What to do when you get laid off in India?

Let’s face the reality – there will be massive job loss in the hi-tech sector in India. What to do when you are given the pink slip?

  1. Understand it’s not your fault

Usually lay-off decisions are not made by smart set of people. You might be the smartest person on the team but still be laid off because you were paid the best salary. Let not this shake your confidence.
2. Don’t burn your bridges
Yes, that dumb sh*t who can’t even compile code was retained and you, the MVP of the organization, was let go. This happens. Don’t bother. Go catch up with your co-workers after few days. Typically after few months organizations tend to hire back their top performers.
3. Get your finances straight
Open excel. Figure out your bare minimum cost to live. Take stock of your assets including gold. Calculate how much time your savings will last you. Typically you should have 6-12 months of room available.
4. Take a short vacation (1-2weeks)
Go for that long overdue vacation(low-budget) with friends and family. Over this time you’ll realize your previous job was holding you back.
5. Don’t lose momentum, get to work immediately
Start by preparing your resume. Have multiple flavors for different roles. Get your friends to read and keep perfecting it. Aggressively read and understand the latest in technology don’t be stuck with .Net and J2EE, discover Angular, Node, Python, React etc
6. Just take the first job you get, don’t negotiate
Look you might be a great programmer, leader, thinker, worth millions of dollars to a company. But understand employers will be meeting 5-10 other people like you and will go with the one willing to accept the lowest offer. Simple supply-demand situation
7. Join immediately
When you get an offer join immediately. Don’t delay to do that Eurotrip or buy time to look for better offers. Offer letter is not a tight contract. They can withdraw even one day before your joining date.

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