The PM of India is the only Leader out of 200+ Countries Affected by Coronavirus in this World Who Did Not Face the Press during these Turbulent Times!


With the numbers of the coronavirus infected people increasing every day, India is now at the fourth position in the world. Started from the bottom, now here we are. What actually went wrong? India was in lockdown since the day it had very few cases but when we look at the situation right now, we are all in disdain. The whole point of lockdown seems to be aimless now. The most shocking part about the pandemic has been that it has opened everyone’s eyes towards corruption and the wrongdoings of the people in power.

A very keynote primary thing that everyone has understood is that: the government is for the people and by the people is a big hoax. Leaving this bitter side, another observation that was made is that out of the 200+ nations that have been affected by the deadly Coronavirus our Prime Minister Modi is the only one who has not addressed the press in the country fully.  Why hasn’t the head of the country address the people in the form of open debate? Speeches have been made about self-reliant India, about various tasks that the people have to perform, relief package but the real reason has never been addressed in press. Is the PM of our country more important and more valuable than the head of the United States of America?

Prime Minister Modi is the first prime minister of democratic India to never attend a press conference. There was a time when Modi used to mockingly call Dr. Manmohan Singh, “Maun Mohan Singh”, haven’t the tables turned now? 

There was an RTI reported by a citizen to the Prime Minister’s office where the person wanted to know about the number of press conferences and media interviews given by Prime Minister Modi. Apparently the Prime Minister’s office does not have any records of the same. No records were available for that. What is actually happening in our country? Why are the leaders not responding to real-time issues and only focusing on the sidelining facts of every topic?

Leading journalists have yet again pointed out starkly at the fact that when the prime minister is asked about his working, his travels, yoga, etc, he has always been very upfront about it. But when it comes to hard-hitting questions, he either walks out of the interview or stays away from the topic.

It is also said that Modi does not have a good relationship with the press. A senior journalist called Karan Thapar asked PM Modi questions on Gujarat riots and our PM simply walked out of that interview. Maybe our prime minister’s past haunts him till date.

People all over the world have been talking about the lockdown imposed in India. Leading economists have said that even if we survive the pandemic, we won’t be able to survive the economic collapse. Demonetization and GST resulted in killing demand and hence brought our economy down. The pandemic added to the fuel and caused a big fire.

The nationwide curfew was announced with little notice and the people of the country were not prepared for it. There was a list of exceptions also given but the police in the nation could not understand them and they were beating Indians with lathis.

At the same time, various migrant laborers were left on the streets and were walking back home. Some of them got killed when they were sleeping. No one thought about the crops which were growing in the season and how they will be harvested. The medical supply chain was broken. Then after a long time of financial package was announced and with that was announced the Central Vista project of New Delhi which has started right now. At this rate and with all these policies, Indians might die of hunger and not coronavirus. Poor administration, zero practical implementation of the policies, and dictatorship nature of the government might lead to a bigger disaster, as said by notable personalities.

Meanwhile, Amit Shah, accepted that the Modi government has failed on the COVID-19 epidermic but at the same time he questions the opposition. This is the state of our country where leaders are not answering to the people and their juniors are actually comparing themselves to the opposition government.

A lockdown postpones the spread of infection but does not avoid them. It gives time to build healthcare facilities and strengthening the critical care facilities of a country. The government is still saying that there is no community transmission happening in our country. But with the rising number of cases, it is important to know that community transmission has been limited to just a simple definition but not to practical means.

Even after two months of lockdown and four months after the first case was reported in India, the government failed to ramp up testing and provide the health infrastructure or the demand we are seeing right now. According to a study by Princeton University, the total number of beds and ICU beds available in our country are completely inadequate to meet the emergency demands of our country.

Donald Trump addresses his nation every few days and tells them about the situation of the pandemic, the Prime Minister of Canada addresses the nation almost every day, both of them face the media openly and discuss the real-time issues. If we talk about New Zealand, New Zealand is free from the infection, and women power is what has taken it forward. This pandemic is a tough test for all world leaders. But there has been no leader till now who has not addressed their nation about real-time issues like it is been going on in India.

Not addressing the long term issues and talking only about the positives that are happening in the country do not show a true image of what a country is going through right now. Our country should have hired the right kind of people at the right time made appropriate predictions. India is producing two lakh N-95 masks per day according to a speech by the government officials. But the fact is that this is a small number by global standards. Why can’t our country stop addressing communalism every now and then and focus on the real-time issues that are going on at the moment and address them in the right ways and not just by giving mere speeches on television?

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  1. A critic is always looking at the negative side of things.Which economy in the world not affected.Even China who has recovered from the pandemic is much more effected.American economy is in disaster.When the world works, the economies work.The writer is affected totally by the negativity. One should know that negative propaganda is run by very rich media which is in the hands of foreign mafia who throws money for campaign against rising India.The author is one amongst them, so we need to ignore this article.Modi is discussing with all concerned at stake and brings forth to convey it to the nation.It is right and positive approach.

  2. Amazing Mr Beas Dev Chhabra.. If anyone questions the govt they are spreading negative propaganda? 80% of the media in this country now hiding Modi’s failures and what they show into a very positive propaganda isn’t it? Author has written brutal facts and should be read and taken into consideration by each and every Indian. You know who is afraid of facing truth? Who is not doing the right thing in right way. We have solid example of leaders who accept their mistakes and asks for more time from people to work on it. Modi’s arrogance is already killing tis country. At the end of the day we the common middle class people suffer.

  3. Our country’s economy was down the drain much before this pandemic. Corona is just an eyewash for the downfall of our land. Actually it is the corrupted machinery at the centre. Government is least bothered of the present, we are under dictatorship..we feel like we have to survive on our own. Only God can help us now. He is gradually bringing the truths and facts out. He has got His own ways and means to set things right. Let’s keep faith and fingers crossed.

  4. Nonsense. Addressing the nation is not imporant in these testing times. The PM must focus on strictly implementing lockdown. So far, all lockdowns in India were failures because many people freely roamed on streets and police could not do anything but beat them with lathis. Especially, when we were aware that muslim community was hell bent on spreading the virus, Modi should have empowered police in atleast BJP ruled states and union territories to open fire on people found loitering around during lockdown. Police would have killed a few thousand people but the lives of rest of us would have been safe. Had PM empowered police in March 2020 itself then the country would have been free from pandemic by now.

    • I think i am afraid of people like you more than covid-19.
      The author here is a reporter not some critic. He states the facts as it is.and for The Prime minister of india has responsibility to address the people . He just a citizen of india who got elected for a term by the people to oversee the administration over this term on behalf of the people. He is not someone specialised or trained (NO ONE IS) to tackle a pandemic. He should address the issue on advise of healthcare specialists (IMA) and virologist . And provide support to them in all manner to tackle this pandemic.
      Police should be educated about covid-19 not to be empowered . They just randomly gathers people into a group to question them . While all they do transmit more. Most of them have no knowledge about covid-19 dont even follow the precautions themselves . I see police gathered all the time with any mask. Prime minister could have done so many things in very little time like addressing homeless people and migrating workers. And just by making an appearance and reassuring the people would have avoided people getting restless.

  5. Well said dear👌👌👌really appreciate your work.We need more writers like you who have guts to show reality and true face of the government.

  6. Good Work Ms Nandini Marwah,
    Thank you for who you are being.
    You have the guts to be straight. The intention purpose and context of lockdown was different and whatever intention our ruling party had were fulfilled. They never had the intention to support and revamp the ailing Healthcare system. Otherwise, they should have followed the Kerala model to control pandemic. They are successful in their hidden agenda. Good luck to you and take very good care of yourself. You are one of the endangered species of bold journalism in India.


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