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Ten highest interest savings account in India

Well saving accounts are the savior for you, aren’t we right? They help you to get through the tough times of your life plus there is an excellent added amount of interest that comes with them as well. In India, when you are talking about the saving accounts, you are talking about the eligibility criteria and their rate of interest as well.

When you are creating a savings account for yourself then you have to check for the minimum balance for a deposit, the flexibility to withdraw money and make deposits anytime you want and on the top hand, a good interest on the amount that you keep. Besides, some additional perks come with your savings account as well.

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And all these depends on which branch you are opening your savings account at. There are some bank branches from all around which won’t let you have a good hold to your account. But surely there are others too which will be a better option for you in this respect.

Thankfully to the grace of God, we do have some impressive banks out here in India who will help you to open your savings account anytime you want with the features present.

Top 10 highest savings account in India to look out for

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As mentioned earlier, India has the option to present their users with a lot of accumulated and well-managed savings account. So without further ado, here are some of the best ones which you can find out for yourself.

  1. SBI Instant Savings account

One of the best savings accounts in India to use for, and this one tops the list. What is better than starting your install saving at a bank which is the leading one in the whole of India? State bank of India is a customer-friendly bank that has a lot of resources for you. And one of the best features of this bank is the digital account management for you. Your instant savings account can now be opened at ease and within a matter of seconds. Here are some of the notable features of it to put to use. 

  • You can operate your account singly.
  • Limit of about 50000 per transaction.
  • The aggregate balance you can have at the end of the day is about 100000.
  • The total amount of credit transaction you can have is around 200000.
  • There is a Rupay debit card that you will get from here.
  • There is a nomination facility present.
  • The online transaction becomes smooth and manageable for you.
  • There is no penalty for non-maintenance of your minimum account balance that you can have per month.
  • The charges per cash withdrawal are not very much.
  1. Axis bank ASAP Account

Now coming to the next best one out there, Axis bank has an ASAP account for where you can instantly create your savings account. It is one of the promising banks and has an excellent feat to it as well. Plus there are some of the remarkable features which are present here.

  • You need to have a zero balance, and it is perfect enough for you.
  • The interest rate for your balance is up to 7% per annum, and the account balance you need to keep is around 10000.
  • Flat of 150 off on your booking tickets that you have.
  • There are instant personal transactions that you can make sure of with the help of the online purchase through your PC, or you’re even your mobile device.
  • Easy cash withdrawal that you can have with the presence of your Axis bank ATM Card.
  1. Kotak Mahindra 811 Savings account

One of the best zero balance schemes that you can have for yourself, Kotak is the best feature out there for you to use around.

  • The interest rate which is managed for the per annum basis is about 6 percent.
  • You can keep an account balance of about 1 lac to 1 crore as well.
  • The interest rate for your balance of up to 1 lakh is about 5%.
  • There are around zero charges on your non maintenance for the account balance that you have.
  • There is a complimentary debit card that you can use for the transaction to be kept around.
  • You can have exclusive offers on a lot of apps that you want for yourself.
  1. Digibank by DBS

Well, this might come as a surprise for you, but Digibank has excellent service as well. Do you know why? Because here are the features you need to look out for here.

  • The interest rate of about 7%, which is done for the 1 to 7 lakhs per annum.
  • The interest rate can be around 5% if you have an amount of about 1 lakh.
  • There is an instant debit card for you.
  • You can opt for online and debit or credit purposes if you want.
  • Rs 500 should be charged at the end of 6 months if you don’t have the required balance.
  1. Standard Chartered Bank Savings account

Looking for a good savings account and a right bank with the same? Then this might be the one for you. 

  • There are around reward points if you make a transaction online.
  • There are a lot of discounts and offs if you make the shopping in the apps partnered.
  • The MAB is about 10000 for this account that you have.
  • You can do all the transactions that you want with the help of the online system.
  1. ICICI Bank regular savings account

One of the best savings account which you can try out, ICICI bank is the reach for the customers to use. Plus there are a ton of other services which you can work around from here and in the best way too.  

  • There are complimentary benefits that you can work out for here.
  • There are multi facilities for your debit card that you have here.
  • Daily withdrawal of the cash limit by your card is around 50000, so it is pretty good for you.
  • The daily purchase you can make is around 100000 as well for this.
  1. HDFC savings account

Coming to the seventh one, this one is a good saving account for you to scope out for. HDFC is one of the best banks out there for you, and in the right way, there are a ton of network which is connected here. 

  • The interest rate which is charged for your account balance is really, minimum here.
  • There is online access to a lot of things.
  • If you have your debit card, then you can make sure of a lot of scopes through it. You can shop, pay, and do things too.
  • There are convenient cash withdrawals as well from the HDFC savings account.
  1. Indusind savings account

Indusind is a new bank, and even though it is made a steady feat in the market.

  • The interest rate is relatively low, as well.
  • Comes with a lot of advantages that you want.
  • Free online fund transfer that you want anytime.
  • The interest rate is about 5% for about 1 lakh if you have it in your account.
  • NEFT and RTGS services can be used with this bank savings account.
  • No penalty or maintenance charge which is costed from here.
  1. IDFC Zero bank savings account

This savings account that you can have is a good one and you especially if you have an Aadhaar card then you can make the zero balance savings account with an instance of your internet.

  • The interest rate of about 4%
  • Access to internet banking as long as you want.
  • You can transfer and get funds.
  • There is no charge or penalty which is managed on the maintenance of your MAB.
  • Unlimited transaction from all around.
  1. RBL savings account

Coming to the last one on this list, RBL has an excellent opportunity for you as well if you want to try out something with your savings account.

  • Maximum deposit of around 1 lakh which you have to deposit during the time of opening your bank account.
  • The interest rate of about 5.5% is charged for your bank.
  • There is an online transaction that you can make here as well.

All these savings accounts are meant for you aged at the eligibility criteria that you have presented. And there do saving scheme that can even be shown for you if you are reaching at the age of 60 — so looking for a new bank to open your savings account? Take this list as your example.



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