Top 10 Services To Buy From Cryptocurrencies


The crypto market has undergone many regulations across the globe in the past decade. It is known for its steep profit margins and its prevailing notion of making riches from rags.

We already have an article that talks about the Top 10 products, still one engages in Top 10 services we can buy from crypto currencies. This article is a complementary treat for our audience. Goods and services are often talked about together. While the former is tangible the other is intangible, though in a sense of importance they lie close to each other

The Crypto market in India is yet not developed to such an extent that they could be traded freely in the market. However, many major economies deal with the free trade of cryptocurrencies. Due to the high-risk potential, when as an investor we earn a considerable sum we often get perplexed before going on the spending spree with it. To ease your confusion and maybe to put a pin on where to put your profits to earn maximum satisfaction as a consumer, we bring you the list of Top 10 Services, you can buy from cryptocurrencies

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

  1. Insurance Services

Getting insured from the potential risk your life stands upon. The chance of something unpleasant, undesirable and unwelcome happening sure puts a lot of us in a dark space. Well, the instrument that brings light to the dim-lit rope your life stands upon is insurance. Insurance is securing yourself from a probable exposure of risk by contribution, a fraction of the total amount of loss estimated, no not through legal tender, but cryptocurrencies! 

You read that right!

Swiss Insurer AXA announced the acceptance of Bitcoins towards the premium of the insured sum. Though life insurance is still outside the field, other forms of insurance are in the pool for you to choose from.


  1. News Media
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Many online magazine subscriptions can be brought through cryptocurrencies. The use of bitcoins towards the payment of monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions is mandated for digital magazines only. The first magazine to bring about a revolutionary change was Sun-times Chicago in 2014. It was followed by Times Inc, which is a publisher in the same year. Today, even one of the top magazines Bloomberg accepts the subscription payments in cryptocurrencies. t is an important form of service that can help you augment your pre-existing knowledge of cryptocurrencies and trading. As it is rightly said, knowledge is power.

  1. Reddit

We have all heard of this application when the heated up discussion on cryptocurrency on this application led to the disastrous implication on the prices of crypto. Well, like every social media application Reddit also provides its users with premium packages. However, the payment towards its premium plan can be done through bitcoins. For those who are not aware of this, let us just say it is a Twitter for youth. People have discussions on all sorts of things while maintaining the prescribed terms and conditions. Some discussion turns out to be too powerful to change the course of destiny for many businesses.

Top 10 services

  1. WordPress

It is a website developing platform that is used by almost every business today. It offers its user a range of business-friendly plans. All the premium plans have something or the other different feature. If you are planning on starting a blog or your own digital media company, WordPress premium plans come in handy with bitcoin circulation for payment towards subscribing to it. WordPress helps your website gain a user-friendly approach and keeps you updated with the ongoing traffic your website faces. 

  1. Domain-names

Website development is certainly the first step in giving a practical approach to your new business idea. However, with the traffic of 16 million web pages, it is difficult to seek an audience, and here’s where domain names come to our rescue. They help us stand out from the crowd by providing us with the unique name and URL for our website. Therefore, as you have understood the primary importance of domain names, it comes to you as a treat to know that now you can buy domain names through bitcoins on websites like Namecheap.  

  1. Education 
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It was the least expected service included in the list. However, it is interesting to note that many educational apostles accept Bitcoins as a payment towards the fees of your Child. If you are residing in Australia or New York, there are a few school names that might be helpful for your preferences: Curtin’s University of Australia, and The King’s College of New York. Other than these two there is a German University as well. 


The payment of fees towards the digital educational platforms in a form of Bitcoins is welcomed by Treehouse, an online coding classes platform. Don’t fret if Australia and New York are some places you wander in your fantasy, Treehouse is a relief for that problem.

  1. Dish Network

If you are from India, you are well aware of what dish networks are. We don’t call them VPN service providers, we call all of them: dish. Dish Network is a broadcasting service provider with a variety of subscription plans available for its users. It is an American service provider that is directly broadcasted through satellites. Therefore the payment towards its plans is available through Bitcoins but only in America’s territory. Outside the American realm, it is not possible for a time being. Apart from Dish Network, there are other VPN providers as well. For example ExpressVPN and NordVPN. 

  1. Travelling Services

Want a retreat from stress? Want to rejuvenate that lost will and energy? What’s better than a trip to your favorite place? If you want to spoil yourself from the riches of your profits, try going to LA or Los Angeles. Hotels in Beverly Hills of LA allow the payment from bitcoins. A week can easily be brought in the luxuries of LA’s most posh street up in just 0.33 BTC.

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Other than that, the travel industry has welcomed the trade of crypto with open arms. You can book flights and hotels from around the globe using the profits of cryptocurrency. It can either be through a third-party application or directly through Bit Pay, whichever is accepted by the whims of hotel accounting departments.

  1. Mail Providing Services

Email or electronic mail is a widely used platform of communication, mainly in the professional domain. While there are some free mail providing services available like Yahoo, and Google, they still lack a sense of security. As all of our work is over cyberspace, it becomes difficult to secure our information. If you are in a high-risk business and all your information has to be maintained confidential, try using a more secured mail service provider. One of which accepts bitcoins as payment towards their monthly. Quarterly or annual plans is ProtonMail. It is an end-to-end mail service provider that works best for delivering sensitive information over the web.

  1. Cellular Service Provider

Though it is far from a utopia for this to exist in India, there are cellular service providers like AT&T that accept bitcoin as a payment gateway for their cellular plans. For those who are not aware of the jargon, cellular services mean services that facilitate communications across the world through mobile phones via low-power radio transmitter sites to either public or private communication appliances.


Cryptocurrencies have opened a new way of trading in the economy. With smooth functioning and upholding the regulations, we have taken up our trading regime to a new digital method altogether. The beauty of a new world is indeed charming. The easy way of earning and losing money, investing our savings conservatively are earning steep profits from it, it all comes together to form a healthy financial image for any individual. If you are confused about what services you could buy from cryptocurrency this article has been your greatest support to escape a bit of confusion messing up your brain.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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