Financial Scam in India’s Prominent Research Organization CSIR – NEERI

A case of fraud payments of crores of rupees to dummy companies has come up in Neeri (NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH INSTITUTE) part of India’s prominent and leading chain of Research laboratories CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research).
The employees of NEERI are involved in the formation of these fraud & bogus companies. Directors of many companies are said to be relatives of the employees working in NEERI. These companies were paid crores of rupees in the name of research and consultancy in many projects of Neeri. In this case a Fact Finding Committee has been constituted following the order of CVC (Central Vigilance Commission). The committee has issued notice to 13 people including the director of Neeri, Nagpur and asked them to be present in Delhi for questioning in this matter.
Taking the matter seriously, the Director General of CVC ordered CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) to investigate the matter. CSIR started an investigation by creating an FFC (Fact Finding Committee) for this. The said committee has issued notices to 13 people, including the director working in the Neeri office of Nagpur. He has been called to Delhi for questioning.
In the complaint related to the scam in Neeri, it has been found that MS WTERT company is registered at the address of Neeri Mumbai Zonal Center office premises, but Neeri office has no information regarding this. This company is completely anonymous and bogus. The company has received funds from Neeri over the past few years through illegal and unethical methods. In many cases, ‘money’ was transferred by Neeri directly to the company without following any procedure.
The complaint states that the address of MS Alkhananda Technology Company is officially owned by Rohini Chaudhary, but Vijay P. Chaudhary files ITR for the company. According to the registration certificate, the company acts as a reseller works contractor, while the company services according to the industry base. The entire profile of the company is contradictory and questionable. Along with this, the names of MS EPRI, MS Terra Nero Environmental Private Limited, MS Indinine Patna Bihar are included. In the complaint made to CVC, the complainant has questioned the functioning of these companies.
Neeri directors Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Sanjeev Gajbhiye, Abhay Sakhare, Roshan Singh, Somnath Majumdar, UM Taklikar, SK Gael, Dr. PK Labhtsetwar, Dr. Sunil Gulia, Dr. Atya Kaple, Dr. M. Suresh Kumar, Dr. Ritesh Vijay and Dr. Sunil Kumar have been summoned to Delhi headquarters for questioning. Some of these people have also been called as witnesses.
In Neeri, people working as daily laborers for seven to eight thousand rupees per month were told to be directors of the company. Crores were transacted in their name, while the workers concerned are still laboring in Neeri. Many such shocking information came out.
In the case in which the complaint has been filed in Neeri, CSIR has formed a Fact Finding Committee, which is investigating. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to comment on my behalf separately. -Rakesh Kumar, Director Neeri. The total fraud is supposed to be of more than 20 crores
CSIR is one of the leading chain of research laboratories in India with second highest budget for scientific research after DRDO.

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