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Here is a Detailed Guide To Use Video Marketing To Promote Your SME Online

Video marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics to reach prospective clients. It keeps current customers engaged and draws new customers to your brand.

Videos not only promote product awareness but also help SMEs to establish their unique brand identity. 

Businesses utilize video marketing to increase customer reach percentage, drive sales, and boost customer engagement. 

Tips To Use Video Marketing 

Marketing professionals must acknowledge the ways through which they can use videos to market their brand and drive conversion rates. There are various techniques that you can implement to use videos for your brand –

  • Create Brief and Informative Videos 

Short and engaging videos are the best way to broadcast knowledge about your products and services to potential clients. 

Professional videos can help establish your brand on a digital scale. They also spread awareness about the culture of the company and help your business gain widespread attention. 

Here are the forms of videos that you can produce to engage more customers –

  1. Product demonstrations

  2. Presentations

  3. Tutorials

  4. Q&A videos

  5. How-to guides

  6. Customer testimonials

  7. Interviews

  8. Funny commercials

  9. Video blogs (vlogs)

  10. Whiteboard animations

  11. Webinars

  12. Live streams

Try making videos that do not cross the barrier of about 2 minutes because viewers lose interest, and engagement levels can fall significantly.

  • Opt for Mobile Platforms 

As per the Grey Sky report, 92% of mobile video consumers tend to share videos with others, which makes mobile video a compelling strategy to expand the reach of your brand. 

You can use pick social media platforms and WhatsApp groups to share videos about your product or service. People share videos and messages more frequently over mobile platforms because of the convenience they offer, even when people are on-the-go.

Mobile-optimized videos reach a maximum number of clients and help spread product as-well-as brand awareness. 

  • Upload on YouTube 

Consider posting your videos on different platforms, especially YouTube, to broaden your reach. More platforms ensure maximum exposure for your products and services.  

YouTube has 1.9 billion monthly users, which makes it an ideal platform for businesses to widen the outreach of their brand videos. 

Videos also provide existing customers with the opportunity to view demonstrations of products they already have purchased. Demonstration videos can help customers figure out the best way to use your product. To know more about making videos for Youtube you could check here.

You can also include supportive information and resources in the video description, as this helps in adding more value to the content for your audience. 

YouTube video optimization is possible by following these tips – 

  1. Adding keywords in the video description to better rank it in Google search results

  2. Uploading a video transcript to maximize views

  3. Adding your email address in the summary section

  4. Including functional hyperlinks to your landing pages

  5. Optimizing your YouTube channel by generating playlists for streamlined viewing

While uploading videos on YouTube, you must ensure that your content is top-notch and competent enough to gain massive viewership. 

  • Share on Social Platforms

Upload appropriate and engaging videos on your social media channels to drive engagement with a vast audience. It would thrill social media users to gain insights into your brand. 

For instance, organic videos of your brand team rejoicing on special occasions add a personalized touch to your brand. You can also generate videos that incorporate well-wishes for your customers.

Uploading videos on social media can help you earn significant conversions. The more shares and likes the video gathers, the more visibility your video will have for potential customers. 

Creating a content calendar to schedule the right clips to post at the right time is an effective measure to drive targeted engagement. 

This way, you can gather more likes, views, as-well-as shares. Posting videos randomly is hardly an effective strategy to drive user engagement.

  • Video Page Optimization

To gather massive viewership, you must have your videos indexed and ranked for search engine results pages. Optimization begins with choosing the right video hosting platform. 

If you emphasize on general brand awareness, then platforms like YouTube and Vimeo should be your preferred choice. However, this could impact traffic to your website as by posting on these platforms, you lose out in diverting traffic to your website. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves making edits to your website design and content to make it more tempting to search engines.

Using SEO will help ensure that your content always ranks high in the search engines. SEO optimization enables both new and old users to gain access to your content conveniently.

  • Optimization Tools 

Inserting a video transcript helps with SEO. This step enables search bots to scrape more of your content as you provide an indexable text that accompanies your video.

Have an attractive thumbnail because video thumbnails are what searchers first see when indexing your video. Visually appealing thumbnails for your content can help gain more viewers and double watch time for your videos. 

Creating captivating video content is vital, and so is making sure that your video resonates with the target audience. SEO is an efficient way to boost your discoverability and land you on the first page of Google. 

You can also call on your social media followers and email subscribers to spread the word about your new video. You can collaborate with influencers to gain more viewership.

  • Measure Results 

After implementing a dozen video marketing strategies, measuring their success and outcomes is paramount.

If you spent massive sums of capital on a high-end production only to amass a handful of views, you might have failed to develop connections with the audience or lacked engagement in your content.

Your website’s analytics and metrics can assess what impact your videos have in terms of visitors and conversion rates to your website. You can gather data on search inquiries and traffic and behavior via Google Analytics.

You can also employ various third-party online tools to measure and quantify the number of visitors for posts, blogs, social media conversations, and even Tweets. 

Final Words

Businesses need to harness the capabilities of video marketing to establish their brand and increase sales as people rarely have time to stumble through long-form typed content. 

Be sure to create brief, informative, and engaging videos that advertise your products or services offered to gain maximum customer attention. 

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