Are viruses like coronavirus existing in present day?

The world is witnessing the Covid-19 crises, where everyone is becoming unsure of the facts put forth by medical assistance or any political authority, there were similar viruses that existed in the past. There might be viruses that could attack the human immune system, one such found in California was Kawasaki disease, a rare pediatric illness that was originally identified in Japan in 1967.

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This virus was generally observed in children rather than adults. But the question remains whether one can let go of such viruses as the public might have ignored the coronavirus when it started.

A child who suffered from Kawasaki disease had a fever, blotchy rash, mild congestion, and cracked lips and couldn’t eat. This disease is to be seen as an overreaction of the Immune system. This can affect lethal cardiac complications. Not long after the medical staff of New York witnessed a hype in the cases of Kawaski.

The city has confirmed 147 new cases since the coronavirus epidemic began. Though the fact of how many children were reported is unknown. Some of the cases that tested for Kawaski as positive also tested positive for coronavirus.

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The question that comes into existence is whether the novel viruses arising in the different parts of the world are communicable or not just like coronavirus. It becomes difficult for the authorities to ascertain the risks associated with these viruses.

China’s Hantavirus was one of the viruses that could affect the world, with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, fever, body aches, a dry cough, etc. All the symptoms of Hantavirus quite relate to the symptoms of coronavirus. This virus coronavirus emerged from animals only, including rodents.

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Though these viruses have not been identified as deadly the question of mortality rate and the pace of spread remains mysterious to the medical team of countries. These viruses demand a need for vigilance as the research could help them to defeat.

Hantavirus: Why the new Hantavirus should not be a reason for panic

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