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Top Online learning apps for education in India by 2022

Top Online learning apps for education in India by 2022

The smartphone has changed the face of Indian learning, as well as we hear about Digital India everywhere now. Several students in tier-2 cities in India do not have the necessary resources, and there are not enough coaching institutes. It is challenging to learn in such an environment, even in metropolitan cities, where coaching institutes are congested and overcrowded. Education apps in India have revolutionized education in these times where everything is just a click away. Students are learning easier with them, but parents are also feeling less stressed.

The best teachers don’t need to be in the classroom only. Students don’t need to cramp every subjects at once and can buy custom essays online in those that are hard for them. But education apps were developed to help students learn. Here are 21 such awesome education apps that make students’ lives easier by providing the best virtual learning experience.

Here is the complete list, divided into four categories for easy understanding:

Education learning Apps for K-12 + Competitive Exams (School Students)

5 benefits of elearning platforms for education | Pedagoo

With this educational app, grades 6-12 have an all-in-one solution. You can get help with homework problems, clear your doubts, play videos, download sample papers, practise tests, or even get class 6-12 revision notes or previous year board papers and even study materials for national olympiads. Besides the IIT-JEE and NEET courses, this app has courses for CA CPT, BBA, and NDA exams.

The platform is one of the best-funded and most well-managed eLearning video platforms that aim to make learning fun. India already considers it to be one of the best education applications. Students learn through engaging video lectures. Additionally, it has complete mock tests and sample papers for classes 7-12 and helps students prepare for competitive exams such as the IIT-JEE, CAT, and NEET. Students can review their performance through the detailed performance analysis feature.

CBSE students will find all the features they need in this education app. Mock tests, sample papers, and more. Class 3-12 NCERT textbook solutions, video lessons, and chapter-wise questions. It takes advantage of gamification and provides a gamified learning experience by offering quizzes you can play with a friend while learning. For CBSE students in India, this app is the best.

A tutoring company started by three IITians, Vedantu is India’s largest tutoring company that helps students learn online with the help of some of the best teachers. The best feature of Vedantu is that their teachers are of very high quality. You can take both individual and group classes at Vedantu. Teachers and students can see, hear, write and interact in real-time using this education app, which comes with features like two-way audio, video, and whiteboarding tools. Students can take coursework for grades 6-12, prepare for competitive exams, and take co-curricular classes.

Students and tutors can communicate with each other and tutors with this app. By using it, students can connect with renowned tutors online. We provide the perfect online learning and teaching platform for students, parents, and teachers.  

Aiming to make learning more personalized for students, Toppr is an education app. The platform offers students K12 courses. As well as providing a class schedule, it gives a timetable to the students. The feature of live classes is one of its most impressive features because it allows students to get immediate answers to their questions.

Based on one of the unique concepts in education, Doubtnut is an app that provides education. Within a few seconds, a student will have a video answer to any math problem he has doubts about. This website includes videos, books, and PDFs for the NCERT Mathematics Programs (class 6-12) and the IIT-JEE Programs. If you have any doubts about IIT JEE or board exams, Doubtnut is an excellent app.

Khan Academy is an American educator who created this app. Providing better learning tools to students is the sole purpose of this non-profit app. More than 10,000 video lectures cover a wide range of academic subjects. The company has partnered with NASA, MIT, and the modern museum of art to offer learners specialized content inside and outside the classroom.

The best online learning apps for competitive exams, including government exams. 

Here's how online teaching can reshape education in rural India - Education  Today News

Medical preparation has never been easier with this app. In this app, you will find more than 600 hours of video lectures prepared by more than 20 faculty members. In addition, over 10000 PowerPoint slides are included. Test series are included in mock tests and comprehensive coverage of subjects. Additionally, the students are assisted by mentors if they require personalized guidance.

The idea for this app originated with former CA student Vivek Jain. At the age of 17, he started working on it. Currently, it has around 2 million members. Including 1500 hours of online courses, test preparation, and skill-based certifications, the CCI coaching app offers 1500 hours of e-learning content. Video tutorials are available for the CA, CS, CMA, BCom and MCom courses. An exciting feature of this platform is the ability for users to ask questions to each other. In addition, there are various professional profiles and various articles.

Our professional, commercial, and finance courses are targeted with a website platform solution. These courses are for students studying CA, CS, and CMA. Indigolearn has more than 50,000 students subscribed and is increasing in India.

Testbook, one of the most popular government preparation platforms for bank and UPSC exams, offers courses for every type of examination. You can take recorded or live classes through the website and app. More than one crore students trust the site. 

The Unacademy has great educators, including Kiran Bedi, India’s first female IPS officer. More than 300,000 students from all over the country have benefited from this app which contains more than 2400 video lectures and specialized courses on all types of competitive exams. Students have improved their writing skills, speaking ability, and knowledge with this application, which is considered one of India’s best education apps. 

Our company, Adda 247, was founded in 2016 and specializes in preparing government exams such as bank exams (SBI, RBI, IBPS, etc.), Staff Selection Commission exams (SSC), Railways, Teaching examinations, and defence examinations. This app offers Online Live Classes, On-demand Videos, Mock Tests, Ebooks & Books for government exams, assisting students throughout their preparation. Among all ed-tech platforms in India, this app ranks the 2nd largest in terms of paid users.

Times Internet Group is responsible for GradeUp. Students and mentors from around the world use this app. They cover exams such as SSC, Banking, Railways, Teaching, JEE, GATE, NEET, UPSC, Defense, and State level exams. Through quizzes and mock exams, users can learn together, ask each other’s questions, and solve each other’s problems. A variety of tests, videos, mock tests and quizzes are available.

Learning Coding and Advanced Analytics through Education Apps

Coronavirus: The shift to online learning could worsen educational  inequality - Vox

Continuing your education while pursuing your career is now possible. Nearly 1000 courses from 140+ best colleges and universities worldwide are available through the Coursera app. Besides computer science, data science, science, business, photography, music, creative writing, etc., it also offers advanced courses on various arts subjects. Besides helping you learn, you can earn certification if you want to specialize. The development of this app is known as one of the best in India. 

Using the Simplilearn platform, users can complete certification courses in cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Data Science. They have trained more than 1,000,000 professionals and designed their courses by more than 2000 industry experts. According to LinkedIn, this company is the 8th most influential brand globally. Among the best learning apps in India, this is, without doubt, the best.

When learning was within reach, the founder of Udemy, born in a Turkish village, had this idea of what was possible. Through these online opportunities, he was also inspired to help others. More than 50M students and 57K instructors are members of Udemy. Additionally, they help companies and individuals prepare for the ever-changing world of work. Among India’s most popular educational apps, this brand is known worldwide.

For those who love to code, Sololearn is the perfect one-stop solution. The content in this app is entirely free and available to everyone, from beginners to experts. It provides users with a free code editor that can be used to learn languages like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, Java, C++, C, C#, PHP, SQL, Algorithms & Data Structures, Ruby, Machine Learning, Design Patterns, Swift, and others. Sololearn community members post new content almost every day.

Their mission is to continually create new and innovative ways to train the next generation of developers and revolutionize the delivery of tech education. They have also launched online classrooms after enormous success with their offline courses. They want students to be able to learn code whenever it suits them. Students can test their codes immediately with their online classrooms. They also have TAs that organize doubt clearing sessions within specific time frames and hold weekly webinars to address doubts.

In 2011, Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumatri founded their initiative Jigsaw Academy. Any professional who wants to upgrade their skills can use this platform. Experts in Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence provide training to freshers and professionals through this app.

Top Global Ed-Tech & Online Course Sites, Companies, & Brands to learn languages, be creative, and other digital skills

Online learning disadvantages poor students. India must find alternative  solutions

Learning languages with this app is unique since it allows you to understand topics such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, Swahili, Romanian and English. By playing games on this app, you will improve your writing and communication skills. In addition, it’s a free app. Getting started is as simple as downloading it from the play store.

Online courses from the world’s top actors, musicians, writers, and artists are available through MasterClass. The 12 categories covered by the 100+ courses include food, music, science & technology, arts & entertainment, wellness, writing, and more. Additionally, Gordon Ramsay offers cooking classes, James Cameron offers filmmaking classes, Robin Arzon offers classes on mental strength and more.

Videos-based classes usually have 20 lessons of roughly 10 minutes each with features such as offline downloading, workbooks, PDF workbooks, and access from TV apps, smartphones, desktops, Apple TV, and streaming players with dynamic community members.

ITProTV, part of the ACI Learning family, focuses more on talk show training with an IT focus. An instructor engages with an online audience and the host, creating a classroom-like training environment. While watching and learning the latest IT skills from experts, you can earn IT certifications.

Over 5800 training videos for significant certifications, including Cisco, Amazon, CompTIA, ITIL, and non-certification topics like tech skills, CyberSecurity, and Linux. Some lessons are available for free on ITProTv, and the site has more than 227K members.

You and your team can upgrade their skills with DataCamp from non-coding essentials to machine learning and data science with its online learning platform. More than 270 expert instructors offer more than 350 interactive courses, 90+ real-life projects, learning paths, and skills assessments on the forum. Interactive videos and short exercises are available, and the code runs directly from the browser, so no installation is necessary. Free, Standard, Premium, and Education plans are available. 

Skillshare is an online platform that helps people develop their creative skills in a more casual, college-style environment with more than five million users. In addition to marketing and business courses, most courses cover creative subjects such as visual arts, interior design, photography, film, and writing.

Its content department, Skillshare Originals, creates content in-house. Students can connect via Skillshare’s community forums for projects and take videos from industry experts. Video lessons on Skillshare can be bought or rented.

For professionals who want to learn web development, IT operations, manufacturing and design, cybersecurity and more, Pluralsight has thousands of courses to choose from. Pluralsight offers individual courses and a series of studies in a specific field, which can be compared to mini-degree programs. Over 7000 courses are available with Standard and Premium plans. (Try out the free ten days trial here).

A well-known online coding platform for teaching beginners, Codecademy was founded in August 2011 by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski. Students can learn about 14 different programming languages at Codecademy and frameworks and libraries, including HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript and Java, SQL, Bash/Shell, Ruby, C++, C# and PHP.

In this platform, learners learn to code through text-based courses in a text editor. Businesses can get complete packages with the coding platform’s free and paid plans for their entire team.

Skillcrush offers website design and development as an online Bootcamp for beginners to learn skills to land a job. With Skillcrush, students can choose the pace at which they learn. With a three-month skill course or Tech course package, students can select a specific three-month skill course.

Skillshare is part of the Skillshare community, and a student with SkillsCrush can access course materials, receive expert support, view materials offline and participate in the Skillshare student community. The enrolled courses are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee for 14 days. provides more than 30,000 video lessons and other valuable resources through a subscription model. offers middle school, college, graduate & post-graduate studies, professional development, teacher certification, and more to 30 million students and teachers each month.

It has separate sections to address teachers, schools, working scholars, and colleges. College Credit offers over 220 online college courses, and these courses are easily transferrable to more than 1500 colleges.

On-the-go learning with 700+ master creators is what makes CreativeLive an online community. It has 1500+ curated classes taught by Grammy winners, well-known photographers, and best-selling authors. CreativeLive offers tens of millions of students access to new content every week, an app, 24/7 access to classes, 1900+ classes-on-demand, and a community where students, influencers, experts, staff, and even the founders can contribute and share creative ideas.

CreativeLive TV has a live stream that is free and available 24/7. It includes music performances, live Q&As, cooking, spoken word, crafts, and live chat to keep the community entertained and connected.

Over 50K working professionals choose Edureka’s courses and certifications for Cloud Computing, Data Science, DevOps, Application Development and Programming. Industry professionals present the curriculums, which offer self-paced online training, on-site classroom training, lifetime access, and 24*7 support through Edureka’s community.

Corporate training is available through Edureka for Business with features such as learning analytics, cloud labs, course customization, certifications, and real-world projects. Companies such as Cisco, VISA, KPMG, United Healthcare and many others trust Edureka.

How do students choose the best learning app?

eLearning On-Demand Courses | Waters

It can be challenging to choose the right learning app for your kids. You may find it difficult to make a good choice among so many eLearning apps available. Below are a few must-have features to help you make a more informed decision. When choosing the best learning apps, keep them in mind as a checklist to easily grasp the content. 

  • Content & Teacher

When you sign up for a course, make sure it includes all relevant topics and that the teacher doesn’t overlook anything. In most cases, the landing pages for such courses have very detailed descriptions of every aspect of the course, such as covered topics and other aspects, such as tests and clarifications of doubts. 

Learn how a teacher’s teaching style suits your learning style by looking through sample videos. Particularly on a platform like Unacademy and Udemy, where you have the option of choosing various teachers on the same topic. To make sure the video and content will work for you, it is best to see examples. 

  • Intuitive User Interface

Having an intuitive interface means the difference between success and failure for most of us. A cluttered user interface makes accessing your relevant features and content difficult.

Navigating through various courses is easier with a good UI. In contrast, keeping the learning app clean and free of distractions.

Be sure to use the device you have spent more time learning to access the website or app. Take the case of enrolling your child via your laptop. All seems to be well. However, if the website does not work on your device, it can be a big hassle, especially if your kids use a phone or tablet.

  • Gamification

Many education apps are using gamification to make learning more engaging for users. Gamification increases user engagement and makes it more fun by making learning more interactive.

Games like memrise and Duolingo have been gamified. As you complete activities, you gain experience. Games are more than just levelling up and comparing with friends. A game-like element is also included in the app to make learning more engaging. The memories app lets you learn a language with the help of a chatbot while you learn. When you make a mistake, the bot assists you.

  • A different form of content

Learning apps that offer multiple forms of content and engage their users in learning more are best. After watching an e-learning video, take a few quizzes on the topic to further enhance your learning and understanding. 

A project-based learning approach is also a great way to learn specific skills. For example, when learning computer coding or graphic design. The more you work on the project, the more you learn.

As long as you learn the theory, everything works fine, but the real learning happens when you perform the task. A similar model is used by Coursera, in which you learn about a skill set and then have to demonstrate it through a full-fledged project that showcases what you have learned.

  • Doubt Clearing

Sometimes you might end up getting stuck on a particular topic while learning. Typical offline learning involves your teacher or friend helping you out, which works well. However, you do not directly contact the teachers or fellow students when you use online learning apps. Thus, getting your doubts answered is more difficult.

When selecting an eLearning app, this is something you should consider. Most learning apps try to address this in some way. You can ask questions directly in the chat in apps like unacademy if you have in class doubts. Additionally, teachers sometimes host doubt sessions to answer students’ questions. You can also message your tutor directly if you use an app like Udemy. In apps like Coursera, you can also participate in community discussions. 

  • Offline Learning

The internet isn’t always accessible to all users. You might not be able to access the internet when you are on the metro, on a plane or somewhere else without good internet access. It may be that, in some cases, you want to avoid the intrusion of all those notifications and instead focus on learning. Learning should be uninterrupted whenever possible.

Various apps allow users to download their content before learning so that they don’t have to worry about whether the network is available.

  • Progress Syncing

When you use multiple devices while learning, it can be a major challenge. Your progress is synced across all the devices you own, making it possible for you to pick up lessons right where you left off last time. Choosing where to pick up would take quite some time if progress syncing isn’t handled. 

It should also automatically update when you’re learning offline when you go online.

  • Micro-Learning

The rise of short video platforms only demonstrates how short our attention spans are if we are the generation on tik-tok or real. Watching ten videos of five minutes rather than a complete 50-minute video is much easier.

Many platforms nowadays, such as LinkedIn Learning and Coursera, break down courses into smaller subsets to make learning and grasping key concepts easier. This technique is called chunking to break down a larger piece of content into smaller pieces. Understanding the content in this way can be very effective. 

  • Multiple Quizzing Options

You can refresh your knowledge by taking quizzes. You can boost your topic retention by taking quizzes and tests on a learning app regularly. 

It is good to have leaderboards in quizzes because students and users can outrank each other. By doing so, they learn more and help one another. 



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