Outwitting the Wise? When the Public Proves Smarter Than the Government, With Desperate Tactics and Hilarious Antics, Credit The Rs. 2000 Notes!

The announcement of the withdrawal of 2000 rupee notes in India has led to many scratching their heads about the best and ideal ways to outsmart the government and its rules. And it is said that when the best minds come together, either a solution is found, or it may lead to the utmost circus! As the deadline approaches, the clandestine cash holders navigate a minefield of laws and regulations, each step accompanied by a comedic misadventure.

Once again, chaos ensues in the realm of currency as the mighty Rs 2000 notes face their impending doom. People, with a mix of panic and ingenious wit, scramble to find ways to save their undisclosed treasures without drawing the watchful eye of the taxman, all this as the ruling government sprung yet another surprise in the aftermath of the demonetization drive that it had thrown the way of the public in 2016.

rs 2000 notes

In a bid to convert their elephant-sized Rs 2000 notes into more manageable mice-like denominations, many bright individuals embarked on a pilgrimage to temples and religious institutions.

Ah, the irony! Seeking divine intervention to tackle their tax woes, they make anonymous donations, hoping for a miraculous transformation of their currency. Perhaps the gods will grant them stacks of neatly bundled smaller bills in return?


Not to be outdone, the clever meat shop owner in GTB Nagar, Delhi, hits upon a genius plan. A large poster appears, luring in the desperate cash hoarders: “Give Rs 2000 note and buy goods worth Rs 2,100.” A tempting offer indeed! It’s like a magical discount where the excess money disappears into thin air, leaving the shop owner with a sly smile and the customers with a newfound love for meat!

Meanwhile, the gold rush begins. With the impending extinction of the Rs 2000 notes, Mumbai’s gold bazaar jewellers see an opportunity. They charge a premium on gold purchases made with these endangered bills. The unofficial market booms with inflated prices, giving rise to creative yet questionable practices.

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collage 2000

But beware! The income tax law looms large, ready to penalize those who exceed the limit on cash purchases. It’s a race against time and tax penalties.


Petrol pumps, once a haven for digital payments, have witnessed a drastic shift. Cash transactions soar as customers unleash their hoarded Rs 2000 notes, leaving the pump attendants astounded.

Amidst the chaos, some pump operators resort to desperate measures, refusing to accept the oversized notes or demanding ID proofs from those daring to pay in them. The notes that were once symbols of wealth and power now become objects of comedic distress.

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In yet another realm, cash on delivery takes on a whole new meaning as people turn to online shopping for refuge. With the cash-on-delivery option, the delivery personnel find themselves faced with the oddity of customers paying in exact Rs 2000 notes.

Zomato reports a surge in cash-on-delivery orders paid in endangered currency, leaving delivery folks scratching their heads as they amass stacks of soon-to-be-extinct bills.

Ah, the last refuge, the temples once again!
As a last-ditch effort, people try to circulate their hidden cash through religious institutions. In the shadows of anonymity, they hope to receive smaller denomination notes in return, seeking the divine assistance of deities who have become unwitting accomplices in this hilarious monetary charade.

img 2168

Shopkeepers now face the plight of accepting or rejecting the towering Rs 2000 notes. With reluctance, they wave their hands in refusal at low-priced items, but their eyes gleam with delight at the prospects of selling expensive luxury goods.

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As store managers report increased sales, the cash hoarders find solace in the arms of consumer durables, furniture, and extravagant travel packages. It’s a spree of spending like never before, as people use their soon-to-be-useless notes to acquire the finer things in life.

And amidst this comedy of errors, we encounter the wise words of Justice (retd.) V Eswaraiah. He reveals the grand plan of the corrupt and the rich, who will employ legions of labourers to convert their Rs 2000 notes into valid currency. A comedic twist emerges—employment opportunities for the poor arise from the very currency intended to flush out hidden wealth. A truly unexpected turn.

In the midst of the chaos, an unexpected solution presents itself. The ingenious minds of the cash hoarders hatch a brilliant plan—hiring depositors! Yes, you heard it right.

The corrupt politicians and wealthy individuals, with stacks of Rs 2000 notes to unload, decide to employ an army of labourers. These unsuspecting workers become the knights in shining armour, tasked with exchanging the cursed currency for valid notes, all while earning their daily wages.

1600x960 343139 bengaluru labourers1440

Picture this: a hilarious scene unfolds as hoarders scramble to find enough labourers to encash their Rs 2000 notes. It’s a comedic masterpiece, with long queues of workers waiting outside banks, each armed with a stack of soon-to-be-extinct currency.

The poor, unknowingly caught in this cash-exchanging adventure, find themselves with an unexpected source of employment. Who would have thought that the demise of a currency would lead to such comical scenarios?

And so, the tale of the Rs 2000 notes comes to a close, filled with desperate tactics, unexpected twists, and a pinch of comedy. As the deadline approaches, the clandestine cash holders navigate a minefield of laws and regulations, each step accompanied by a comedic misadventure.

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Only time will tell how their covert strategies unfold, but one thing is certain—the legend of the Rs 2000 notes will be remembered as a foolish chapter in the annals of Indian currency.




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