Trying to stop the virus from entering the third phase, if caution is taken by 31 March, the chain of infection will break

  • MP is trying to stop the coronavirus in the first phase itself
  • Virus completes 14 days life circle in body, then ends

There are many restrictions being imposed throughout the country to protect against Corona. People are becoming almost closed at home. Talking about Madhya Pradesh, not a single corona patient has been found here yet. In such a situation, the question is arising in the minds of the people that why these restrictions are being imposed, that too till 31 March? The answer is to prevent corona infection from entering the third phase in the country. An attempt is being made to stop it in its first phase itself.

Control will be difficult in the third phase
The corona virus completes a 14-day life circle in the human body. It ends after this. It is now 19 March. If new patients are not revealed by 31 March, it will mean that the corona infection has not reached its next stage. The possibility of it turning into an epidemic in the country will be reduced. If carelessness is observed and corona reach the third stage, then controlling it will be difficult. This will turn into an epidemic across the country. Quarantined 982 people who came to MP from the place where the corona virus has infected. Of these, 373 people have been freed if no symptoms of this virus are found. Quarantined 160 such people from different places in Indore are quarantined. The health department is monitoring these people.

Stage 1: In this situation, people who have traveled abroad with the infection are found infected with corona. It is limited to a few people.
Stage 2: The corona spreads from an infected person to his or her near and dear ones. In stage one-and-two, the source is known to whom it is spreading. This is the situation in our country right now.
Stage 3: When the infected person roams outside and comes in contact with many people, then it starts spreading in the whole community. In this, the patient does not even know from where he got the virus. Italy and Spain have a similar situation.
Stage 4: It starts spreading everywhere in the country. Then it is not known who spreads it. During this time it takes the form of an epidemic. It is not known when it will end. This is what happened in China.

Why is it important to be vigilant?

1. Corona in our 3 neighboring states, virus can come from there
The whole of Madhya Pradesh, including Indore, also needs to be cautious because the corona virus has spread to three of the five neighboring states – Maharashtra, Rajasthan and UP. Maharashtra has the highest number of corona patients in the country. Indore has the highest transportation between this state. Due to this effect, only our neighboring states of Gujarat and Chhattisgarh have survived.

2. In Stage-2, the virus spreads to family and close people
The corona virus is in the second stage in India. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Stage-2 means that there is no community transmission of the virus (spread among people). There have been 166 patients in the country, out of which three have died. Try not to reach the stage 3 of the corona virus.

3. The temperature rise will eliminate the virus, it is not fixed
Scientists have no definitive answer to the effect of summer temperature on this virus. All are currently treating it as a cure and a message is being given to maintain social distance. Usually all viruses are inactivated or destroyed upon increasing heat, but the corona virus survives in the human body at 37 ° C. Therefore, its effect on increasing temperature is not known.

4. Strictly save Korea, or else uncontrolled situation in Italy
So far, more than 31 thousand patients of Corona have been exposed in Italy. Of these, more than two and a half thousand patients have died. In a single day, 475 patients died here. One of the major reasons for the spread of the disease on such a large scale is that no restrictions were imposed even after the first patient came there. Foreign people continued to come and go. This worsened the situation. At the same time, eight thousand patients have been reported in South Korea so far. In these, 81 patients died. The proportion of patients and total deaths is low here. This is because the government there, after the first case of Corona came out, had stopped all kinds of visits of the people. This did not bring newly infected patients. Schools, colleges, markets and offices were closed. Due to this, there has been a complete decline in the arrival of new patients there.

Target to prevent first stage infection, so people do not leave without needless: Tripathi

Why is it being strictly done?
The corona spreads not qualitatively but once in a while. Its second phase has come in the country.

This will affect people’s work. They will panic. what of it?
Fear is not the cure. There is no restriction on going to work. Many tasks can be work from home. If you want to go somewhere, take precautions and follow the guidelines. If we endure 15 days of trouble, then it can prevent its infection in our city and country.

What can be done to prevent this virus?
The treatment of corona is to avoid infection and increase immunity. For this, one should take vitamin-C. Oranges, limes etc. should be served for vitamin-C. Exercise too. Stay away from the crowd.

What to do if you see symptoms?
On seeing the symptoms Immediately inform the health department, so that his team will come home and check. If symptoms are seen then it will be kept aside. At least 14 days will be quarantined home. This will not spread the virus.

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