Dentaleh, a startup story in the times of covid-19; enabling brighter and happier smiles

The year 2020 has had quite a unique storyline; the year has been mostly a stay-at-home experience not bounding to any particular country or region but the entire world.

As the whole world came to a standstill with social and economic activities to a moot, some worked behind the scenes to develop new ventures, ideas, and initiatives.

We bring you one from the Island of Singapore, Dentaleh – a Singapore based start-up for dentists and dental clinics, launched in 2020.

A portal that makes it easier, faster, and provides reliable information through its extensive database of prominent dentists and dental clinics to choose from and provides information and educative snapshots of correct dental practices.

The portal features prominent dentists and dental clinics and their services.

Furthermore, the entire process is made more comfortable as the information is categorized into zones, each featuring a list of dental clinics in a location along with necessary details that one might consider while choosing a dentist.

The portal, in its uniqueness, also features informational pieces about dental clinics and dentists. Dentaleh, on its website, shares well-researched data about renowned professionals.

The crux here is to present services, reviews, and any other relevant information on dentists and dental clinics that would make it easier for patients to find quality dental care near them, as per their requirement and choice.

Dentaleh, to provide the best data to its patrons, features detailed articles about different dental services; the premise behind this being that many patients might not be aware of the various treatments available at the dental clinic and what might be best for them.

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To make it easier for patients, Dentaleh presents the best of information about dental treatments based on medical resources research and is presented in a fun, easy-to-read way. This makes it easier for patients to know what to expect when they step foot at the dentist’s office. Understanding about the treatment might help pick the best doctor and not just the brand of the clinic.

At Dentaleh, one can –

  • Understand medical terms in dental clinics

  • How to care for your teeth to prevent dental emergencies

  • Explain services in detail before visiting the dentist clinic

  • Help in doing away with the fear of going to the dentist

  • Educate on proper dental care basics for kids

Furthermore, on its website, engaging topics about dentistry, ways to prevent dental disease, and when to see a dentist are posted regularly. The articles are written based on research and advice from dentists. The readers are educated as much as possible about their dental health. 

It further lists the importance of going to a dentist and provides a much-needed checklist that one can refer to while visiting a dental specialist and also mentions what the specialists will look for – 

  • Check for signs of gum disease, usually by measuring the spaces between each tooth and observing the colour

  • Look for cavities, tartar, and plaque

  • Inspect your neck, throat, and head

  • Clean and polish your teeth

  • Suggest and implement treatment plans for existing gum or teeth problems 

  • Give tips on proper brushing techniques and eating habits

  • Perform teeth whitening, scaling, polishing

  • Provide dental surgery/operate on a wisdom tooth (wisdom tooth extraction)

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Dentaleh very clearly mentions the link between Oral and Overall Health; hence well – researched and informative content on various dental conditions and procedures is posted on its website regularly, which over time will become an up- to- date knowledge database that people all over the world and not just Singapore can refer.

While Dentaleh does not offer any medical advice, it does, in its capacity, provide content aimed at people who do their research on conditions before they visit a clinic and see an expert; thus, the patient is better equipped, informed and have adequate knowledge as to what questions to ask the specialists.

At Dentaleh, one can get quotes on different procedures from clinics nearby and can also get a complete list from A – Z of the clinics, regions, phone numbers, website, and a list of operating hours.

It also highlights on its website patient’s reviews of their experience with various and at different dental clinics.

We all know the importance of teeth and that a nice set of teeth and a perfect smile can boost a person’s morale and aesthetics.

However, at various points in our life, we might have experienced a dental emergency in the form of broken teeth, abscessed gums, pain, tooth sensitivity, swelling, bleeding, mouth sores, and emerging infections.

At such emergencies, Dentaleh steps in to provide complete and necessary information to help the patient zero in on the best services near them.

Dentaleh, in its unique concept, is a perfect guide for patients and additionally provides the opportunity for dental clinics and doctors to reach out to their patients.

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It provides the necessary and essential platform to bridge the patients’ needs and the doctors to connect with their patients on a timely and informative portal.

More importantly, in the times of Covid -19, the need for oral hygiene is as essential as it is to maintain social distancing and adopt preventive measures.

Dentaleh, in its initiative, information, connect, aids, and provides the right platform that helps the patients, the clinics, and the dentists to have the right association and visibility.

The unique concept is apt, timely, informative, essential, and serves as a handy guide book for its patrons, both the patients and the clinics. It makes the search, right approach, and decision-making easy and a correct choice with its informative and educative platform!

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