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Here’s a fast, easy way to make tutorial and demo videos — and right now, it’s over 90% off

Fleeq is custom tailored to make creating tutorial and explainer videos speedy and simple. With Fleeq, you can assemble screenshots, then highlight or zoom...

Learn to run a Cisco network with this Cisco-approved certification training for just $59

  In case you missed the news earlier this month, Cisco Systems has released new features for its 500,000 developers, 60,000 business partners, and three...

Quriobot is your website’s 24/7/365 help desk — and right now, it’s over 90 percent off

If you’ve got a business website, you’ve likely got an email address so customers can submit comments, questions, concerns, and complaints. But what if...

Online Shoppers paradise- Discount & Cashback by an Entrepreneur from Udaipur

Rapidly growing economy of India has been the result of the talent available within the country. The youth has been doing well. We would...
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