How Digital Dependency Is Allowing Digital & Cyber Frauds To Thrive. Decisive Markets Insights & Strategic Market Research Are Examples Of Such Fraudsters In Odisha.

How Digital Dependency Is Allowing Digital & Cyber Frauds To Thrive. Decisive Markets Insights & Strategic Market Research Are Examples Of Such Fraudsters In Odisha.

The digital economy, based on the introduction of new technologies for new business models and the convenient delivery of products and services, represents a great opportunity for companies of all types and sizes.

However, cybercrime poses challenges that can threaten business operations and stifle innovation and growth. As companies increasingly rely on complex Internet-enabled business models, they also become increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks and a potentially devastating loss of trust.

The growing reliance on digital systems, which has increased over the past two years, has increased risks from digital or cybersecurity threats. The Covid pandemic has led to a greater reliance on online transactions and has increased the digital presence of residents as well as cybercrime cases.

Criminals who indulge in crime often rely heavily on their victims’ vulnerability. Whether they are the elderly or those without adequate access to education about the digital world, the victims all too often fall into a similar pattern.

Regarding India, the rupture in inter-state relations, debt crises in significant economies, youth disillusionment, technology governance failures and digital inequality are the top five risks identified by the WEF’s Executive Opinion Survey (EOS) for the Indian economy.

Odisha has become a hub for those individuals and companies who are experts at deceiving people by luring people away from their services or high-yield investments. Over the past 5 years, over 90% of reported cyber scams have been committed by individuals and companies registered in Odisha.

digital dependency

According to reports published in Indian Express, New Indian Express and Times of India, Odisha has seen a more than 500% increase in cybercrime and cyber fraud during Covid.

Amid a wave of online scams in Odisha, cybercriminals reportedly stole more than 79,000 rupees from many people in the capital of Odisha last month. Almost 90% of scams are committed through UPI. Cyber fraud cases have steadily increased since the end of the pandemic.

The data obtained from valid websites shows that there were 13951 fraud cases in India amounting to INR 76.59 crore. Tamil Nadu has the highest number of cyber scams, followed by Maharashtra and Delhi.

Decisive Markets Insights & Strategic Market Research: Fake Company With Fake Market research reports and data insights.

In the age of constantly changing technologies, the pitfalls of a digital presence have also multiplied. The increasing instances of fake loan applications and investment fraud in Tricity are a cause for concern as citizens unequipped to deal with these organized crimes are being scammed out of their hard-earned cash.

Most of the time, companies fake their infrastructure framework, business models, sales, business certificates and licenses that could prove a company’s authenticity.

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There is a fake company called Decisive Markets Insights & Strategic Market Research based in Odisha, India. This company uses false information to take advantage of professionals’ time and efforts. A fake company with fake customer testimonials. The company claims to offer market research reports and data information on its various social media accounts, which are fake, only to trick customers out of their money by displaying false marketing reports and data information.

Basically, the company is run by someone named Sunil Kumar Chabra with his phone number +918260836500, registered as an LLP in India in the state of Orissa. Details of both companies come from MCA’s website. Additional examination reveals that both websites feature identical content that they charge innocent visitors a higher amount. Also, they have similar “About Us” information available on their website. The IP address used to create the domain is shared by both businesses.

The companies offer the same services, that is, related to the analysis of the sector. A company may have been established earlier and blacklisted for fraud, leading to the opening of a second company with a similar brand name.

But the presence of a fake contact number that is not registered to the owner calls the company’s legitimacy into question.

Aside from that, a lack of active social media profiles can be a big red flag when a business is operating online. A company’s social media platform is crucial to its success. Both companies focus on online research analysis. However, they don’t have the same reach on other social networking sites. This seems suspicious as to the authenticity of the websites. Companies have claimed that their addresses on the websites are in New York. Furthermore, the corporation does not have any foreign executives or directors.

Companies Details:

1. Strategic Market Research Llp is a limited liability company incorporated on December 17, 2020. It is registered in the commercial register, Cuttack. Its total contribution obligation is Rs. 100,000. Rubi Ajmani and Rohit Ajmani are Strategic Market Research Llp’s designated partners.

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The latest financial year-end date of Strategic Market Research Llp for which close and solvency is N/A and according to the records of the Department of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the most recent fiscal year-end date for which the financial statements were filed is N/A.

Strategic Market Research Llp’s number The LLP identification number is (LLPIN ) AAV-1282. Its registered address is No. 92, An Guha Lane Arya Samaj Gali Sambalpur Orissa 768001, Orissa, and his email address is [email protected].

digital dependency


2. Decisive Markets Insights Llp is a limited company Liability, which was registered on February 4, 2020. It is registered with the Companies Register, Cuttack. It owes Rs. 100,000 in contributions in total.

Decisive Markets Insights Llp’s appointed partners are Rubi Ajmani and Rohit Ajmani. The latest Decisive Markets Insights Llp fiscal year end date for which the filing is is N/A. According to the Department of Corporate Affairs (MCA) records, the most recent fiscal year-end date for which the financial statements were filed is N/A.

Decisive Markets Insights Llp’s LLP Identification Number is (LLPIN)AAR- 8116.

His email address is [email protected].

His registered address is 92, AN Guha Lane, Arya samaj Gali, Sakhipara, Sambalpur Odisha 768001 IN.

digital dependency

As you can see both companies are working under the same name, run by Rubi Ajmani and Rohit Ajmani but operated by someone named Sunil Kumar with phone number +918260836500 and the same address and location. The company, on its website, claims to have a presence in the US and UK with fake phone numbers.

United States USA: +18317045538 UK UK: +441256636046 Indian Flag IN: +918260836500 but upon further investigation, the company’s phone numbers are not working except Indian number +918260836500 operated by Sunil Kumar.

No foreign directors are involved in the company, and the organizations were registered in India on February 4, 2020, and December 17, 2020. The company has tons of negative and bad reviews because of fake and scammed customers.

Both companies offer almost the same market research and data analysis services. Maybe a previously registered company got blacklisted due to fraud, and that could be the reason to open another company with similar services so they can overlook the bad reputation in the market.

The list of such fraudsters’ applications does not end here. There are thousands of such cyber scam companies in India which may or may not have been identified yet. Therefore, users should be cautious while using such websites. The internet can be a good friend, but there are two sides to every coin.

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We caution our readers not to fall into the trap of stores, companies and websites showing their presence in international locations, as showing anything in the digital world is not a difficult task.

You can also fall into a trap where a company might show you its presence on the Moon and Mars. So always use your conciseness and intuition, do proper research before dealing with such companies, and avoid financial fraud.

How do cyber scammers fool us?

digital dependency

Fake research companies often affiliated with India create hundreds of “experience”, “news” and “cross reference” websites”, 5-star customer reviews and coming soon. They legally spy on our searches. They love having American or European “virtual offices” and phone numbers. Sometimes they even list a US workshop address as the primary address on their website.

Don’t be fooled. Double and quadruple testing. They send you 300 pages of junk they know nothing about market intelligence. In addition to identity theft, there have been reports of creating fake email and Facebook accounts, hacking email accounts/passwords, ATM fraud, credit card fraud, online banking – Fraud and defacement of websites in Odisha.

The rapid development of computers and related technologies has been a major factor in the rise in cybercrime. The cyber world is borderless, so casualties are escalating worldwide.

A lack of seriousness in investigating cybercrime cases only encourages criminals to go about their business calmly. The fact that the vast majority of cybercrimes remain unsolved is very unfortunate, and unless the police and administration find a way to change this, Case will continue unabated.

Cybercrime has increased over the years, with approximately 5,000 to 6,000 complaints registered with the police each year.

The best way to tackle cases of online fraud is to be careful when using the internet. An OTP should not be shared with anyone over the phone. We need to educate older people about cybercrime, fraud and digital banking as they are the most vulnerable group when it comes to cybercrime. Educating yourself about the Internet and its many dangers is the only way to ensure its safety.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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