WAF assures both personal and professional guidance- Iqbal Singh, founder WAF entrepreneurs

Iqbal Singh is the founder of WAF entrepreneurs, he laid the foundation of the firm in 2013. His company helps the booming entrepreneurs to expand their business further to a higher level. They ensure to provide proper guidance and mentorship to the young businessmen who are trying to build their position in the fraternity.

Why mentor someone or provide guidance?

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope within yourself. When one loses the focus or can’t find a road ahead or to choose between the right options. When someone is initially growing every step every action matters a lot. And here is where the mentors play their part.

Iqbal Singh never wanted to be one from the crowd. He never wanted to work under someone. He wanted to start something of his own. Something where he can put his all the way he wanted and get the proper outcome. This obviously took a lot of effort and hard work 24×7. There was no day where he did not plan what and how to do something more to get and to reach his goal.

What Iqbal missed in his journey was a little guidance. He missed a mentor who can show him the pros and the cons.

So he established WAF entrepreneurs, where his company provides proper guidance to new age young entrepreneurs to grow personally as well as in terms of business. They assure a growth in both professional and personal aspects. Each one’s requirements are studied by experts and are directed according to the requirements .

His message to the upcoming entrepreneurs is that take your dreams seriously.

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