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Where does the Indian leadership stand when there are lakhs of people dying in the country due to covid?

When the pandemic began in the year 2020, it would have been difficult to predict that the Indian government will begin to have such a reckless attitude towards the pandemic just a year later. With imposing a nationwide lockdown when the cases were just in hundreds, asking for funds to help survive the covid, addressing the nation every once in a while to help them stay strong during the tough times, and asking them to perform various activities like clapping, banging utensils, burning candles to honor the health workers, who would have thought that when the country will experience about lakhs of cases and number of deaths every day, the government will not be found anywhere?

It has been a year since the pandemic started, today the healthcare system is in ruins, bursting with the massive number of cases (about 2 lakhs cases every day) and deaths. People are running here and there for oxygen, for blood, for anti-viral drugs, for vaccines. Social media is filled with people begging for meds and the people are criticizing the government for not providing any of those, that if the government had stopped the export of vaccines long ago realizing the depth of the situation, there would not be any shortage of vaccines and that the people would not have to run here and there to seek help. Some also said that the government had enough time to realize the severity of the situation and work upon it, but all that they chose to do was take money in the name of a fund and raise petrol-prises.

The worst thing is that people have now started approaching influencers and meme pages to ask for blood and medicines because the government is not helping in any way and that is a thing of shame for any kind of leadership in any country. Moreover, not just medicines and blood, even the cemeteries have started crowding up with a huge number of dead bodies arriving their way every day. It has become difficult to find cemeteries to dispose of the dead bodies. Ambulances are running short of time, some do not even arrive and some do not even pick up the call, due to which people have to now beg cab drivers to carry the dead bodies in the cab. In simple words, the country is in chaos.

In such a situation, where lies the Indian leadership? where is Modi and his Governance? Has the slogan now turned from “Abki baar, modi sarkaar” to “Abki baar, antim sanskar”? Where are the meds? where is the accountability?

The answer to all of our questions lies in West Bengal, where the leaders of the country busy campaigning for elections that are set to continue till the end of this month. The government is busy conducting rallies and gathering a massive number of people without following any social distancing norms. It is quite hypocritical of the Modi government to say on Saturday to keep the Kumbh Mela practices “symbolic” and then go ahead and announce the public meetings in Asansol and Gangarampur the very same day at 12 PM and 2.15 PM.

So the question is will we have to wait for the elections to end so that the government could finally pay any attention to their country that is almost bursting into flames due to this deadly pandemic?

It seems as though politics carry more importance to the government than the lives of the country’s citizens. A prime example of this is the Devendra Fadnavis case where he was reported to have procured Remdesivir worth 4.75 crores. The important thing to note here is that the sales and hoarding of this anti-viral drug by a private individual is illegal, so how an individual like Devendra Fadnavis was allowed to have those drugs without informing the state government?

Secondly, why was the government holding such a huge number of that anti-viral drug when it is pretty evident that the country is in a major crisis and that drug is one of the crucial drugs that can save the lives of many citizens?

This is nothing but a matter of shame that the government is playing dirty politics by sneakily providing these drugs to Fadnavis and allowing him to distribute these through their office. This is nothing but a blockade planned against the people of Maharashtra who did not vote for them.

On a rather funny side, the head of the BJP’s IT cell is explaining why the large crowds are being allowed by comparing the number of cases in the state where the Kumbh Mela is being held to the rest of the states. Politicians and the leaders of this country are making the situation nothing but a joke.

The government should realize that now is not the time to play these kinds of dirty politics and make a mockery out of the situation. It is high time that they paid attention to the dying people in the country, the same people because of which they are where they are.

Moreover, how do we expect the rest of the people to stay at home and follow the covid-19 norms when the people in power themselves are nothing but a bad example. The prime minister of the country who was once praised for his excellent communication skills is now completely unwilling to speak for the ongoing crisis. It is high time that the government held the nation of the interest before their interest in votes and elections. It is high time that the government took some accountability, some duties, some responsibilities, it is high time that the government spoke.


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