10 Best Cloud Hosting Companies For Startups 2021

Cloud hosting is one of the great technical boom phenomena, where nearly every industry improves or disrupts. There is an explanation why cloud hosting services are based on more startups than the organization’s data technology setup: cloud Hosting systems help to achieve success from the outset to the IPO. The businesses will rent connections to anything from software to servers from a cloud service provider rather than buy their own network systems or datacenters. Rather, by using it, they pay for what they need. Many of these savings are important for small businesses.

Plans for cloud and VPS hosting can also improve infrastructure access. However, several hosts provide many levels of managed services in which their professionals take care of the hardware needs if you want to concentrate on your business and goods. Because your server capabilities are extended to satisfy your traffic demand, just what your website or program uses is charged for.

1. AWS

No introduction is required for AWS. However, it began in 2006 and functions in 20 geographer regions all over the world while you are not aware of it. It delivers a wide variety of items to satisfy all market needs. You can almost host some software, such as firewalls, DNS, load balancing, or even a private virtual cloud. Two main downsides are present. Next, a pay-as-you-go setup for AWS cloud storage. You can achieve flat rates, but you must be very careful how you set up your account. Further, the slew of choices on the Amazon Cloud is hopelessly lost, with the exception of the most talented technology.

AWS Cloud operates through major internet firms such as Netflix. If you want the same kind of strength and are familiar with hosting options, this is a perfect option. It’s not a good proposition for those who need advice, but the price is good. Among the major players, Amazon tends to make you feel like a small enterprise operating on cloud hardware. But that’s a really small pub.

Features and Benefits:

  • AWS is the safest and secure cloud service provider that provides a large variety of infrastructure services such as database access, processing resources, and networking.

  • You can host static websites with this AWS.

  • Users can create complicated and trustworthy, scalable, and versatile applications through these services.

  • You can feel the realistic AWS free of charge.

Pricing: It gives you the ability to archive vast volumes of data at a really low cost starting from 0.004 USD per GB per month. Without a minimum of page 19, you pay for what you need. Web sites from Amazon How AWS Pricing Works Page 14 commitments or early costs.


  • Easy to use: The AWS platform is articulated simply and can also be used by a neophyte. A new application, as well as an existing applicant, would have no problem.

  • No limit on capacity: Organizations start multiple initiatives and guess what capacity they are going to require. In offering this capability at a low expense, AWS supports them. With this advantage, their workload is minimized and new proposals may be centered and constructed. Clients forecast their potential and pay higher costs but AWS gives them low-cost capabilities.

  • Provides Pace and Agility: In the old world, the response we’ll get is one week, whether we speak to an inventor, a corporation, or an organization about how long it takes to reserve a server. In minutes, though, AWS provides us. All you have to do is pick your criteria and you can do it quickly and flexibly without talking to anybody. This helps you to deploy the application easily.


  • Limitations: AWS sets resource defaults that differ between regions. These tools include photos, volumes, and photographs. The limited instance number per region can be launched.

  • General cloud computing problems: when you go to cloud-like downtimes, restricted control, and backup security, the AWS does have general cloud computing problems. However, after a while, these defects can be resolved. So they’re the temporary issue.

2. Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean is a cloud computing solution intended to streamline developers’ network infrastructure. Any package is accessible, rich in content, and easy to set up. Digital Ocean is a simple cloud hosting system provider providing very specific services, including cloud VPS and DNS management. Unlike many of its rivals, it does not have load balancing, host databases, and Hadoop clusters. Digital Ocean’s hosting plans are a major partner in its growth, thanks to its low-cost and high-performance virtual machines which grow with your company with simplicity and cost-benefit.

DigitalOcean offers a very cheap entry-level scheme, but with your website, you will need to take a few steps to find it and set it up for managing web servers. The products of the business are evidently aimed toward usability. The fascination with the company’s “droplets” and measurement instances gives no faith in its customer hosting. You’re going to be lonely. Worse still, low-end options for this sector start at the low performance. One CPU and 1 GB of memory will be received. One big benefit is a one-click approach to server shooting. Open-source applications like MySQL 5.7 and PHP 5.2 would be fairly new. But, if you are not a hardcore technician, one of DigitalOcean’s collaborators, such as the above-mentioned Cloudways, maybe wiser.

Features and Benefits:

  • Drives in Solid State (SSD).

  • Transfer of Global Picture.

  • DNS administration.

  • Online networking. private networking.

  • Uptime SLA is 99.99%.

  • IPs that float.

  • Team accounting. Team account.

  • Many Sites Datacenter.

  • Simple to Scale by Different APIs.

  • 55 Second availability.

  • The bandwidth of Tier-1.

Pricing: The basic droplets scheme from DigitalOcean begins at $5 a month. Prices are growing from there and higher until you spend more high-end facilities at $80 a month.

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DigitalOcean provides the best price for much better offerings compared with other companies in the same room. In addition, when registering you can also use a promotional code, you can build 3 months VPS to try DigitalOcean services with free credits.

Very Fast Network: A 40Gbps network means you’re having the fastest speed on the market. You never need to think about the traffic on your website while you are hosting a website.

Quick SSD Storage: Few businesses pushed into SSD. DigitalOcean provides a 100% SSD storage system, which makes it the leading supplier of the bundle.


  • Windows servers are not available

  • You don’t have servers handled. You work by yourself during rollout and maintenance The customer service is late to answer your questions.

3. Kamatera

Kamatera Cloud Servers is an entrepreneurial approach for a variety of programming activities and specifications that can be used by enterprises. Kamatera Cloud Servers are hosted in a cloud environment that enables companies to scale up as much as appropriate, while still being usable, effective, and inexpensive in contrast to traditional server solutions. Kamatera Cloud Servern has many data centers around the globe, and these are in Israel, Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and New York, to name just a few, for any company. Anywhere you find yourself in the world.

The solution will also personalize and customize Kamatera Cloud Servers to suit the organization’s needs and desires. You can easily set servers, install databases and select IP allocations, for example. Although Kamatera has 20 years’ history in the cloud, with 14 data centers on four continents, in its current booming global player, Kamatera’s sudden rise in popularity is attributed primarily to its specific added value: reasonably price VM (starting at four dollars per month), amazing scalabilité and versatility with server configuration and payment methods, great efficiency and performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Rendered VPS hosting personalized and customized. You just bill by what you want. You’ll only pay for this if you add 1 GB of RAM and don’t need to add any more server services.

  • Without any charge, connect or delete servers.

  • Uptime Guaranteed at 99.95 percent.

  • Try the 30-days 100% free. No undisclosed costs or undertakings In the trial phase too, access all of the capabilities of the cloud management platform.

  • Tech Human Resources 24/7/365.

  • 14 global data centers on four continents.

Pricing: Internal Network Cloud: $0.05/month/GB Free Cloud Block Storage, etc.


  • Experience for 20+ years.

  • Billig servers not handled.

  • The dashboard is adjustable.

  • Special repositories for customization.

  • Excellent service to the consumer.


  • Price of managed servers.

4. Microsoft Azure

In the 2010 Windows Azure launch, Microsoft Azure was renamed Microsoft Azure, and later, in the 2014 launch. Azure provides a wide variety of products, including its own applications such as IIS, MS SQL, Exchange Server, etc. In its heart is a public Cloud Computing Platform — with solutions that can be used for services including analytics, virtual computing, Storage, Networking, and more, including Technology as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and software as a Service (SaaS). It can be used to replace or connect the on-site servers. Azure is a fast, scalable, and inexpensive platform that makes it the best public cloud on the market with its pricing and its capabilities.

Features and Benefits:

  • Microsoft Azure is used via a multinational network to deploy, design, and maintain the software.

  • Microsoft Azure was previously referred to as Azure for Windows.

  • This Cloud infrastructure service supports a variety of diverse operating systems, libraries, tools, languages, and frames.

  • Microsoft Azure’s free trial version is available for 30 days.

Pricing: Prices start at $13 a month for Microsoft Azure.


High availability of Microsoft Azure: You can find that the uptime guarantee provided is 99.95% if you pass the law agreement covering the Azure services. This means that you can predict nearly 4.5 hours of downtime in real-time over a whole year.

It provides you with a clear safety profile: In order to identify, analyze, diagnose, stabilize and close, Azure follows the DADSC methodology for protection. If this profile is combined with the cybersecurity measures that have been implemented on the site, you will take your various compliance certificates to become your next best asset.

Azure has good solutions for scalability: As for most firms, you usually have a day or two when optimizing the use of your results, and you use a minimum sum for the rest of the month.


To make things work, you must handle Azure: Although you will cut your IT hardware and maintenance equipment capital locally, you will also need someone to efficiently handle your data. The management of your cloud-based data centers is not helped by Microsoft Azure.

You need experience on the platform: The shift in computational resources that the firm has is one of the main challenges with Azure. You will find that your processing capacity does not move along with you if you move from on-site servers to the cloud.

For certain firms, speed may be a challenge: Microsoft Azure delivers 54 regions around the world, with 140 countries included in the list. You’re all set whether you live in the USA, Europe, Australia, India, Japan, or China. Your organization will benefit from easy access to data.

5. Vultr

With 14 data centers across the globe, Vultr provides a structured fully stable high-performance cloud computing environment. Vultr delivers a worldwide footprint of high-quality cloud SSD Servers. It aims to build the most effective and secure service in order to start a fast SSD cloud server. Vultr is a superb cloud platform similar to the creators of the planet. With some of the world’s biggest businesses, we have built an architecture that we know is the best cloud start-up ever to have. The team that created and is Vultr, a digital network that addresses complicated hosting conditions provides leading business efficiency and reliability.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Selection of 16 regions

  • Runs redundant cloud servers to ensure good uptime. In the background

  • Plenty of device options according to custom specifications.

  • Provides dedicated storage of the SSD block for storage at all times.

  • Provides APIs for creating or maintaining your own Vultr-specific hosting site.

  • Auto-safe schedule, take the whole VM screenshot.

  • DDoS Security and Firewall.

  • Scalability and high availability load balancer.

Pricing: Vultr supports this and provides extremely cost-effective cloud storage. The plans begin at $2.5 a month.


  • Excellent results: Leistung is all about hosting, but particularly when you want a cloud-based solution.

  • Nice range of cloud quality products: A networking provider typically offers affordable pooled hosting, high-quality, virtual private servers, and premium quality cloud hosting.

  • Easy and clean interface: Vultr’s interface has a lot of weight, especially for the server setup and service.


  • Aid is dissatisfying: You will soon find that many people have “mixed” feedback when you do google for Vultr reviews. You can also see it right on Vultr’s Facebook page, so you don’t have to dig hard to see facts.

  • Less internationally affordable are higher-end plans: One of Vultr’s best stuff is that its high-quality cloud storage is open to consumers worldwide.

6. Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides 90 information services (e.g. products) that enhance efficiency, flexibility and strategic advantages for companies, IT professionals and developers. Today’s cloud computing permits to co-exist remotely (in data centres) and on-scale hardware and software products. These products work together to provide specific services. Users are usually able to view, handle and use the appropriate resources from a web interface – this is true of services offered by the Google Cloud Platform.

GCP can be your first choice if you’re serious about latency in creating performance-oriented applications. We all know about Gmail, YouTube, Search items from Google that are hosted on the same facilities. Google cloud has more than 130 network edge locations and is available in 19 locations. The majority of their goods can be purchased in any area, so that you can host your application in or near your neighborhood. I have listed the best-managed WordPress hosting in Google cloud for WordPress users.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Google Cloud Platform uses the resources of Google data centers such as computers, virtual machines, hard drives, etc.

  • Google Cloud Infrastructure is an automated computing framework used for live data by developers and businesses.

  • This service is available in several flexible payment plans with Pay-As-You-Go in addition to the free trial (PAYG).

Pricing: GCP provides credit of $300 for a free trial in 60 days.


  • Documentation is smooth: It’s all 100 pages plus a comprehensive API Reference Guide. We are talking about it.

  • High durabilty: Google Cloud Storage provides the persistence of objects in a given year of 99,999999 percent (11,999s). This means the data will persist even though two disks are simultaneously destroyed.

  • There are several places where you can store your information: North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

  • Easily merged with other Google Cloud systems, including the Kubernetes Engine and the App Engine.


  • A little frustrating user interface of Google Cloud Platform. Even when one browse the menus, they are likely to get confused.

  • The Amazon S3 APIs look less stable. In Stackoverflow, you will come across some instances that were no longer valid.

7. Alibaba Cloud

In recent years, Alibaba Cloud has dominated the Cloud computing market in China and is growing worldwide, from database, storage, Big Data analytics, security and machine learning to IoT services. As of 2019, Cloud Gartner announced that the cloud behemoth was the world’s third-largest public cloud enterprise (providing services infrastructure) with 9 percent business behind Amazon and Microsoft. Alibaba Cloud also provides ICP support that can be a ton provided the ICP licensing process and the formalities are not difficult to enforce.

Alibaba Cloud, founded in Sept. 2009, provides high-scale cloud storage and data processing systems that offer scalable and cost-effective networking and information solutions to large and small enterprises, financial institutions, governments and other organisation. Alibaba Cloud manages the network that serves the vast online and mobile market community of Alibaba Corporation, one of the world’s largest eCommerce firms, and sells a full portfolio of cloud services for sellers and other non-profit companies operating in this ecosystem. Alibaba Cloud is a multinational provider.

Features and Benefits:

  • The opportunity to choose between thousands styles of instances.

  • Digital and bare metal server support. support.

  • Compatibility with a number of operating systems from Windows and Linux.

  • Custom images can be created.

Pricing: Based on total disk capacity, data transmission volume and API request numbers, the OSS fee would be determined. $0.0185/GB/month for capacities, plus downstream payments for conversion from $0.076/ GB (upstream is free).


  • Speedy and strong growth.

  • The money become a powerhouse.

  • Partnered the company’s international cloud presence with seven well-known IT companies including Intel and data centres.


  • Potential compliance problems – not a US company, therefore there is a risk that sensitive data on servers is completely outside the US or that data is completely lost.

  • New in the US market for cloud.

  • Failure to provide customer service.

8. UpCloud

UpCloud is a developer-driven company with business activities lasting more than seven years, offering top solutions for businesses and individuals who need to tailor their hosting to their needs. UpCloud provides cloud servers, software-defined block storage and networking.

It has four offices in North America, Asia and Europe in four countries, and its servers are located in six countries. The user satisfaction rate is claimed to be 89 percent and the website is only available in English.

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It is a unique platform that supports code building of infrastructure. The majority of Infrastructure Frameworks such as Terraform, Ansible, Packer, and LibCloud are supported as IaC (code). In addition, it offers client libraries of the API to make it stand out in different common languages.

Features and Benefits:

  • Storage of MaxIOPS that enhances performance.

  • Build custom Iso photos to follow the requirements of organizational security.

  • Strong API for all automation.

  • Independent networking with the data centres.

Pricing: Two price structures are given for UpCloud: one comes with easy plans to pick one of its low-cost alternatives that looks similar to your preference. The other is the adjustable price system, in which you do not pick a program, but choose the exact services you want. All of them bill hourly, but you won’t be paid for that time if you turn off your server for a bit. Its monthly billing is based on account loans. It has a free preview for first-time users but it does not provide refunds.


  • Cloning server.

  • Panel power, in-house built.

  • Scheduled copies and screenshots.

  • IPs that float.


  • It needs time to grasp the new control panel.

9. Linode

Linode is a cloud storage service that serves a large variety of applications with Linux controlled virtual machines. Many experts see it not as a starting-friendly one because of its origins. Linode was first considered for virtualization hosting in 2003 when it was introduced. It has become a global organization representing 800,000 clients from 196 nations. In terms of reducing latency and improving UX, the positioning of the Linode Server is designed to support a global population.

It was just too costly to develop the cloud infrastructure. In order to satisfy its targets, Salesforce received $64.4 million. For Amazon, the same holds. Companies wanted a deep wallet and strategic knowledge in order to fully reap the cloud benefits. Although cloud providers are available at affordable prices, their assistance should not mislead. Linode delivers various layers of assistance to help consumers solve their problems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent service from 24 to 7.

  • Nano computing for a limited web or test server program.

  • S3 compliant storage for artifacts making it suitable for massive data analytics and deep learning.

  • 11 multinational data centers that have tremendous versatility in operation and capacity to follow country requirements.

  • WordPress, Dropal, Gitlab one-click programs.

Pricing: You should expect a lot of VPS hosting options with Linode and you can be guaranteed that the company has the tailor-made kit to fulfill your needs. The services vary from 10 dollars a month to 400 dollars and over. You don’t have to think about servers anywhere.


  • You should look forward to secure hosting from Linode every day. They give a 99.9 percent guarantee, which is the industry norm. You should expect pro-rata credit if you experience a considerable time off.

  • You should trust Linode to have fast and high-quality customer support. It will take 24 hours or more for most other organizations to close help tickets, as Linode does in 5 minutes. A few reviewers on complained.


  • Like any other company, Linode is the best company, and you should expect some downsides. Initially, this business is cheap; the cheapest VPS package is $10 a month, just 2 TB of bandwidth and 24 GB of data – very little relative to what you spend.

  • You should also note that the money back guarantee is only available for 7 days, if you don’t already know if you want to go to Linode. If after more than seven days you sign up and plan to cancel, you’re reimbursed; nevertheless, you incur a $5 fee.

10. Liquid Web Managed Cloud

Liquid Network is one of the best cloud providers on the market and can clearly be characterized. However, as the price of cloud servers goes, it is very difficult to get a toehold for entrance clients. While you are prepared to pay for the best hosting cloud available, their propensity to extend their services to multiple “packages” can complicate things. In general, the Cloud VPS is the same as the use of a virtual private server or a personal server, except it is stored in a cloud and is thus a little more scalable.

The same principle extends to dedicated cloud computing options, unless you have an instance to share your services with others. However, this is something that few other Web hosting services do for businesses that need substantial firepower. With low-end plans that allow up to 5 virtual servers to operate on the same cloud, you can also partition your device.

Features and Benefits:

  • Websites in the cloud.

  • Hosting Cloud VPS.

  • Cloud-based hosting dedicated server.

  • Cloud hosting and personal use.

Pricing: The choice cloud sites is an unrestricted hosting domain name. You can have several things in an account for $51 a month, though. However, personal cloud storage is maybe the fascinating alternative. This is actually a full cloud infrastructure. You pay $1,500 a month north, conceivable, just to start.


  • A user-friendly plan and WordPress available.

  • Scalability without seamlessness.

  • Excellent cross-platform support every day, during the year.

  • Plans absolutely controlled.

  • Installation of efficient data centers and security controls.

  • Lower-level generous capital.


  • Compared to rivals, costly.

  • There is no joint hosting.

  • There is no freedom (domain, SSL).


In the cloud storage community there is an absolute difference between those firms that care about small businesses and those that don’t. – when you load one of their pages, you can see the difference. In balance, the influence that major players, including Google, DigitalOcean and AWS, deliver is not considered worthwhile for most consumers. Fortunately, many independent players are looking for your hard-earned dollar. Set your goals ahead of time, in particular how much scalability you need against a low price and you can easily find three firms which match very well with the bill.

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