Scenario Of The Government, Hospitals, Schools And Your Workplace After The Pandemic!

Change is the only constant. The concept of change is always dependent upon the circumstances. Change can be temporary and in some cases it can be permanent. Because of COVID-19, many changes have occurred in our country which was not possible before but we are now witnessing them with our own eyes.

Covid-19 has rendered many people unemployed and businesses have come to zero revenue. Entrepreneurs and innovators across the country who are adapting to the changing environment are able to mint money at this time. This is the time when one you can either rise or fall down very badly. Quick responsiveness towards the changing environment is needed. 

The government, the healthcare, and the education sector will see various reforms after the pandemic. Apart from the current changes which are going on in the sectors, a brief analysis will be done about what can be done in the future.

There was a time when the concept of work from home was not even in the wildest dreams of the people who are into the corporate. The concept of online education seemed very unreal. Mobile banking and digital shopping was considered to be a taboo. Now various changes have taken place. The online payment sector has flourished, the e-education apps like byjus are extremely popular and the majority of the country is working from their homes. 

  • Government: 

The government is enabling all that it can do. India is making a network of labs, 150 odd incubators and other technology institutions are helping to build the technology. The research and development labs have turned into war rooms and the scientists are taking charge and working 24×7. Huge companies are joining hands with them so that something works out. Everyone is figuring out how they can contribute. Technological innovation is what is helping us move ahead.

Our country’s biggest science and technology department, DST, has implemented several measures to combat and 19. It has developed extensive mapping solutions. The science and engineering research board, technology development board, artificial manual breathing unit, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for advanced scientific research, and a few more are some of the autonomous bodies that are working for a good cause right now. 

A special task force has been set up for mapping the COVID-19 related technology capabilities which are coming up in the start-ups.

The Department of Biotechnology and the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council is seeking proposals from industrialists who focus on affordable diagnostics, vaccines, other therapies. This comes under the COVID-19 research consortium program. 

A new initiative was started by the Council of scientific and industrial research which invites proposals from industries for effective containment interventions, assistive devices such as ventilators, drugs, vaccines, etc

IIT Madras has become one of the best educational institutions for faculty and student-led deep technological ventures. The IIT Madras policy can become a role model for all the institutions around the country so that speedy analysis can be done in the current situation.

India has placed its hopes on the government university-industry complex to find a solution for the virus.

  • Education: 

Education has been changing every day since the start of the pandemic. Smart classrooms are transforming India’s conceptual thought process about education. Remote learning and distance education are the new trend. Governments all around the world have close down educational institutions in order to stop the spread of the virus. This lockdown is causing harm to about 70% of the words student population. India was not ready for this huge burden of technological advancement. Proper infrastructure is not developed.

In the new future it will be observed that only a few are children will go back to schools. With the threat of the virus looming over their heads, parents won’t prefer to send their kids to schools when they know that they can be homeschooled. Students won’t really go abroad to study now. Earlier it was seen that students were stuck in Kota, Rajasthan, and had to be rescued and brought back home. The fear of losing their kids in an unknown land will force the parents to go for local education. The teachers will have to take up various courses regarding technology and education to teach the students. Sooner or later, distance learning courses won’t be treated as inferior to the actual courses. They will be treated at par.

  • Healthcare: 

With this huge pandemic looming over the governments head, the government might just go for electronic health records for everyone. Mobile healthcare apps will be made by the government so that the people do not have to come to the hospital. Telemedicine will be started this will be a good way of imparting healthcare knowledge in the villages. Self-service kiosks will be started so that people don’t really have to go to specialized hospitals when there is a small category disease. real-time locating services will be enabled so that the location of the patient can be monitored and the cause-and-effect relationship between the disease and the patient can be found out. A brief analysis will be done on every patient with high-level technology so that something like this pandemic does not come again. 

  • Workplaces: 

A more virtual workplace will develop. With the whole country going into work from home, this might be the new trend. Companies might aim to offer more work from home jobs because they reduce the overall cost of the company. Client meetings of going abroad and even for domestic destinations might just be removed fully and video conferencing might with the new in. Weekly video conferencing meetings of the whole office might be the new trend and not table meetings.  corporate flexibility will be the new concept being followed by everyone. You can say goodbye to all the formal wear you have because you might not ever need to go to your office. interactions with the customers with the IT team will be in the front line tackling the issues everyone faces. A specific IT task force might be implemented.

Innovators all around the world are creating new technologies to find unique solutions to improve the current scenario. If we look ahead, we see that the world will move ahead on the basis of technology and no human contact. The government will change, they will be faster and adapt to change now. The healthcare sector will change fully and will develop better infrastructure. The education sector needs to gear up with the new storm coming in its way. Workplaces will no longer be workplaces. Your home will be your office. All these issues are not just prevalent today’s time. They are preparing us for a contactless tomorrow which is the future of the world.

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