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How has the Covid-19 outbreak changed the landscape of social media marketing?

With the ongoing situation in the whole world, everyone is fixated on the thought of saving their company’s image. But in the digitalized world, we surely know that social media marketing is a huge scope to market a brand’s name and target lead its audience. The outright impact of Covid-19 is surely prominent in the sector as it has hopped on and changed a lot of marketing strategies and ways for brand influencers and producers to start with something fresh. And surely the result which has been obtained out is somewhat of a mixed feeling.

Covid-19 impact for social media updates

Before a month of the impact which was struck on us like a truck, here is how the engagement went.

  1. About 80% of the sectors complained that their social media engagement was not up to the mark. This happened because about 14 major industries were facing a backlog into promoting their product on the social media platform.
  2. Facebook and Instagram were among the ones who were hit hard. Twitter was always a buzzing name but it was surely seeing a downward spiral.

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, here is how the strategies went.

  1. About 70% of the stark increase in social media brand promotion was seen in the majorly hit industries from all around the world.
  2. Facebook and Instagram were gaining more leads, day after the other. Moreover, Facebook ads were gaining more rounds and being sponsored more and promoted better.
  3. Twitter was still creating a buzz and now it went higher up by a few notches.

Less posting leads and higher engagement rates

One thing which has happened for the Covid-19 outbreak is the better engagement ratio for posts and leads. This is when the social media performance of over 2000 companies was looked at and it was found out that the majority of the companies were doing an amazing job on social media.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were the three leading platforms on where the higher leads were posts and where the engagement ratios were skyrocketing through the market. An initial dip was found out in the early March 2020 were the government just announced about the worldwide lockdown.

Few weeks before that, the posting leads were doing poorly on the market and it created a lot of havoc for media promoters from all around the world. But the lead sales were doubled in April, or the first week of April where all the participants were choosing and resorting to digitalized ways.

The COVID-19 outbreak has been kind to social media

With a lot of people doing nothing but browsing through their social media while sitting at their home, had the time to look through a variety of posted ads that they initially used to skip. The Covid-19 outbreak engaged the audience and helped the social media promoters and influencers to market their brand name much better because, with the situation and ongoing trials, it is completely possible.

The main reason had to do with the quality of the posts that were being targeted. This happened because marketers are now completely aware of the fact that customers have a lot of time in their hands to scrutinise through the details. To make sure that social media marketing spree is gained through an upper hand, the marketers are trying to portray messages into a creative format.



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