World Technology Day: How Covid-19 Is Being Tackled With The Best Technology.

The future of this world is wholly based on technology.

On this world technology day, we would like to thank every single person who works in this domain and makes our lives easier day by day. If we didn’t have technological innovation, we all would’ve drowned in misery! Technology gives us hope, gives us a new way of staying connected and getting to know what is happening in and around us. Every year since 1999, the Technology Development Board (TBD) celebrates this day by awarding individuals for their scientific contributions to India. Technology is playing a very essential role in handling the virus. It is helping the government and the doctors for tracing the patients who have the virus or the ones who had the virus.

Here are a few ways by which technology is making our fight against the common enemy, COVID-19 virus, easy.

  1. Groceries At Your Doorstep: there are applications that help us in ordering essentials and then they are delivered at our doorstep. All thanks to the huge tech giants who have excelled in innovation and have made this possible for mankind. Had this not been developed, people would’ve gone out and the possibility of community spreading of the virus would’ve increased tenfold.
  2. Low-Cost Ventilators: ventilators are the need of the hour. What we will be in the future, depends on ventilators and how they will sustain the patients. A good quality ventilator is a god for the patient. The major aspect responsible for building of this has been given to artificial intelligence and drone monitored operations which have been making rounds. The project for the same is headed by Niti Aayog’s CEO, Amitabh Kant and he is also making huge progress for leveraging a huge amount of technologies for fighting against COVID-19.
  3. Bots For Disposing Medicines: Asimov Robotics’, a company that is true towards innovation and development has prepared “Karmi-bot”. this is a medicine dispensing electronic robot which is helping in isolation wards in the hospitals. T can even process requests of video calls with the doctors.
  4. COVID-19 Analytics: Vehant Technologies, a Delhi based company which runs artificial intelligence-based traffic enforcement solution (TES) which has made an AI program for making some assumptions and analyzing the situation of the virus. All this will help us in knowing the state of our country right now and also about how fast the virus is spreading and at what intensity it can harm us.
  5. Safety Checks: various companies are making software’s which have cameras installed in them to detect whether a person is wearing his facemask or not. The higher level of this software will also detect the temperature of the person who is to be monitored.
  6. Sanitization: companies have developed various categories of sanitizers which prevent the formation of virus and bacteria and hence prevent the COVID-19 virus from breeding. Airlens minus Corona is a mechanism/ machine made by PerSapien in which the company claims that the machine dispenses ionized water droplets to oxidize the viral protein.
  7. Aarogya-Setu App: aarogya setu is India’s official contact tracing app which was started in April. Aarogya Setu is designed to keep track of people who are diagnosed with the virus and are coming in contact with the patients who have the virus.
  8. Monitoring apps: Tech Mahindra has widened the scope of its already existing programs and has added a few new features to monitor and help the doctors for contact tracing. The company had a few cameras installed in the localities and along with that they have started monitoring the people with drones so as to produce accurate results for contact tracing. It will soon roll out a geo-fencing solution to make sure that patients are restricted to a certain area. It is also providing information on when stores and pharmacies are open for public relations.
  9. Education At Your Fingertips: the pandemic has proven that education isn’t just limited to classrooms. Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, one thing that has changed is the way we all study. Educational sources are made available online so that there is no stoppage in the flow of knowledge. Penetration of online education available in India is highly varied. Educational services are also available in regional languages. This is a relatively slow process but it is slowly coming into action for building a better tomorrow.
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According to experts, at this time the only way the world can conquer this virus is by investing in scientific research and the creation of various knowledge banks. Technology will act as the bridge between people and the healthcare workers. It is impossible for the government to check on all the people physically so they are looking for more and more advanced technologies which help in the same.

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