How does a waterfall payment model work?

What is a waterfall payment model?

When you are talking about a waterfall payment model, then it is a type of payment module and structure that are schemed towards the higher tier creditors. It helps to receive all the interests and the principal payment, which should be done at first, and then the low tier payments are made. It is just like your first waterfall, which means that when the stream runs down, then the first rocks which are present to the top are affected through it. And then slowly, the lower ones are targeted. The low tier is the ones who are working for the company and those whom you can say for the staff level. The higher tier creditors are paid in full with the help of the waterfall payment model, and it helps the company to get rid of its debt at first.

Is it a useful payment module?

Waterfall Payment: Definition

In one chance, this type of payment module is amazing because it relieved the company’s chances of having a shortage of payment for the creditors. Debtors of the company are the typical structure and these schemes into such tranches for the company. To prioritize the whole budget of the company, the principal loans are just given at first because they are costly. For example, when you are building a company for the first time, then you have to repay the debts and the loans for a necessary period of time. This is when the waterfall payment model is worked out for the best.

Which type of company is suited for this need of module?

When a company relies more on the network for the debt module, then they have to pay in for the system output, which targets more of the creditors. If a company has three operating loans as well, then there are different interest rates that are charged here, as well. With the help of this module, the company makes the principal payments at first. The interests which are done for the amount are the costliest of the loans which are paid on the first. And then there are interest payments which have to be done and sourced out by the company here.

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The waterfall payment model comes in handy if you don’t want your company to be running on the debt trap again and again. It helps your company and the fate of your manager to be relieved from the offbeat chances to run out of cash, which can be paid to the creditors. 

How do they work?

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When you put a varied range of buckets under a waterfall in an aligned way, then which one is supposed to be filled? Well, according to common sense and knowledge, the ones which are close to the cliff or the edge of the waterfall are there to be filled. And the ones which are down under or kept far from the waterfall will be supplied later. The same happens with the waterfall payment model, as discussed earlier.

The bucket size which is kept here shows the amount of debt that the company has kept it. This means that when a company is on the run, then there is a lot of debt which it remains in for the first period of time. When a company wants to shine out to the market, then it has to show its skill to the public, and this can only be done with the help of the money laundering that it does from various sources.

Now a bank cannot launder money all the time, and this is when creditors come into action. They help the company to rise onto their feet so that the revenue can be generated and the operations can be made. With the help of the waterfall payment structure, these creditors who are entitled to the total cash have to get in the money or paid the source of money at first. This is likely done because paying in for the higher amount reduces the risks of the business, and this can turn can be an excellent decision and choice made by the company financers.

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It helps to launder your money to the right source and at the right time so that the low tier does not suffer enough. If you don’t pay the added amount to the creditors on the given time, then there is the rate of interest which are said to them. If the excitement starts to accumulate for a calculative period of time, then the company can face a considerable loss. This is how the waterfall payment model can save the company from tough times and help to keep and protect the name of the brand. It even ensures that the creditors can trust in the management of the company and, then again, pay off debts for the company’s benefits. 

How does it save the company in the long run?

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The waterfall payment model can save the company from accumulating all the payments at once. Here are some of the other advantages of this payment structure. 

  1. The operating revenues and incomes are kept in check with the help of this payment scheme. It helps the company to accumulate all the money at once so that you can operate on the revenue and then pay the low tier range of workers there in your company.


  1. This saves you from the danger of running out of cash, as well. Suppose you are running a business, then the first thing that you need to worry about is to pay off your creditors. Well, if you pay them off at the first go, then you don’t have to put in the worry anymore.


  1. It helps for a perfect source of distribution as well. When you are using the waterfall payment model, then you have to source out an ideal plan and scheme system which can manage your source for money distribution. So if the delivery is done with the help of a planned mind, then it can be comprehensive management for you.


  1. It equates all the collective services for your company, as well. When you are choosing the waterfall payment model, then you are selecting the well-being of your company. In the right way, it is a way for your company to be in the long run for a maximum amount of time. So if you choose this payment module, it can help you to structure your brand name and equate all the payment process that you have to pave in for the other workers. This is an excellent way to take maximum care of them and in the best possible manner.
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An example of the waterfall payment

Take here for a case to understand how the waterfall payment model is implemented.

Imagine that there is a company named ABC private limited. Since the company has started working, it has collected debt from a ton of services, and it owes around 2 million to the creditors. With the help of the waterfall payment model, ABC Pvt Ltd can make the payment on time if it starts to collect the cash from the revenue generated.

For instance, in the first month, the company have generated about 1 million of revenue. The part of the debt which has to be owed to the outside managers is around 2 million, but the company cannot risk out all the income out to them. This is when the company makes the waterfall payment model. With the help of this module, they generate the first payment and part payment of their revenue.

Some of the companies even use their whole of revenue for making the payment. After that, they have been done with the same. They then pay for the low tier or the staff who are working inside the company.

The waterfall payment model is straightforward to understand. As mentioned before in this article, the waterfall payment model is like a waterfall where only the first in and first serve basis is valid. 

Final thoughts:

The waterfall payment model is an excellent way to pay in for all the debts accumulated inside your company. If you are starting for the first time and you need an executioner method, then the waterfall payment model can help you to get out of it. It is a perfect way through which you can stop your company from falling into the debt trap so that it can manage the right source and in the right direction. 

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