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Keka: A user-friendly HR software with top-notch performance

Keka is an HR transformation platform that enables HR practitioners, CHROs, and business leaders to digitally transform their workforce management, right from recruitment to employee separation. It includes a set of integrated core modules to manage hiring, onboarding, payroll, expenses, timesheets, attendance, performance evaluation, employee engagement, and much more.

Its user-friendly interface has won the hearts of more than 16,000 HR leaders around the world.

While Keka is the best performer in all aspects, let’s discuss what makes it a preferred platform from a UI perspective.


Keka’s founders have walked in your shoes

Long before Keka, our founders were searching for an HRMS for their existing business. However, a deeper search made them realize that the market is devoid of a user-friendly platform. Although there were applications that just ‘did the work’, their interface made the users curse under their breaths.

When they were unable to find an HR platform they needed, they set about building one themselves, ticking all the right boxes that they had found missing in the solutions that existed in the market.

Keka’s founders have been in your shoes. They could empathize with your frustration as you scratch your head while searching for a feature you wanted to access urgently.

Increased chances of quick adoption by your team

An interesting thing about great UI and UX is, that it’s often invisible. In other words, when a user interface is excellent, it would be difficult to identify it as users would concentrate more on the actual task at hand. However, when you remove great UI, the user would immediately feel its absence.

One of the primary advantages of a software with great UI is that the chances of quick adoption increase substantially they face frustration with new software. More than 50% of these employees said that they would prefer returning to the older system. UX and UI were cited as major reasons along with the non-performance of certain features that resulted in this sentiment.

User experience has been one of the cornerstones on which Keka was built. Not only does it cater to the (HR practitioners), but also provides a great experience to the employees who use it to access their data related to attendance, timesheets, leaves, etc.

Simple navigation = no need for comprehensive training

Even a new user could figure out the navigation as Keka makes you feel at home the moment you log in. In other words, users would not require comprehensive training and can start using the solution almost immediately. Keka is also equipped with a collection of help documents so that users could engage in self-help if they need a nudge in the right direction.

You won’t feel the need for support. But if you do, we are always there!

The user-friendly interface of Keka automatically eliminates the need for support in basic tasks. Most of the time, due to clunky or complicated UI, users are more likely to seek support even to complete seemingly easy actions. However, Keka boasts of a reliable support team that would make sure you never face any distress and guide you in making the best use of our platform.

Great UI means more productivity!

When your HR team won’t have to bother about basic administrative tasks, it would operate at its full capacity and maximize its productivity. While building Keka, we not only studied best practices in each aspect of HR operations but also worked with industry experts to optimize the platform so that it boosts productivity. We continue to refine our offerings in all modules to further polish them as per the emerging UX trends that would make your work easier and more enjoyable.

Eliminate confusion and foster collaboration

A user-friendly interface is very much connected with eliminating confusion and boosting collaboration within your teams. It instills confidence among the users and makes them feel more engaged. UI is deeply connected with human psychology. It is an established fact that visual clarity plays a big role in developing mental clarity. We at Keka understand the grind that HR practitioners go through. We have expressed our love and respect to them through our mindful interface that accelerates ease of use and helps users stay connected to their tasks.

The perfect combination of excellent UI and top-notch performance

A great UI alone won’t make a platform the preferred one unless it’s backed by top-notch performance. Keka has consistently delivered on its promise of providing a great user and employee experience to its clients, ensuring smooth flow of data, seamless integrations, and 99.9% uptime.


User adoption is a critical part of deploying an HR platform and UI holds significant sway over user adoption. Keka not only ticks all the right boxes in UI but is also one of the best performers in the HR tech domain. Whether you are starting your digital transformation journey or aiming to outmaneuver your competitors, Keka could be the HR partner you are looking for.

Our HR platform also supports integrations with a host of widely used third-party applications in accounting & finance, learning management, personal finance, personal healthcare, income tax declaration as well as travel management.

Just click here and fill in your details so that our specialists can get back to you and discuss solutions to your HR challenges.



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