensure that they resume their work again, and start earning. Hence we are opening the factories and construction sites again as the first step of unlocking process,” he mentioned. 

CM Kejriwal took this decision after a meeting with the DDMA, Delhi Disaster Management Authority held on May 28. “In the meeting with DDMA today, we decided to lift the lockdown gradually, first with the necessity then to the luxuries. But as for now, we must keep ourselves safe and wear masks. Avoid going out as much as possible. Take care of everyone around you, and always help the daily wage workers, migrant workers,” Kejriwal said.

The CM has said that he will be taking opinions from the experts every week and from the public, then progressively the lockdown will be lifted. 

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“After dealing with so many problems, we have controlled the 2nd wave in some way. This does not mean the war is over. The situation is now under control. In the last 24 hours, the independence rate has stood at about 1.5%,” the prime minister said. Announcing the extension of the closure in Delhi last week, Kejriwal said the opening process would begin on May 31 if the drop in COVID cases and confidence levels continued during the week.

On May 27, Delhi recorded 117 COVID-19 deaths, the lowest since April 15, while the total COVID cases recorded were 1,072. The positivity rate has dipped to 1.53%. The COVID-19 cases remained low than 2,000 for the fifth consecutive day. The death toll on Thursday (117) was the lowest since April 15 when the national capital reported 112 deaths, with the lowest earnings (1.52%) since March 23, at 1.31 percent, according to official data.


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