How Employee GPS Tracking Can Motivate Your Workforce

how employee gps tracking can motivate your workforce

Keeping your employees motivated takes work. Every company wants its team to perform at their very best, but how many will actually go the extra mile without incentive?
The proper motivation will bring out the best in your strongest workers, pushing them to dig deep and fulfil their potential, while encouraging even the weakest employees to do better.
Employee GPS tracking is a fantastic tool for businesses in all industries today, with various devices developed to suit diverse working environments.
How can you use GPS tracking to motivate your employees and boost their productivity?
Fleet Tracking on the Road
GPS devices are par for the course today. Drivers depend on them as navigational aids to reach unfamiliar destinations and find their way through bustling city traffic, but you can also use them to track your company’s drivers during their shifts.
By installing a GPS tracking device into your trucks or cars, you can ensure that workers are performing at their best, most efficient level. Drivers who are prone to making late deliveries or collections can cause significant damage to your reputation, and cost you money in lost repeat custom.
With employee GPS tracking, you will be able to see where these under-performing drivers are going wrong.
Are they taking inefficient routes that take up more time than they should? Are they stopping to pick up a cup of coffee and a snack every half hour? Do they simply drive far too slowly with a lax work ethic?
All of these problems can be identified and addressed just by tracking drivers for a few days.
Your best, most driven (pardon the pun) workers will see this as an opportunity to improve their performance and achieve better results. After all, if they look good, your business looks good – which makes it more likely that they will gain more recognition from you for a job well done.
It’s vital, though, to make sure that your best workers do receive praise and possibly bonuses when smashing targets. Simply expecting them to put in more effort than they necessarily have to without any extra show of gratitude may backfire.
Remember: workers who feel they are being driven to their limits at all times can always look for jobs elsewhere.
At the very least, having GPS monitoring in place can motivate employees to behave as you expect – obeying the laws of the road, staying to the most efficient routes, avoiding long periods of letting their engine idle.
Implementing GPS tracking should be a carefully-considered process, and employees should be fully informed about being tracked well ahead of time.
Monitoring In-house Activity
What if your business doesn’t have a fleet of drivers making deliveries? You can still integrate GPS tracking into your everyday operations around the office, in the form of wearable tech or smartphone apps.
Wearable devices are cutting-edge solutions that are convenient and non-intrusive: your employees can simply wear them around their wrist, clip them to their shirt or slip them into their pocket.
Different models offer different features, but the best wearable GPS tech tracks employees’ movements, feature communication tools, and even fitness trackers.
As a result, you can assess which workers are spending the most time away from their desks and which are leaving the office throughout the day.
For example, if you suspect certain employees’ productivity is being affected by their taking multiple smoke breaks when they shouldn’t, you will be able to follow their activities and identify when they visit the usual smoking zones.
On a similar note, if you believe specific workers are failing to pull their slack and simply visiting other departments in the building for a gossip, you can see whenever they leave their desk to do so.
This can be incredibly effective in helping to curb time-wasting and boost productivity, motivating employees to perform at their best. Your strongest workers will want to show how dedicated they are to their role, by staying at their desk, completing tasks, and minimizing how much time they spend away from their work.
Employee GPS tracking helps you to effectively highlight who is doing the most work and who is lagging behind and makes it easier to address those issues.
For example, someone who keeps visiting other departments and disrupting work performed there can be shown how much time they spend away from their desk using the tracking data.
They may feel embarrassed by their behavior and feel guilty about forcing their colleagues to pick up their slack while they are away chatting to friends.
Over time, GPS monitoring can create a stronger, more efficient workforce who want to do the best they can. The important thing is to share the information gleaned from tracking their habits and show how they can improve.
Discuss how their lax approach to their job affects their colleagues, your clients, and the company overall. Use the data gathered as a means to inspire a more focused mind set.
Introducing GPS tracking to your team
Whichever devices you choose to integrate into your everyday processes, you must be honest and open with your entire workforce.
Businesses which start tracking their employees without telling them can face serious fines and legal action, costing them money, workers, and their reputation.
After all, if customers discover that the business is willing to use underhand tactics with their own employees, what tricks might they be pulling on them?
Think clearly about why you want to start using GPS monitoring, and how it will be rolled out. Will you track all departments, or just specific ones? Will there be a special incentive for workers to agree to be monitored?
How long will the tracking be performed, and what will happen when the period is over?
Your employees will only be motivated to do their best if they understand and agree with the reasons behind the tracking. Otherwise, you risk losing their trust, their compliance, and their passion for the job itself.
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