Coronavirus: Liquor Creates Turmoil, Shopkeepers have Stock Of 2-3 Days, Production halved

The third phase of lockdown implemented to prevent corona virus infection is in progress. The government has given considerable relaxation in the third phase lockdown.

In addition to giving permission to run cabs, buses in green zone areas, orders have also been given to open liquor shops. However, due to the opening of liquor shops, quite a chaotic situation was seen in many places on Monday.

People came out in large numbers to buy liquor. Controlling the crowd of hundreds gathered outside liquor shops was a difficult task. The situation became so uncontrollable that an order of re-closure of liquor shops in East Delhi came.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday that liquor shops were opened in Delhi as well under the guidelines of the Central Government, but in some areas people has spread chaos and a stampede-like situation arised.

He said, “In some places people did not accept social distancing. There was a stampede. Who is suffering from this? You will fall ill. Why are you taking such risk? Kejriwal warned that if such a situation arises again in any area, it will be sealed and no concession will be given.

He also said that it is the responsibility of not only the people but also the shopkeepers to ensure social distancing. If this does not happens, then the shops will be sealed.

But this concern is not with Delhi alone. A similar situation has been seen in all parts of the country where people have disobeyed social distancing while standing at liquor shops.

Covid-19 impact: Liquor stores may face dry days ahead - The Economic Times

How about the supply?

Now the question arises, why is there so much turmoil outside liquor shops? As the crowd is gathering in liquor shops, will it continue even further? Is the production and supply of liquor in progress or will only the liquor in stock be sold?

On this question, a liquor businessman from Ghaziabad says, “Wherever the shops are opened at present, the way the crowd is gathering, it seems that the government will have to withdraw the order.” 

The crowd is not under control. If people come to the shops adopting social distancing in the manner, then it is possible that the business will continue.

On the question related to stock and supply, he said, “Currently there is old stock which he is selling. Later the supply will come as will be required. But it will take about a month to get the same situation as before. The stock at present can work for two-three days. Shops will open and supplies will come accordingly.”

Due to the lockdown, work in the factories was closed for a long time. Now the government has given permission to start work in factories with some guidelines.

Taking care of social distancing and hygiene in the factories, precaution like daily checking of those working there will have to be taken.

The situation of supply will also be similar because if production is less then supply will also be less.

Production can be normal in a month

Covid-19 impact: Liquor firms fear return of restrictions amid chaos at outlets - The Economic Times

A businessman associated with the supply business said, “Supply is slow at the moment as the work in factories is halved. 50% production is going on. The new supply is not yet operational. If the shops continue to open, new stock will start arriving in two-three days. At present, the raw material in the factories is also less and the people working as well. Things will improve gradually. The situation will improve if production starts in every company in a week.”

However, they believe that the crowd outside the shops is only a few days and in two-three days, the crowd outside the shops will be reduced.

He said, “Since the shops are open after 40 days, that’s why people have come out”. He also said, “Some people fear that shops might close again that is why they are keeping stock”. However, if the shops continue to open, then people will be seen outside the shops for two-three days. In future, the situation will be such that we will go into loss because if people do not have money, how will they buy? ”

Businessmen associated with distillery in Meerut said that it will take a long time for the situation to become normal as the companies do not have the raw materials and there are less people working there.

Production slowed down

Economies on the brink: The Covid-19 effect | The Interpreter

He says, “Currently 50 percent of the production used to be before lockdown. Fewer people are being called in every factory. For example, if a company has three units, it will start work in two because all the precaution like social distancing will have to be taken. Otherwise, if there is a case, then the whole factory will have to be closed. The production situation will improve in seven to eight days. If a distillery used to make five lakh boxes of liquor earlier, then only half of it will be made. And it may take a month to reach the same position as before.”

News agency ANI quoted the Excise Department of Karnataka as saying that on opening of liquor shops, liquor worth Rs 45 crore was sold on the first day in the state.

The Tamil Nadu government has issued instructions to open liquor shops in the state from May 7.

Most states are allowing the sale of liquor because liquor brings a lot of money into the government funds.

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