it is difficult to get married in India while working for a startup?

Yes it is… One simple truth. The reasons:
“Marriages are made in heaven, but the due diligence in done on earth”.
A girl’s father is like a VC who is looking for a long term investment for his daughter. So who would not do a thorough check before handing over his 25 year old asset grown with his love, sweat and blood. Well this was just about the father. There are various other reasons as well that girls don’t prefer to marry entrepreneurs.

  1. Entrepreneur is a potential millionaire / billionaire or also could be a potential bankrupt human. So the risk is very high and Indians do not have a big risk appetite to invest their time and life on such homo sapien.
  2. Today is the time of I-want-all-the-good-things-now-before-30. An entrepreneur is a very calculated and a rational person and would not spend his hard earned money or take loans to satisfy the needs and wants of today’s social life. Hence that’s another disqualifying factor. An entrepreneur would try to avoid a home loan, car loan and more importantly a personal loan for international vacations.
  3. Entrepreneur is married to his company first then comes the wife in real flesh and blood. No Indian girl, perhaps any girl can stand the competition of that magnitude. Answering to emails after a love making session or thinking about the product development ideas while having dinner with your spouse are some of the most irritating habits wives face when married to the millionaire in the making.
  4. In the indian set of arranged marriages all the income documents are validated too, an entrepreneurs P&L statement of the initial years would be in negative. Hence disqualified.
  5. Most of the time wives/girlfriends love to brag about the achievements of their partner. An entrepreneur is an achievement in the making, a post dated million dollar worth cheque which no one likes to brag about at this point of time.
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Working in a startup is something that defines the person who is doing that, you need to a have something like  a startup spirit to perform perfectly and actually create value in a startup. Yes and working in a startup can possible crash and burn a lot of things including marriage plans.
With the Indian societies arrogance towards  entrepreneurship and startups its almost sure that the parents of the girl or the boy is going to have a problem with you not working in Infosys,wipro or any of the so called ‘good companies’ that they heard of.
the entire thing comes down to matching your priorities, if having a brilliant social reputation, making fast money,  having very fixed hours, having a good marriage market value etc seem to be very important then you probably may not be the type for a startup adventure.
People are going to criticize and curse you, they are going to label you a failure, the girls family may say you are a looser and say they wont give you their girl, you may have to see your friends getting good salaries and enjoying in KFC and Pizzahuts while you may not have enough money.
But I would remind you, a growing startup is like a family, as it grows one thing it wont do is forget the people who stood by it when they were small. They never forget their childhood friends.
So get your priorities straight first.
To sum up: “Entrepreneurship is living few years of your life like others wont so that you can live the rest how others can’t”
Same can be said about workign for a startup to a great extend.

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