Delhi Schools Won’t Shut, Masks To Be A Must: Sources As Covid Cases Rise 2022

Delhi Schools Won’t Shut, Masks To Be A Must: Sources As Covid Cases Rise 2022

Covid cases in the national capital, Delhi, have been rising in the past few days. According to the bulletin that was issued yesterday, the daily case count increased by 26 per cent to 632 compared to the previous day. Doctors have asserted that Covid cases are expected to exceed in the coming days, so the Delhi schools will be facing major problems. 

The order issued by the Delhi authorities came days after the neighbouring Uttar Pradesh made it compulsory for people to wear masks in public places in the capital, Lucknow and six of the NCR districts amid a rise in Covid numbers.

delhi schools won't shut, masks to be a must: sources as covid cases rise

About three weeks ago, amid a slide in case, the DDMA had issued an order removing the ₹ 500 fine for not wearing masks in public. The DDMA, however, did not say covers are no longer mandatory and advised people to continue using them in crowded places.

All the Officials asserted that the Delhi Disaster Management Authority, in its meeting, also decided not to shut schools but chose to come up with a separate Standard Operating Procedure in consultation with experts.

Delhi Schools NOT to be close

The authority decided that all the schools would continue physical classes, but SOPs would have to be issued for better management.

There will be no ban on any of the social gatherings, but a close watch will be there on all kinds of congregations.

delhi issues new covid advisory for schools, to shut if any case reported | business standard news

Masks become mandatory in Delhi with a violation penalty of ₹500

Masks become mandatory in New Delhi with a violation penalty of ₹500, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority decided in its meeting today. The decision has come as the national capital is again witnessing a spike in daily Covid-19 cases.

The mask mandate was expected as Uttar Pradesh issued a similar directive in six of its National Capital Region districts adjoining Delhi — Gautam Buddh Nagar, Ghaziabad, Hapur, Meerut, Bulandshahr, and Baghpat. The mask mandate was also issued for the state capital Lucknow. Earlier last week, the UP government put all the state’s NCR districts on alert in light of the COVID-19 surge in Delhi.

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Delhi has seen a three-fold COVID-19 surge over the past week. Compared to around 200 daily cases a week, Delhi reports 500-600 new infections every day. The positivity rate was also 2.7 on April 11, which touched 7.72 on Monday. Delhi on Tuesday said 632 new coronavirus cases at a positivity rate of 4.42 per cent.

The Centre on Tuesday has advised Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra and Mizoram to maintain a strict watch and take pre-emptive action, if required, in the areas of concern to control any emerging spread of the coronavirus. 

delhi schools shut until further notice amid spike in covid cases

All of these states and the Union Territory of Delhi are reporting a higher contribution to India’s Covid-19 caseload and a higher positivity rate. The Centre advised them to focus on monitoring clusters of new cases and containment efforts for curbing the spread of the infection and on vaccination of the eligible population, including primary vaccination and administration of precaution doses.

In a letter, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan advised Delhi and the four states to follow the five-fold strategy of “test-track-treat-vaccination and adherence to Covid-appropriate behaviour”, emphasising wearing masks in crowded areas. “It is essential that the states maintain a strict watch and take pre-emptive action, if required, in any areas of concern to control any emerging spread of the infection. In the letter, testing and surveillance remain important to track the virus, its spread and evolution,” Bhushan said.

shut premises if any covid case is reported: delhi govt's advisory to schools as infection rise | deccan herald

On Tuesday, 632 new Covid-19 cases were reported in Delhi, with the positive rate dropping from 7.72 per cent on Monday to 4.42 per cent on Tuesday. There were no recorded deaths, and the number of active cases stood at 1,947 at writing.

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Five hundred one cases were reported on Monday, while 517 infections were reported on Sunday, yielding a positive rate of 4.21 per cent in the city. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) will convene on April 20 to assess the situation and make recommendations.

Earlier on Tuesday, while speaking to reporters, Sisodia had said that people need to learn to live with Covid-19 as it will stay longer. He had also asserted that the government would take strict measures if the cases spiked more. “As of now, there is no need to panic as there are lower counts in the cases,” the Deputy CM had said.

Some schools have been forced to close because of increased COVID-19 instances recently. To limit the illness, the Delhi government issued an order on Wednesday (April 13) encouraging individuals to adhere to all COVID measures, including masks, social distance, and handwashing, among others.

The school is responsible for notifying the Directorate of Education and closing down the affected wing of the school or the whole school, as the case may be, in the event of a COVID report being received. Delhi Schools will stay open and not close, much to the liking of many experts.

health experts on concern over covid in children: no need to panic

Delhi Disaster Management Authority, DDMA meeting regarding rising Delhi COVID cases has ended. DDMA has issued some of the new guidelines, making ‘masks mandatory’ again and a fine. Delhi Schools’ closing was suspected by some experts, even though they were hoping for them to stay open. Complete closure was supposed since the Delhi government issued COVID guidelines for schools. However, nothing like that is happening, and DDMA revised guidelines have been shared below.

  1. All students and staff of Delhi Schools must wear masks at all times and ensure full compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols.
  2. General guidelines for Delhi Public suggest that a fine of Rs.500 will be imposed if found without masks.
  3. Detailed COVID safety SOPs are expected to be prepared after discussion with experts.
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With the announcement of DDMA guidelines, Delhi Schools are advised to comply with them strictly. Moreover, even parents of Delhi School students must avoid sending their wards to schools if any symptoms are observed.

The COVID-19 vaccination is presently available in India for children aged 12-17, which is a crucial point to remember. At this point in time, no vaccination is available for children under the age of 12. The third COVID wave in India began on January 3 with the opening of vaccination for teenagers in the 15 to 17 age range. So far, 9.8 billion vaccine doses have been delivered to members of the category.

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