Coronavirus Alerts: 10 Days To Go For The End Of Lockdown 4.0: Analysing The Situation In India.

1,18,000 confirmed cases, 48,000 people recovered and 3500 deaths!

The 21st-century has already seen three virus outbreaks starting from the SARS in 2002 to the MERS in 2012 and now the coronavirus. 

India has so far ahead of China and the total number of infections in India is more than a lakh. USA remains the most affected place by the virus. Following USA is Russia and after that Brazil. Then the United Kingdom comes with 2,50,000 cases. The human cost of the virus continues to increase. Hundreds and thousands of people are being infected and many of them are dying. The mortality rate in India remains low and we all should be thankful for that.

China had a steep rise in cases in January and February because of which a strict lockdown was imposed. In the starting, India has 45% fewer cases than China even when the total number of people infected is 60% more. The recovery rate in India is 38% higher than other nations. In China the disease did not spread to many parts. In India the infection is widespread. The whole country went into lockdown because the government knew that the government cannot handle a situation like China. We do not have adequate healthcare and infrastructure. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi have 2/3 of the total cases in India. Since we have a higher recovery rate, it shows that our immune system is getting developed. Nutritional factors have been discussed to cure the virus.

There are two views on the whole situation. The first one is the positive view and the second one is obviously the negative view. It was said that the cases will be at their peak in the second week of may. And that is correct because the cases are on a surge right now. It was also said that after this peak has been achieved, the curve might go down to touch the rock bottom by June 14 2020 with about 40 new cases being reported daily. 

According to the negative scenario, this outbreak will have the worst and possible. The total number of cases will continue to rise till mid of June. The total number of cases will cross two lakh by this point and about three lakh people will be infected as on June 14, 2020. These theories and assumptions are given out by medRxiv. It is also found out that the coronavirus will cause a total of 10,000 deaths in Indian province. 

It is also found out that in India few cases were of people who are more than 50 years of age. In India, men are more likely to be affected if we look at the current scenario. There are many international return patients in India but now even the Indians are being affected who have been in India throughout. Community transmission has not been reported till now and that is something the government is happy about. 

With about 22% of the country’s total population living below the poverty line, how will India sustain itself? The population in the slums is not prepared to face the virus even till now. Dharavi, the biggest slum of Asia which is in Mumbai which inhabits about 1 million people has about 600 cases till now.

There is a reasonable rise in the COVID-19 cases in Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh because the migrants are going back to their hometowns. The most vulnerable sections of the society are still the poor people because they do not have proper sanitation facilities available. 

It has been proved that there is a positive formation between infections and residences with an improved toilet facilities, one-room household, and lack of water. In India almost all the slums have this and are operated in the way as mentioned above. This issue must be addressed by the government and they should help all the citizens during times of now.

India still remains at a very lower level when it comes to testing. It is about 1700 people out of a million. Despite the low testing rate the cases have gone over one lakh. The joint secretary of the health ministry has said that even though the top 15 countries have a similar population to India, total cases there are 34 times that of India. We all must practice social distancing because that is the only way to move forward.

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