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You don’t need money to start your own venture, All you need is approach and idea

Being An Entrepreneur Myself, I always tend to motivate people towards entrepreneurship. I was the owner of a company which worked in the IT field and had a large team of almost 20 people. Unfortunately, the venture badly failed due to lack of technical co-founder, but anyways that is a whole in all a different story.
Coming back to the point, I always tried my best to motivate people towards entrepreneurship, be it my current, past or prospective employees.
During my talks with different people with the different mindset, most people only had one problem. Funds & Finances!
They always use to tell me that they have several ideas which can do wonders but they don’t have funds to invest or take it ahead and I always use to tell them, you don’t need funds to start a business, you only need an idea.
You only need passion to pursue your dreams. You only need out of the box thinking and logic to start your business.
I always feel action speaks louder than words and I must prove what I say with my action and today, I have proved it myself.
During my entire 7 years of journey in the last venture, I collected lot of emails, clients, and their database to approach them for IT projects, I was also quite lucky to get projects but the projects were never successfully delivered and we had a lot of user complaints, but in this entire process, What I finally got was the database, database of SME, SMB & Thousands of high profile people, start-ups and entrepreneurs.
Sometime back that is on 21st of January 2017, While I was having my lunch, I was thinking about my previous venture as I was still not out of the shock to kill my own baby. All of a sudden I went online, purchased a domain, set up a hosting server and got a brand new website set up.
I started collecting all my database from my hard-disk, laptop, pen-drive and shoot an email to all the database I had. The result was mind-blowing and amazing.
Yes, I was a mother again, I delivered a baby again, My new baby, my new venture, my new dream Inventiva.

In less than 2 hours, I had set up its entire website and just 8 hours of email campaigning. People started approaching me to post their entrepreneurship journey.
Today it has got a mind-blowing traffic of 12000-15000 daily visitors, and now we are planning to take it ahead to host a talk show about an entrepreneur, their journey, their motivation to start a venture, their ups & downs in life, their success & failure of the venture and finally what they would like to pass as a lesson to the new up-coming fellow entrepreneurs.
This was accepted as a hot-cake by some like-minded people that they readily got agreed to come and have a word with us on our talk show online on youtube.
8 Investors approached us to be the part of the drive and are willing to provide us with investments to take this to the next level in the form of a print magazine.
There are so many entrepreneurship clubs, groups on facebook like Bhartiya Start-ups, Entrepreneurs Club, Delhi Helpost etc collaborating with us and helping us reach the targeted audiences. Many interns also approached for the internships and luckily I found two very wonderful intern who is today handling almost 80% of my work.
Now I can really say, you don’t need money to start a business, all you need is an idea. Really an Idea can change the life.



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