Sun Pharma Launched Flugard Tablet for Covid-19: How Effective Would That Be?

Sun Pharma Launched Flugard Tablet for Covid-19: How Effective Would That Be?

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, this entire world has gotten into the rat race of discovering a vaccine for COVID-19. Similarly, many have claimed to have discovered a medicine to cure COVID-19 including Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdev, which he later claimed to be an immunity booster. Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries on Tuesday launched Fluguard tablets for COVID-19 patients.

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A tablet costs Rs 35 which is nominal even for the lower strata of our society. Fluguard tablets will treat patients with mild corona symptoms in the country. Each tablet has a dose of 200mg. Sun Pharma is a company of Dilip Sanghvi.

Influenza medicine

The company claims that Fluguard is the only anti-viral drug allowed to treat COVID-19 in India. Fluguard Drug is manufactured by the Japanese company Fujifilm Holding Corp on a large scale. The company sells it in the market known as Avigan, which is used to treat influenza. Since COVID-19 show the same symptoms as influenza, this medicine has been useful in treating COVID-19 patients. 

Due to the affordability of medicine, it will reach more and more patients.

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According to Kirti Ghanorkar, CEO (India Business), Sun Pharma, COVID patients need to be treated immediately in the way cases are increasing in the country. Health care workers should also be given new options in treatment so that health aid can assist them in a way or two. So, we are launching Fluguard. We are launching Fluguard at an affordable rate so that it is accessible to more and more patients, reducing the financial burden on them. This is an attempt to fight the pandemic in the country. In lieu of the Central Government’s sponsorship for COVID tests in the different states, a medicine like this bring a bigger change in making treatment accessible to all. 

The drug will be available in the market from this week

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According to the company, Sun Pharma is continuously working with the government and health workers to provide Fluguard. From this week, Flugard’s stock will be available in the market. Sun Pharma is the world’s fourth and largest generic pharma company in the country. This will assure the country of a relief in a major way. Since this medicine would be locally available at medical stores, it will be easier for the local population to get this medicine and they wouldn’t be required to visit a hospital. 

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Sun Pharma has not disclosed the affectability of the medicine on people. They haven’t given a record of any conducted trials for checking the effectiveness of the medicine. This medicine mainly used for curing Influenza, just because, COVID has the same symptoms like Influenza can we call it a cure or medicine for COVID as well? 

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