Delhi Government Announces Complete 6-Day Lockdown Amidst Surge In Cases And Exhausting Health Care System

Observing such an alarming rate of increase of the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting every age group, including the youngsters, the Delhi government has recently announced a 6-day extended curfew in the city. Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, had already announced a weekend curfew and night curfew.

The several people criticized as implementing these short-time curfews were already too late to put in action and had a significant effect in curbing the virus. A few days back, the CM, while addressing the press conference, mentioned that Delhi has abundant medical supplies and the citizens should not panic as they have enough supplies. But merely two days after that conference, Kejriwal wrote a letter to the central government asking for medical supplies, including ventilators and oxygen cylinders. 

The situation in the capital is getting worse day by day. During the peak of the virus in 2020, in November, Delhi recorded 8,593 COVID cases. This was the one-day most significant spike back then. But now, with the introduction of this new virus double mutant, Delhi’s COVID cases are breaking records every day and receiving more than 25,000 cases! Vaccines are getting exhausted already, and that is halting the vaccination drive.

The hospital beds are running short, and the critical patients are fighting for ICU beds. Remdesivir is now being sold in the black market are phenomenally high rates, and economically backward people cannot afford it. The situation has turned horrendous, and the implementation of lockdown was the only step that we could take in such challenging times!

6-day lockdown announced in Delhi, Health system under stress: CM Kejriwal

total lockdown extended in delhi till may 3 as covid-19 cases continue to surgeDelhi recorded its highest single-day spike of 25,462 COVID cases. After ending the weekend lockdown, CM Kejriwal announced that Delhi would have a complete 6-day lockdown to break the chains of COVID-spreaders and bring some relief to the hospital facilities.

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Currently, all the hospitals are packed with COVID patients and are running short on medical staff and medical supplies, causing massive disruption in the treatment of critical patients. CM announced the decision after Delhi’s Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a meeting with Lt Governor Anil Baijal about the dire situation of COVID-19 in the city. The six-day closure will take effect from 10 pm today and will run until 5 am on April 26 (following Monday). Essential services will be allowed during that time.

New measures will curb the spreading virus and have been implemented when the national capital faces a severe shortage of oxygen and hospital beds for COVID-19 patients. In a press conference on Monday, the prime minister said the number of available beds reserved for COVID-19 patients in the national capital declined rapidly. There is a severe shortage of oxygen for COVID-19 patients. 

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Delhi 6-day lockdown: What will be allowed?

The Delhi government has made it clear that people should not panic about the essential services as they will be exempted from the lockdown. They also discourage panic buying of goods and stuff as everything you need daily will remain unaffected. The free movement of people has been restricted, and nobody is allowed to go out of their homes without any serious reason. People are advised to stay at their homes and not step out. The lockdown will be for their benefit only, which will end the current chain of the virus.

What will be permitted and what will be closed?

covid-19 lockdown in delhi may be extended by a week | latest news delhi - hindustan times

  • All temples, mosques, churches will open, but no entry of the people is allowed.
  • Work from home is ordered for all the private firms.
  • All the offices and corporations under the Delhi government shall remain closed except those involved in essential services.
  • 20 people at the funeral and 50 people will be allowed at the weddings.
  • Spas, malls, gyms, restaurants, clubs, salons, shopping complexes, etc., will remain closed for this lockdown.
  • Any kind of gatherings, be it be religious, sports, social or political, will be prohibited.
  • No stadiums or any other places will allow holding sports meetings.
  • Students appearing for examinations will be allowed to travel but will have to show their IDs.
  • Essential workers, including doctors, nurses, government officials, medical staff, judges, journalists, will be allowed to travel and will have to present their IDs.
  • People registered for vaccines and treatments will be allowed to travel to get their vaccine shots.
  • Kirana shops, ATMs, home delivery, petrol pumps, Private security services, manufacturing units will remain open.
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