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Best Alternative Indian Apps which can be Used Instead Of Banned Chinese Apps

2020 has been a rough start for us because there is a lot of disappointing news from all around the world. With the start of an ongoing pandemic worldwide, 2020 has given us twists and turns like it is planning for a plot in a disaster movie. However, the blow was hard when the government decided to ban 59 Chinese apps for the brewing Indo-China war over the borders.

TikTok which was a much-liked application in India garnered the attention of the youth population and had over millions of users. The recent ban has caused concern as youngsters are finding it hard to choose over an alternative app with the same user interface.

Recently we have seen MI Browser Amassing search Questions and sending them to China in the manner we’ve seen TikTok being accused of sending drafted videos.  There have been cases with single-issue servers ignoring users’ privacy. 

The growing concern of the government was on the matter that the Chinese authorities could have the user database of the customers saved with them.

Most users believe that the programs for the most part have taken over the app ecosystem in India and overseas and are trying to move away from this.  We have also seen folks announcing their decision to decrease dependence on goods such as appliances smartphones, and smartphone programs. 

With the help of this article, we will help you to check out some alternative apps which will make you feel the same way you used to feel while using the old ones.

Tik Tok Alternative: ShareChat

Tik Tok was a growing concern for the Indian users since there were tons of data breaches going on with the help of this app. Tik Tok is famous for sharing the wrong limelight and has been accused more than once. The US Senators urged the FTC to explore the wrongdoings of TikTok since they neglected to eliminate videos of kids under the age of 13. Aside from these occurrences of solitude offenses consumers have gotten suspicious of China due to privacy issues.  ByteDance owns TikTok Beijing based firm also was accused of sharing consumer information with China Before.

An alternative application called ShareChat is almost similar to TikTok and lets you shoot videos and post them online while sharing with your peers. This is a company based in India and the video platform is recently receiving a bunch of applications and praises. Perhaps the best alternative application to use, you can choose different filters to your video and modify them according to your need.

UC Browser Alternative: Web Browser

Alibaba Group of China owns the UC Browser which was one of the most downloaded applications on Google PlayStore.  The program was accused of privacy and security problems previously and a study that revealed solitude gaps and the security vulnerabilities inside the program was released by the Citizen Lab.  The analysis concluded that much of data about its customers has been being sent with no encryption to an Alibaba Analytics instrument.

On the other hand, the Web Browser is a perfect alternative to this app. While there were some fixes to be done, in the prior 2017, the Indian Government tagged UC Browser saying that there is a large data breach and security theft that goes on. Web Browser is based on a Bangalore formed company named Hidden Reflex and this application is a perfect alternative to be used in your phone. The browsing speed is optimum and it even comes with built-in browsing protection.

Zoom Alternative: Jio Meet

While Zoom alone is headquartered in California, the growth of Zoom occurs in China.  China doesn’t impose data that is rigorous privacy dangers and legislation exposing the business to stress and influence in the authorities.  Lately, Zoom was seen igniting router calls suspicions from all around the world.  If you’re looking for a desi alternate to Zoom, afterward, we’ve Jio Meet out of Say Namaste and Reliance Jio. There are a lot of other choices such as Google Meet and Say Namaste although cisco WebEx is the Indian Alternate to the video conferencing program.



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