What would it mean for India if the coronavirus vaccine is invented right from us?

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has allowed Bharat Biotech India (BBIL) to conduct human clinical trials for ‘Covaxin’, an indigenously developed Covid-19 vaccine candidate.  Trials are scheduled to begin in July across India. 

Taking a peek into what is Covaxin

NIV isolated a strain of the coronavirus in the asymptomatic Covid-19 individual and moved it to BBIL early in May.  The company then used it to operate on creating an “inactivated” vaccine — a vaccine that utilizes the lifeless virus — in its high-containment center in Hyderabad.  “After the vaccine is injected into an individual, it does not have any capability to infect or replicate, because it’s a killed virus.  It simply functions to the immune system as a dead virus and mounts an antibody reaction to the virus,” stated the firm, adding that inactivated vaccines normally have an established safety record.

Covaxin has undergone clinical trials but scientists are split about the unrealistic timeline of the vaccine development and then mass production to the individuals. A vaccine takes about 12-18 months from the first to the last stage to incur. When a vaccine is being created, there are initial stages that are conducted and trial runs supported on patients who are healthy adults.

Then the plasma is collected from their system and put into a monitor for nearly four to five months to check if the vaccine is helping the virus to replicate or not. Covaxin has the same promise but scientists are indicating that a vaccine can only be ready at 2021. The initial stages of this vaccine have already been tested on mice and guinea pigs and only the first stages of human trials have begun. ICMR has given a deadline of August 15th for the vaccine to come out but the deadline is far-fetched and can be dangerous for patients if it does not turn outright. 

Scientists are indicating that it can lead to something critical if not taken seriously

Scientists are warning that it may compromise rigorous scientific processes and standards“.  The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had stated it “envisaged” the Vaccine August, which will be the Independence Day of India.  The ICMR has since said the date was “not a deadline”.  The Controversy arose after a letter written by ICMR chief Balram Bhargava into 12 institutes for conducting trials selected for test runs.

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Technology deleted a line unlikely that all of these vaccines are under development from the country – Such as Covaxin – are very likely to be prepared for use.  This led to a firestorm of criticism and protest, with many 15 August deadline could harm and be but optics India’s authenticity.  Prof president of the Partha P Majumder Indian Academy of Sciences told the press the trial interval of a Month declared by the ICMR has been “unheard of”, including that it “gives a bad name to the industry”.

What could it mean for India if the vaccine comes from us?

India in recent months, has had a stand-off with China for the brewing border tensions between the two nations. Recently, India has banned around 59 major Chinese apps. The growing tension between India and China has resulted to negotiations and trade wars indicating that China is being blamed by every other country for the spread of the virus. India has a political ally with the USA and the president himself has said that at any stand-off, it will stay true with India. This even shows that India has a winning number in the pandemic that is causing havoc worldwide. 

If India manages to get the vaccine then it would mean that India will have a strong potential lead to cure everyone. It will eventually lead to mass production of the vaccine and India gaining billions financially. Plus as China is being now shown as a threat to every nation, India will have an upper hand and grow better political bonds with a sensible ally. Either way, it will be a complete win-win situation for India.

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