List of Pin Code of Uttaranchal

Uttaranchal , a state in northern India crossed by the Himalayas, is known for its Hindu pilgrimage sites. Rishikesh, a major centre for yoga study, was made famous by the Beatles’ 1968 visit. The city hosts the evening Ganga Aarti, a spiritual gathering on the sacred Ganges River. Bengal tigers and other native wildlife can be found in the state’s forested Jim Corbett National Park.



Post Office Name  Pincode Districts Name City Name State
Abbot Mount 262525 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Adheriya Khal 246188 Pauri Garhwal Adheriya Khal Uttaranchal
Adibadri 246440 Chamoli Adibadri Uttaranchal
Agar 262534 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Agustmuni 246421 Chamoli Agustmuni Uttaranchal
Aincholi 262530 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Ajabpur 248121 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Almora Ho. 263601 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Almora Ho. 263601 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Almora Ho. 263601 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Asgoli 263654 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Askote 262543 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Bachhuwaban 246488 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Badabey 262574 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Badrinath 246422 Chamoli Badrinath Uttaranchal
Bageshwar 263642 Almora Bageshwar Uttaranchal
Bageshwar 263642 Bageshwar Bageshwar Uttaranchal
Bagwali Pockher 263621 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Baijnath 263641 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Baijraq 246275 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Balawala 248161 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Baluwakote 262576 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Bampa 246423 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Bansbazar 262555 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Barabey 262574 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Barakote 262527 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Barautha 248124 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Barechhina 263624 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Bariowganj 248122 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Bazpur 262401 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Bering 262531 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Betalght 263134 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Bhagtola 263689 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Bhainsori 263684 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Bhaniawala 248144 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Bhanoli 263687 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Bharari 263679 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Bharkatiya 262520 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Bhatrojkhan 263646 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Bhikiasain 263667 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Bhimtal 263136 Nainital Bhimtal Uttaranchal
Bhirgukhal 246121 Pauri Garhwal Bhirgukhal Uttaranchal
Bhiri 246419 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Bhogpur 248143 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Bhotia Parao 263142 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Bhowali 263132 Nainital Bhowali Uttaranchal
Bhowali Sanatorium 263131 Nainital Bhowali Uttaranchal
Billori 263630 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Bironkhal 246276 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Bughani 246185 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Burket 249141 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Chakisain 246130 Pauri Garhwal Chakisain Uttaranchal
Chakrata Kailana 248123 Dehradun Chakrata  Uttaranchal
Chamoli 246424 Chamoli Chamoli Uttaranchal
Champawat 262523 Champawat Champawat Uttaranchal
Chandni 262310 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Chandrapuri 246425 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Chanoda 263628 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Chaubaltia 263651 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Chaunallia 263680 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Chelusain 246122 Pauri Garhwal Chelusain Uttaranchal
Chhinka 246426 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Chibroo 248164 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Chila Colony 249132 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Chilianaula 263647 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Chimyali Saur 249156 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Chipalghat 246123 Pauri Garhwal Chipalghat Uttaranchal
Chopra 246495 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Clement Town 248002 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dabri 246189 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Dairy Farm 263149 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Dakpathar 248125 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dangoli 263635 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Dania 263622 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Dasaithal 262573 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Daula 263660 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Daulaghat 263665 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Debai 246427 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Deghat 263659 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Degree College 262502 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Dehal Chauri 246125 Pauri Garhwal Dehal Chauri Uttaranchal
Dehradun Cantt Ho. 248003 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Cantt Ho. 248003 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Cantt Ho. 248003 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Cantt Ho. 248003 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dehradun Ho. 248001 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Deoli Khet 263664 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Dev Rajkhal 246126 Pauri Garhwal Dev Rajkhal Uttaranchal
Devidhura 262580 Pithoragarh Devidhura Uttaranchal
Devprayag 246186 Tehri Garhwal Devprayag Uttaranchal
Dewthal 262542 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Dhakrani 248147 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Dhamus 263685 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Dhar Chula 262545 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Dharamgarh 262571 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Dharasoo 249134 Uttarkashi Dharasoo Uttaranchal
Dharasu  249134 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Dhauladevi 263683 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Dhaulchnina 263681 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Dhumakot 246277 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Didihat 262551 Pithoragarh Didihat Uttaranchal
Dineshpur 263160 Nainital Dineshpur Uttaranchal
Dingoli Khal 246280 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Dofar 263634 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Doiwala 248140 Dehradun Doiwala Uttaranchal
Dugadd 246127 Pauri Garhwal Dugadd Uttaranchal
Dukharkhal 246129 Pauri Garhwal Dukharkhal Uttaranchal
Dunda  249151 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Dunda 249151 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Dwarahat 263653 Almora Dwarahat Uttaranchal
Dwarikhal 246128 Pauri Garhwal Dwarikhal Uttaranchal
Ekeshwar 246131 Pauri Garhwal Ekeshwar Uttaranchal
Gadarpur 263152 Nainital Gadarpur Uttaranchal
Gagri Gode 263688 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Gairsain 246428 Chamoli Gairsain Uttaranchal
Ganai 263656 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Ganai Deoli 263677 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Ganai Gangoli 262532 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Gangolihat 262522 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Garampani 263135 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Garbyang 262546 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Gauchar 246429 Chamoli Gauchar Uttaranchal
Gauri Kund 246476 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Geonla  249152 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Geonla 249152 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Ghanghora 248141 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Ghat 246435 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Ghingartola 263610 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Gholtir 246438 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Ghorakhal 263127 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Gokulnagar 263147 Nainital Gokulnagar Uttaranchal
Gopeswar Ho. 246401 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Gular Bhoj 262408 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Guptakashi 246439 Chamoli Guptakashi Uttaranchal
Gurna 262529 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Gwaldam 246441 Chamoli Gwaldam Uttaranchal
Haldi 263146 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Haldwani Ho. 263139 Nainital Haldwani Uttaranchal
Haldwani Ho. 263139 Nainital Haldwani Uttaranchal
Haldwani Ho. 263139 Nainital Haldwani Uttaranchal
Harrawalla 248160 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Hawal Bagh 263636 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Herbertpur 248142 Dehradun Herbertpur Uttaranchal
I.I.P. Dehradun 248005 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
I.P.E. Dehradun 248195 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Jageshwar 263682 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Jailhari Khal 246193 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Jainti 263626 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Jakhani 246442 Chamoli Jakhani Uttaranchal
Jalali 263662 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Jalna 263625 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Jaspur 264712 Nainital Jaspur Uttaranchal
Jaulijibi 262544 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Jeolikot 263127 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Jharipani 248152 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Jhuaghat 262526 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Joshimath 246443 Chamoli Joshimath Uttaranchal
Kafra 263675 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Kaladhungi 263140 Nainital Kaladhungi Uttaranchal
Kalagarh 246142 Pauri Garhwal Kalagarh Uttaranchal
Kalagarh 246142 Pauri Garhwal Kalagarh Uttaranchal
Kalaghati 246192 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Kaljikhal 246113 Pauri Garhwal Kaljikhal Uttaranchal
Kalsi 248528 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Kalsi Gate 248159 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Kameri Devi 263640 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Kanali Chhina 265441 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Kanda 263631 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Kanda Khal 246144 Pauri Garhwal Kanda Khal Uttaranchal
Kanskhet 246146 Pauri Garhwal Kanskhet Uttaranchal
Kapkote 263632 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Kapkote 263632 Bageshwar Bageshwar Uttaranchal
Karan Prayag 246444 Chamoli Karan Prayag Uttaranchal
Kashipur 244713 Nainital Kashipur Uttaranchal
Kashipur 244713 Udham Singh Nagar Kashipur Uttaranchal
Kathiatali 263126 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Kausani 263630 Almora Kausani Uttaranchal
Kausani Estate 263629 Almora Kausani Uttaranchal
Kedar Khal 246456 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Khatima 262308 Nainital Khatima Uttaranchal
Khatima 262308 Udham Singh Nagar Khatima Uttaranchal
Kheti Khan 262528 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Khirshn 246147 Pauri Garhwal Khirshn Uttaranchal
Kichha 263148 Nainital Kichha Uttaranchal
Kolaghar 248201 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Koragarh 248201 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Korwa 248119 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Kosi 263643 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Kot 246148 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Kota Bagh 263159 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Kotdwar 246149 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Uttaranchal
Kotdwara 246149 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwara Uttaranchal
Kotdwara Rly St 246149 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwara Uttaranchal
Koti 248165 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Koti Punarwas Chhatra 248202 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Kuthal 248148 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Lalkua 262402 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Lamgara 263670 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Langasu 246446 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Lansdowne Ho. 246155 Pauri Garhwal Lansdowne Uttaranchal
Lawali 246149 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Laxman Jhula 249302 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Lohaghat 262524 Champawat Lohaghat Uttaranchal
Lohia Head 262301 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Mahebawalla 248110 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Mahidanda  249195 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Maikoti 246448 Rudra Prayag Rudra Prayag Uttaranchal
Maithana 246458 Chamoli Maithana Uttaranchal
Majkhali 263652 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Majra 248171 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Malari 246447 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Manan 263638 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Manauri Dam Colony 249194 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Manora Peak 263129 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Masi 263658 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Matela 263665 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Mathurawala 248115 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Maulekhal 244711 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Mawadhar 246163 Pauri Garhwal Mawadhar Uttaranchal
Mehal Chunri 246431 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Merthi 262550 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Mukteswaram 263138 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Munakote 262519 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Munsiari 262554 Pithoragarh Munsiari Uttaranchal
Mussoorie 248179 Dehradun Mussoorie Uttaranchal
Mussoorie 248179 Dehradun Mussoorie Uttaranchal
Mussoorie 248179 Dehradun Mussoorie Uttaranchal
Mussoorie 248179 Dehradun Mussoorie Uttaranchal
Muwani 262572 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
N.S.Ashram 263158 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Nainidada 246161 Pauri Garhwal Nainidada Uttaranchal
Nainital Ho. 263001 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Naithana 246175 Pauri Garhwal Naithana Uttaranchal
Najibabad Road 246149 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwara Uttaranchal
Nakote 262561 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Nalgaon 246453 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Nanakmatta 262311 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Nand Prayag 246449 Chamoli Nand Prayag Uttaranchal
Narain Bazar 246455 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Naugaon  249171 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Naugaon 249171 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Naugaon Khal 246162 Pauri Garhwal Naugaon Khal Uttaranchal
Nauli 246452 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Nauti 246487 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Nehrugram 248008 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
New Forest 248006 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Okhimath 246469 Chamoli Okhimath Uttaranchal
Okhul Kanda 263157 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Pabua 246164 Pauri Garhwal Pabua Uttaranchal
Padampur 246191 Pauri Garhwal Kotdwar Uttaranchal
Paidul 246165 Pauri Garhwal Paidul Uttaranchal
Palla Bazar 246470 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Pangu 262547 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Pankhu 262533 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Pant Nagar 263145 Nainital Pant Nagar Uttaranchal
Panuvanoula 263623 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Parsundakhal 246166 Pauri Garhwal Parsundakhal Uttaranchal
Pashulok 248203 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Patia 263669 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Pattisain 246167 Pauri Garhwal Pattisain Uttaranchal
Patwa Banger 263128 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Paukhal 246168 Pauri Garhwal Paukhal Uttaranchal
Pauri Ho 246001 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Phata 246471 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Pikhi 279181 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Pilkholi 263671 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Pipalkoti 246472 Chamoli Pipalkoti Uttaranchal
Pithoragarh Ho. 262501 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Pithoragarh Ho. 262501 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Pokhari Nagnath 246473 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Porhra 246169 Pauri Garhwal Porhra Uttaranchal
Prem Nagar 248007 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Purola  249185 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Purola 249185 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Quitee 262575 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
R.C. Rudarpur 263154 Nainital Rudrapur Uttaranchal
R.T.C. Mempur 244716 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Raipur Ordinance Factory 248008 Dehradun Raipur Uttaranchal
Raiwala 249205 Dehradun Raiwala Uttaranchal
Rajpur 248009 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Rajpur 248009 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Ram Nagar 244715 Nainital Ram Nagar Uttaranchal
Ramgarh 263137 Nainital Ramgarh Uttaranchal
Ranikhet Ho. 263645 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Ranikhet Sadar Bazar 263648 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Raniphool Devi 248145 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Ranjhawala 248116 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Rikhani Khal 246170 Pauri Garhwal Rikhani Khal Uttaranchal
Rishikesh 249201 Dehradun Rishikesh Uttaranchal
Rithakhal 246132 Pauri Garhwal Rithakhal Uttaranchal
Roorkee  247667 Hardwar Roorkee Uttaranchal
Roorkee Cantt  247667 Hardwar Roorkee Uttaranchal
Roorkee City  247667 Hardwar Roorkee Uttaranchal
Rudra Prayag 246171 Pauri Garhwal Rudra Prayag Uttaranchal
Rudra Prayag 246171 Rudra Prayag Rudra Prayag Uttaranchal
Rudrapur 263153 Nainital Rudrapur Uttaranchal
S.N. Temple 249204 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Sahaspur 248197 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Sahastradhra 248102 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Sahiya 248196 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Sai Camp 262403 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Satpuri 246172 Pauri Garhwal Satpuri Uttaranchal
Sattal 263155 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Shakti Farm 263151 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Sharma 263633 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Shittakhet 263678 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Sillogl 246173 Pauri Garhwal Sillogl Uttaranchal
Simadwar 248146 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Simli 246474 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Sinora 263676 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Sittarganj 261405 Nainital Bughani Uttaranchal
Sonla 246450 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Srinagar 246174 Pauri Garhwal Srinagar Uttaranchal
Sugar Factory Nadehi 244717 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Sugar Mill Kashipur 244714 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Sultanpur 262125 Nainital Sittarganj Uttaranchal
Swargasharm 249304 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Syalde 263661 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Syunsi Nagar 246278 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Takula 263628 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Tallitul 263002 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Tallitul 263002 Nainital Nainital Uttaranchal
Talwari 246482 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Tanakpur 262309 Champawat Champawat Uttaranchal
Tarikhet 263663 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Tejam 262553 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Thal 262552 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Thalisain 246285 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
Tharali 246481 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Tilwara 246475 Rudra Prayag Rudra Prayag Uttaranchal
Toli 246176 Pauri Garhwal Toli Uttaranchal
Topowan 246485 Chamoli Topowan Uttaranchal
Tuini 248199 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Uprani 263686 Almora Almora Uttaranchal
Uttarkashi  249193 Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttaranchal
Vedikhal 246177 Pauri Garhwal Vedikhal Uttaranchal
Vidhya Peeth 246437 Chamoli Gopeshwar Uttaranchal
Vikas Nagar 248191 Dehradun Vikas Nagar Uttaranchal
Virbhadra 249202 Dehradun Dehradun Uttaranchal
Wadda 262521 Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttaranchal
Yamkeshwar 246281 Pauri Garhwal Pauri Uttaranchal
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