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2024 elections: Will Modi wear the 3rd Prime Ministerial crown? What will empower Modi 3.0?

2024 elections will Modi win 2024 election

2024 elections :Modi has been in the limelight since his first term victory. His victory has proven to be a game-changer. A nation where Congress had to strengthen its deep roots in people’s minds from the ancient times of Gandhigiri it was an astonishing change of events when Modi finally wore the crown in the year 2014. It seemed as if it was the commencement of the new era, and even it proved to be so. His second victory did show the oppositions that it was not a one time luck but there lies a determination of prolonged reign. 

It is the second year of his second term and Modi has vibrantly made his position in the minds of citizens. It is true, that in these years he has taken many unpredictable steps that were not even thought of by the previous crown bearers. Yet one has to agree that some steps were appreciable and the others were disgraced. But he somehow seemed like a man with a vision to the country where manipulation is all that works. One can never un-seen that he keenly observes all the nerves of his people and knows which one to trigger when needed. 

There is a mindset that the gamechanger man will continue his rule in the next term as well. Maybe it has become easier to assume now that he will anyhow gather all the means to save his seat. People in this country drive lunatic for words because at the end of the day that is what makes their beliefs. But how long will this game of words go on?

Modi, an influential Opinion Leader!!

2024 elections expectations


There are no such answers to it. The country runs on representation. Democracy is by the people, for the people, and to the people. And who decides what people want? The opinion leaders. These are those leaders who use their pleasing communication skills to influence people to drive to their chosen path. PM Narendra Modi possesses this quality.

The man knows how to grab people’s attention in a manner to seek popularity. His preaching of development through the means of Skill India, Digital India, Clean India all have proven to be a crazy breeze flown off the nation. His story of being nothing to something has an influential power and that is a powerful weapon to act a magnet for empathy and sympathy. The others with a sense of differentiated opinion call his supporters “andhe bhakt“. That is how his supporters go blind about his step backing deeds. 

At the time of demonization, when the poor and lower-class were hit by the huge crisis, the well-spoken man could easily turn the tables and declared it a fight between the rich and the poor. And very conveniently, the suffering poor sided by him even after facing the pain. How well did the step turn out when numerous people had to take their lives because of the uncertain financial apocalypse. That is how the power of wordplays its game.  

Perfect use of Majoritism…


As mentioned earlier how the man is a keen observer of his people’s nerves and from that he very well knows the country drives blindly by its religious sentiments.

A country that holds the largest democracy is bound to follow the key concept of majorities. Hindustan, the land of Hindus; it was pretty obvious that this would become a weapon to achieve people in massive numbers. No matter whether the majority is wrong, but its the majority that rules.

One of his party leaders promotes regional superiority through his political powers. The question is who is looking out for the minorities?? The majority has its representative, who is the representative of the minorities?? Or why aren’t the political critics not raising any concerns about the diminishing communal harmony?

Popular Acts gained popularity…

 It was not expected by many Bhartiya Janta Party would be able to keep intact with their performance on the same level as 2014, Modi’s first term reign. But still, He was able to do so, and retain his position in 2019’s elections. Yes, it cannot be said that he vanished during his reign like others generally do after securing their power chair and that is what worked for him.

Starting from his unique visions of Make in India and to demonetization which proved to be an epic fail when it came to execution but still people are driven to the intention behind so. And one as to look after the successful deeds to which includes the ability to make the long-pending controversial legislation pass. 

The nation can never forget the dilution of Article 370 and the bifurcation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the Citizenship Amendment Act, and of course the famous Triple Talaq law.

Introduction of news schemes like  Ujjawala Yojana, Aayushman Bharat, PM Kisan, and Jan Dhan Yojana has claimed to help a generous amount of people. The question remains why is the country is still not witnessing greater improvements in poverty destruction??

2024 election

Some surveys have proved that COVID 19, the global pandemic has been best dealt with by the one and only Narendra Modi. His decisions in this regard are considered to be the best taken so far when compared to the equivalent countries globally which have been infected by the virus.

A sensible mind would ask only one question- was crossing the 1 million bar an achievement? and to be very precise it didn’t stop there, it has been spreading massively daily. Actually, a self-driven mind would not stop questioning there.

It would question further about how declaring a lockdown within just 4 hours of prior notice a sensible act to implement? Why after collecting a huge donation in the name of the PM care fund, the poor had to suffer because of food scarcity? Where did the money go? All the nation sees is his concern for asking donations. If PPE kit production is all the government got to answer then a simple comeback to that would be one will protect themselves when they survive.   

Strategy to regain victory…

How can politics run without strategies? seems impossible, isn’t it? As mentioned earlier in a country that is so-called driven by people who tend to be easily influenced, all one needs to gain followers is to have a good medium to propagate one’s influence.

To conquer the medium one needs financial power. Its the financial power that can help the pre-election campaigns to step up their game. And how can one forget, Asia’s richest man and the world’s fifth-richest man, Mr. Mukesh Ambani resides in this very nation, who is a huge investor in Modi’s action game of campaign level up.

There is a well believed saying is ‘what you see and what you buy’ and that is what going to happen. The globe is aware of the recent huge Google and facebook’s investment into Mr. Ambani’s territory. And a necessary mention is that these are the biggest digital platforms of communications. With Ambani’s influence on these companies, how can one even try to skip the repeated propaganda BJP’s goodwill for the nation? None can avoid using apps like Instagram (owned by Facebook), Facebook, and Google, hence the repeated flash of BJP is going to shriek into people’s minds.

One has to believe that its the majority that holds the dictating flag. Viewing the case of “Babri-Masjid and Ram Janmaabhoomi” wasn’t t pretty obvious who would have an incline towards the victory? Settling that case with satisfying Hindus and giving a mere plot for Masjid construction was indeed an exhibition of intellectual strategic planning. A country that lacks schools, hospitals, and more needed more devotional places.

Obviously, it had to be done to secure a rigid place in citizens’ minds. He very well knew that religion is what the country is devoted to and guarding its sentiment would prove beneficial in the future. And such strategies are all that leader needs to empower his foot deep into this land. 

No other option left!!

Democracy is all about providing people a choice to choose their representative, but what do our political circumstances show?

People believe inexperience, which only two of the many political parties existing in this country show~ Congress and BJP. Somewhere back AAP also did stand a chance but Arvind Kejriwal‘s past doing of resigning doesn’t really help people to think of it as an option. For a moment of honesty, none others hold the economic power for conducting huge campaigns to leave an impression in people’s minds. So all people have to choose is between BJP and Congress.

Is it really a choice to make? Voting Congress means choosing Rahul Gandhi as a representative. A basic intelligence would reply as no to someone who has been portrayed as a comic character of politics and referred to as “Pappu”. People need a voice and the only option visible is Modi.

To conclude it can be said that the future is not predictable, but assumptions for the same can be done. The major period of this second term is yet to arrive, and the tables can turn. But if Modi 3.0 actually becomes a thing then the leader must know that people are still waiting to see “ache din.”                



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