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Children Bored in Lockdown? Teach Them the Importance To Grow and Learn!

If you have found your child is struggling with their studies and are not motivated enough to make an effort, first you have to find what causes the obstacle. Don’t limit your kid’s learning into the walls of his classroom. Try to enhance their social and intellectual growth. In this article, we have explained 12 basic strategies to motivate your child to do better in school and life.

  1. Build a secure association with your children:

Try to communicate and hear from your kid to create a meaningful conversation about life. Try to explore the area of your child’s interest and find out what fascinates your kid. Learning becomes fun when you engage your children in the subject and areas of their interest.Focus on the points of how did they feel while learning through nurturing and guidance.

2. Complement your kid’s world with reading:

Initiate a family reading time, when all of the family members will read out something associated with their work. Make your child realize how important reading can be. You should consider keeping some printed materials like newspapers, books, and novels.

3. Introduce different kinds of learning mediums:

There is always a unique technique that is best suited to get every child involved in their way of learning. Maximum children have a mixed learning style, where only a few prefer to have a dominant learning style. There are 7 different learning styles that your child to improve his quality and rate of learning; Visual, Verbal, Auditory, Logical (mathematical), Physical, Social, and Solitary.

For example, a child having visual learning preference, learn quickly by seeing how things work, whereas kids with auditory preference learn by listening to things. There is nothing right or wrong with these different styles, you just have to explore which technique is most beneficial for your young one.

4. Help your kid to see the bigger picture:

For your kids, you should always give them simple reminders of their long-term goals when they have failed in some assignments. That will help to push them. It grows the acceptance level that will surely help to deal with the getting lower grades in school or college due to lack of preparation or some other reason in later life. Linking up school life with the long-term goal will encourage the child to see the bigger aspect of life and can be more personally fulfilling.

5. Set goals

Set goals; they may be short, medium, or long term. Make sure they can be achievable. Write them down to make sure your child become specific about them. And after successful completion doesn’t forget to appreciate them.

6. Get involved with their school work and assignments:

As a guardian, your cooperation in academic life is essential for your child’s commitment to work. Show enthusiasm in handling his / her school assignments, so that he/ she feels the ultimate control over it without worrying too much about learning. Make them feel your availability while they are engaged with homework. Check it regularly so they don’t end up feeling overloaded. Set up a habit of asking what has he learn in school, that will surely engage him more academically.

Make them feel that school is interesting and exciting by showing interest in his school activities. As, your young one tends to show interest, whatever you interest with. Make sure that your child share details of the day with you. Remember conversation is always preferable than an interrogation.                                                                                                         

7. Let your child value the effort rather than the result:

Life is a journey, not a destination. This principle not only works with life in general but true for study skills too. You must motivate your child to do well in school, but give them the message that you should respect the hard work, not only the outcome. As if your child is too focused only on the result, he will be highly disappointed if they can’t achieve it, and they will not push themselves any further. Whereas praising them for trying difficult jobs and making a good effort will generate the pleasure of pushing themselves and automatically they will learn not to give up easily.

8. Let them do mistakes:

We learn more from our mistakes rather than our success. Making mistakes is an integral part of learning. Instead of criticizing them for their failures, help your child learn from the mistakes and correct them, instead of criticizing them for making mistakes.

A recent study by Stanford University states that students who have not criticized for making mistakes tend to work harder than a student who is afraid of failure and more likely gives up in most situations.

9. Developing routines:

Scheduling a routine plays an important role in creating motivations for your kids. And keep on modifying the established routines to avoid boredom. Having a routine helps your child to eliminate the majority of conflicts.

10. Celebrates their achievements:

No matter how small, recognize, and encourage your child’s achievements. It creates a positive reinforcement that inspires him to keep learning. But make sure to praise effort, not results.

11. Help them to find a mentor:

According to a survey by North Carolina State University, mentors do have a part in success in a student’s life. The attitude of a mentor may be the same as yours, but your kids affected by them more easily. A mentor can help your child to rearrange their thoughts and get a new perspective of life.

12. Don’t use punishments, threats, and even rewards!

Research has shown that tempting words like punishments, threats, or rewards don’t work for the long term. As this can affect your relationship with your children. Apart from that this will let your children focus only on the final results.


Those 12 strategies will help you to motivate your child to work hard. Though strategies like developing a routine will take time to implement you can practice the other strategies right away.



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