ChatGPT is a concern for Google’s Search business nowadays

Google’s Search business is causing ChatGPT to be “worried,”

The computer sector has been completely upended over the past three decades by a small number of devices, like the Netscape web browser, Google’s search engine, and Apple’s iPhone, which have made everything that came before them look like lumbering dinosaurs. ChatGPT is a concern for Google’s Search Business nowadays.

The bot attracted over 1 million users in only five days following its public launch on November 30 as part of the opening of ChatGPT. Recently, Google’s management issued a “code red,” underscoring the threat that this bot poses as a result of the significant growth in OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

According to the internal memo and audio recording, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, attended several gatherings regarding Google’s AI strategy and gave different departments in the company new directives to refocus their efforts on addressing the threat that ChatGPT poses to its search engine business.

Does ChatGPT have an impact on Google searches?

According to the source, Sridhar Ramaswamy, who managed Google’s advertising team from 2013 to 2018, voiced his concerns, saying that “ChatGPT might ban users from clicking on Google links with adverts, which earned $208 billion, or 81 per cent of Alphabet’s overall income in 2021.”

Different departments inside Google have been asked to work on creating Dale-E-like photos, according to the sources. Google has even planned to create and introduce new AI prototypes and products. The report exposes Google’s plans to improve its search engine, which might be unveiled in May 2023 at Google’s following a momentous event, IO.

Can Google be seriously concerned?

ChatGPT Robot

Users criticised the recently unveiled ChatGPT bot for its incorrect replies as Google braced itself for its AI breakthroughs amid rising ChatGPT usage threats. People’s Twitter accounts were then used to share their experiences, claiming that “ChatGPT is a made-up AI phenomenon, which can’t discern between actual and bogus information.”

Even worse, according to a Bloomberg investigation, “ChatGPT generates occasionally rude, racist, and sexist reactions. According to the sources, Google is reluctant to make its 2021-first-launched chatbot LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) available to the general public due to the case of sexist responses due to reputational risk.

According to Jeff Dean, president of Google’s AI division, “Google is a much larger firm compared to OpenAI, and thus has far more reputational risk in supplying incorrect data.”

Examining the Chat Bot Powered by AI in Chat GPT 3

Chat GPT 3 has probably been brought up to you if you use Twitter, even if you only lurk and aren’t an active member. It is now available in the free research preview. The AI art-generating software Mid journey, as well as Chat GPT 3 have garnered a lot of attention on Twitter.

There have been discussions on Google’s replacement by GPT 3. The Chat GPT 3 was compared to a Google search by venture financier Chamath Palihapitiya, who worked at Facebook in its early years. Certain issues do exist, though. Initial training data for Chat GPT 3 expires in 2021. Because of this, it has no idea what will occur in the globe beyond 2021. Accordingly, Google will be the first place we look if we want to get information about the Russia-Ukraine War.

Chat GPT 3’s first impressions

OpenAI Chat GPT

“I just learned that the Twitter database is available to OpenAI for training. As individuals submitted screenshots of their conversations using Chat GPT 3, Musk tweeted, “I put that on hold for the time being. When it first began, Chat GPT 3 was free and open-source. Both no longer apply, he said.

A complaint regarding prejudice in Chat GPT 3 responses has been made by Marc Andreessen of the venture financing company Andreessen & Horowitz. Its inability to perform simple linear algebra has also been a source of complaints from certain Twitter users.

Some functions of Chat GPT 3 are not available on Google. Google, for instance, is unable to author plays. Conversely, Chat GPT 3 can. When you use it to create numerous plays, a pattern may be seen, and the plays start to get repetitive, but when you ask Chat GPT 3 to create a play for the first time, the outcome can be intriguing, if not flawless. There is already a play there; one only needs to provide a few prompts.

How to utilise the AI chatbot ChatGPT on an iPhone or an Android device?

With the launch of ChatGPT, a new AI from OpenAI, the world is a buzz. A chat-based AI is used to build the system. It can assist with a variety of tasks, including those that require complicated thinking, such as coding code or addressing difficult emotional or philosophical issues.

Both the Apple App Store nor the Google Play Store do not yet have a ChatGPT app available. On your devices, there are still a few options for getting access to the chatbot.

The only way to access ChatGPT is through the OpenAI website. It is based on the GPT-3 API. A lot of people are attempting to combine AI with other platforms, but so far, there hasn’t been much progress.

A separate ChatGPT app for the iPhone or iOS is not yet accessible. On the OpenAI website or via the GPT-3 API, you can utilise it regardless. It can be used on the OpenAI website, which is the simplest method. Use one of the web browsers on your iPhone, like Safari or Chrome, to accomplish that. You’ll need to purchase a service or app that is compatible with the GPT-3 API and has been designed to use it.

ChatGPT for Android: How to Use It


There isn’t an Android app that enables ChatGPT. It may, however, be utilised on the browser, much like it does with iOS. You can access any browser, including Brave, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Mozilla. You can choose to access the chatbot by going to the OpenAI website. If you want quick access, you can bookmark the website or add it to your home screen.

How can I register for an OpenAI ChatGPT account?

The banner “Introducing ChatGPT” can be found on the OpenAI website.

You will get a log-in option after clicking “Try.”

You can create an account by providing your email address and a new password. You will then be prompted to confirm your email. The website also requests your phone number, which is followed by verification.

Following setup, you can choose the “Playground” option and post your queries.

Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and several researchers created OpenAI in 2015. It is claimed by the business that it is a non-profit entity owned by its founders and other stakeholders.

According to the developers, AI was developed to help users with a variety of jobs and to deliver knowledge on a wide range of subjects. Although the service can provide answers to several queries, it cannot provide answers to questions based on real-time data. According to ChatGPT, it can’t access the internet to provide answers.

Is Chat GPT3 the sole chatbot supported by AI available today?

The fact that Chat GPT 3 is the only free AI-powered chatbot available may be the reason it is attracting attention, even if it is not the first such chatbot. Replika is the name of an AI-powered chat interface that has been on the market for a while.

In contrast to Chat GPT 3, it has a voice that can converse with you and, to be honest, it is far superior to Siri and other available options. Due to its therapy mode, which allows users to essentially have voice conversations with the AI-powered chatbot, Replika is also apparently utilised by individuals as a therapist. Monthly fees for Replika average $5.

Google Comparison

Is the data that Google holds available to Chat GPT 3? Chat GPT 3 lacks the depth of knowledge that even a Wikipedia page on Google provides. Think about searching for “Lysenkoism” in Google and Chat GPT 3, then contrasting the results. The outcome is considerably more obvious when taking Google Scholar into account.

LaMDA, a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that Google has created, will not be made available to the general public any time soon due to “reputational risk.” There are higher expectations for Google. Therefore, if the chatbot responds with incorrect information or makes a mistake, as Chat GPT 3 did, Google’s reputation will be harmed.

Musk raised a valid issue when he said that the data sets that Chat GPT 3 (Open AI) used to train itself were provided with the understanding that Chat GPT 3 (Open AI) was not intended for commercial gain. It’s not apparent why other IT behemoths will grant it access to data since it will be in direct competition with them.

Introducing YouChat, a new rival to ChatGPT with cutting-edge AI.

You chat is similar to any other internet search engine. In a more conversational manner than Google, the tool enables users to conduct straightforward web searches. The chatbot can be used by users to ask questions. The business has unveiled the initial iteration of the artificial intelligence (AI) tool, which it has dubbed the search and chat of the future.

Two concerns with search engines are what the business hopes to address with You chat. The first step is to speed up, improve, and increase the usability of online searches. Making LLMs more dependable is the second goal. For those who aren’t aware, LLMs, or large language models, are a significant development in artificial intelligence that has the potential to alter various fields through intelligence-based learnt knowledge abilities.

You chat is now operational. The tool is “open, generally capable, conversational AI for search with knowledge of recent events and citations of sources,” according to the company’s CEO Richard Socher in an article announcing it.

In a series of tweets, the CEO further describes the capabilities and functionality of the conversational search engine. According to him, you chat, and ChatGPT both have comparable features. But by integrating the You search and app platform, YouChat “advances the AI area of massive language models. He continues, “youChat is up to date on current affairs and can cite sources for its responses.

What functions does YouChat offer?

You chat is capable of responding to commands in the manner of an AI assistant who reads, writes, and summarises information on your behalf. Rather than a list of links, the company claims that users will be able to access information in simple terms. Complex topics will be easier to understand, and they may also be utilised to find solutions to common issues like coming up with essay topic ideas, creating computer programmes, or even coming up with Christmas gift ideas.

AI and natural language processing, which are the engines behind the search engine tool, are supposed to enable discussions with it that are comparable to those with a human.

Do any restrictions on it exist?

You chat limitations of their own, just like all AI models. Numerous users have noted that, among other problems, it displays obsolete graphics, links that are both relevant and out-of-date for numerous topics, and hallucinates references.

“YouChat still makes mistakes, despite being more frequently correct and current than other key language models. We’re making it available in beta because of this. According to the CEO, citations, apps, and site linkages should make it simple for people to verify facts.

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