Reliance gives another stroke by overtaking Exxon and secures 2nd position in the list of world’s top energy companies

Mr. Mukesh Ambani and his company have lately been in trending because of achieving a higher bar of success even in this era where the economic depression is strengthening its roots all across the globe. The 63-year-old business tycoon has got a vision of climbing one step of the success ladder every day. With his accomplishments, he has lately secured a real attention-grabbing position in the list of the richest people all over the world.    

The richest man of Asia, Mr. Mukesh Ambani controls Reliance Industries Limited and the company successfully left behind ExxonMobil Corp. After this huge achievement, the company became the world’s second-largest energy company following Saudi Aramco because the investors pilled into the combined and tempted by the Indian retail forays and digital firms

RIL manages the biggest refinery complex and in the previous week, on the 24th of July, the company gained 4.3% in Mumbai which added 8 billion US dollars taking its market value to 189 billion US dollars. And during this time Exxon Mobil erased about 1 billion US dollars. This high aspiring company has achieved a 43% increase in its share this year and when it is compared to Exxon, the reports show that Exxon has seen a massive decline of 39%. Exxon ad to suffer this loss because the refineries are suffering all across the world with a huge dive in demand for fuel. And mentioning the second-largest company, one can definitely not forget about mentioning the largest energy company, Saudi Aramco. The company holds a market capitalization of 1.76 trillion US dollars.

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The energy businesses give a massive contribution to the total revenue. In the previous year on March 31, this contribution was about 80%. The Chairman of RIL, Mr. Mukesh Ambani is planning to expand the retail and digital arm of the company and this plan has so far grabbed the attention of 20 billion US dollars into the Jio Platforms Limited unit. All this has proved to be a helping hand to increase Mukesh Ambani’s wealth this year to about 22.3 billion US dollars making his red carpet way towards securing 5th rank in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The deal involved investments from Google to Facebook Inc. into digital platforms in the late months. Mr. Ambani has intellectually identified technology and retail as the main weapons to conquer growth in the future. These areas have a capability of future growth in a pivoting away from the energy business, that he inherited from his father.

The demand for large scale global oil has witnessed a decline to some thirty billion barrels per day or 1/3rd of the regular usage in April month of this year. This diminishing demand has caused suffering in energy markets but somehow the energy business has started to recover recently. The big oil companies are witnessing trouble because of the worst-in-a-generation oil prices that are combined with the organization of the Petroleum Exp. i.e. OPEC production cuts. this has led to un-sold millions of barrels of crude and collapse of refining margins.                   

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