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India Fatality Rate of COVID-19 Drops To 2.7% – Experts Suggest Various Reasoning’s

In India, the last 24 hours seen a massive high with 27,114 new cases. But India has also seen a fall in fatality rate to less than 2.7%. India is also seeing a massive rise in the recovery rate of 60.2 %, which is highest globally. As India read roughly 8.5 lakh in positive cases, it has also seen a recovery in 5 lakh people and death of around 22,000 only. This is the most optimistic sign witnessed by any country world. India has a huge population of 1.3 billion but India has seen the lowest death rate of all countries in the world. And it attracts the world’s attention to this matter and it does let people wonder about the possibility of this case.

This is a mysterious question but experts do come with various possible reasoning for this situation.

1) On the surface level, the Indian government was quick to react to the pandemic. India went into lockdown on March 24 when only 500 cases were found at that time. So, India was quick in terms of responding to the outbreak compared to other countries like in Italy when they announced lockdown they already had 9000 cases or even in the UK, they had over 6000 when the lockdown was announced. But the Indian government announced lockdown very early which faced a lot of criticism but might have contributed to low death rate by reacting very quickly and taking appropriate actions. Even in countries that were initially on lockdown seemed to have eased their restrictions but India worked interestingly but reversing it.

India has given only a little ease and extended its lockdown for a longer time than any country, like from March onwards to this month July, India has been in lockdown for four months with only a few ease in restrictions. This proves that the Indian government was taking action very seriously in terms of curbing and preventing the spread of coronavirus even if it didn’t work well with controlling the spread but it seems to take part in low death rates. Even before the lockdown was announced, there was a ban on international flights coming to India or even passengers that are coming in. So we can say that India’s reaction and the necessary measure was sincere. But the spreading was also expected as keeping in mind India’s 1.3 billion population count, because when the lockdown was announced many have been moving to adjust and with ease in restrictions a lot of traveling across has happened which accounted to the reason India standing in a high position in terms of positive cases.

2) Many experts have put forth two possible explanations: either there might be a problem with the way of testing or measuring the death rate. India’s testing rate per capita was very low. But now that more number of tests taking place per day, more number of new cases emerging can be observed. Within 24 hours 27, 114 fresh cases were reported as India cross their 8 lakh mark. But the registered deaths might be a very interesting thing. In countries like Italy, because the COVID-19 cases were so many and the deaths were overflowing that they couldn’t even confirm whether the dead person died of COVID-19 or other illnesses. But in India, they are careful in registering the death. Only if a patient is confirmed to have the virus and died will be considered COVID-19 death.

3) Most death by COVID 19 in India is the measure of death from the older population who are most vulnerable to the virus. But India is the country with the youngest population in the world. Around 56% of the entire population is under 30 years old. And only 6% of its population contains above 65 years old with an even less fatality rate. To top it off, the younger population contributes to only 4% of the total COVID-19 cases. In this case, we can see that young Indians do have some sort of resilience to some extent to the virus. This is a very good sign if this was the cause, because if COVID-19 followed the footsteps of its parent pandemic century ago, whose Target was young people, then perhaps it could have been a nightmare to India. Indians by virtue have a younger demographic and many aren’t consumed by this virus as much as the older population in Italy or Spain. Hence ,we can hopefully say that younger Indians are safe to some extent to the virus or it is manageable to them.

4) Experts also wonder if the virus that is spread in India might have been a mutated to a less fatal version of itself. This might only be a guess until scientifically proved but that didn’t stop experts from wondering any possibility of this mystery. Indians have been taking a lot of medications and vaccines for diseases like polio, tuberculosis, and many more which are currently extinct in western countries. Hence Indians could have gained a better resilience to this COVID-19 or it might have been mutated into a less fatal form through course of time.

5) In India, at a yearly count, the death due to road accidents, cigarette consumption or suicides are way greater than death due to COVID-19. India is a country of mass population and yearly many fall victims to accidents which roughly take 4.5 lakh people’s life. But one astonishing factor of this COVID 19 situation in India is that the death rate is much lower than the normal times. Many might wonder what is going on in this country. But the reason seems pretty clear that because of this intense lockdown for continuous 4 months with only a little ease in restrictions caused people to stay at home. This lockdown was a big hit in the economic crash but it did save many lives. Hence the death from road accidents was very less and the deaths due to other reasons were also minimized. Therefore the entire fatality rate has decreased.

Indians can hold up and are showing good improvement day by day leaving the world in wonderment. And WHO has appreciated India that the number of cases of virus spread doesn’t matter if the death rate is controlled for that was the ultimate goal. Regardless of the reason for the low fatality rate, the fact that India’s fatality rate is low is a very optimistic sign in combating the COVID-19 virus. If India continues on this line, as recovery rate is already 60.2 % the most for any country, is a very encouraging factor, for the people deserve to survive and fight this virus as they are combating even the psychological effect of this lockdown. This might also be an interesting subject during future studies of COVID-19 and the things science can find will surely be a lesson worth learning.



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