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How To Deal With Layoffs And Get Better With Them.

Companies all over the globe are trying to cut down their costs so that they can survive the pandemic and bounce back harder. In order to minimize the cost, various organizations have resorted to firing the employees that are not an integral part of the organization. The whole concept of getting fired is very disturbing. If these practices are taken up with certain strategies, the whole rough phase can be made a little bit smooth and emotional.

Layoffs affect the morale of the employees. The leaders at the forefront of this move are the people who face the anguish and the set back of the employees. These are the people that are called off every time someone loses their job. 

Jobs are not just the way we make a living, they create a lifestyle for us. When you are fired, you might feel betrayed by powerless over the direction of your life and you might start blaming yourself for the in tire process. This whole process can be very overwhelming and full of stress. Here are a few pointers that will help you cope up with this issue:

  • Face the truth: you need to know that you were not the best in the organization or are you are not needed as much as your peers. This is the major reason why you were laid off when the company started downsizing. You can mourn for the loss of your job but the next thing you would have to do is look for another job. Give yourself some time to adjust and go easy on yourself.
  • Think of this as a temporary loss: leaders of today have faced a lot of challenges and setbacks in their life. The only thing coming out of this is the motivation to be better and to do better. People must take layoffs as a positive thing and must improve themselves and be better. you can even start something of your own and explore your horizons before you get a new job.
  • Start using your connections: ask your workers and ask your colleagues and a few friends for reference in other companies. Create a good background for yourself and start looking out for different roles because of the speed of the whole process of a job hunt is slow. Reaching out to the right person at the right time may just get you the job you want. Opportunities keep on rising but they are not publicized much because of the time crunch. 
  • Create new relationships: meet new people with a common interest and join various groups such as job hunt, layoffs during Covid-19. These groups have like-minded people who have gone through the same process and they would help you in ways you would have never thought. Listen to everyone’s viewpoint about organizations and then start applying for it.
  • Take time to identify what you want from your new job: it is very important to know that you must not settle for something other than your niche. During these times people are very desperate for jobs and end up with jobs that are not fit for them. This results in a bad track record because your efficiency in the new job won’t be as high as before. Look for jobs that are appealing and make it a point to not go beyond your niche.
  • Talk to your old companies HR: This pandemic is taking a toll on everyone and this is why the companies are firing people. But one thing which is noteworthy is that the HR team is still helping these people find new roles. Reach out to the HR team and tell them about the domain of the job you need and about your industry and the total experience you have. Trust them and remind them about you and your job search daily. 
  • Go freelance: it has been predicted that in the near future the employment rate will reduce further on. Why not start working for your own self rather than looking for some company? Find out your skill and start freelancing. There are various opportunities available online and you need to just create a portfolio and pitch to the client.
  • Ask yourself the right questions: some layoffs are legal some of them are called collective. Figure out whether your employer will give you a job after the pandemic is over. Be realistic and ask yourself the right questions about wanting to go back to the organization.
  • Take care of your mental health: this whole process is stressful and a huge experience of loss. You must hold on to the positive relationships you have in life and keep yourself strong mentally. If you do not keep your head clear, you might not ace the interviews which are happening for other organizations.
  • Stay positive about your ex-company: when you are interviewing for a new firm, never comment about your old firm in a negative way. Always appreciate the time you had there and cherish the experiences that you had. You need to show a positive attitude and respect for all the learning that you have got.
  • Say goodbye to long-term goals:  your current goal is to find a new job. Focus on short-term goals instead of focusing on long-term increments and long term promises that you made to your own self. Your sole responsibility right now is to sustain yourself with the finances that you can manage.
  • Plan wisely: The final step would be to create a full-fledged plan which is bulletproof and won’t hurt you in the end. Allocate a few days for your own self and after that create a good plan which will help you in finding a job. Divide your plan into various parts. The first would be getting an interview in a firm and after that taking up various training courses for the new firm. Plan your budget two so that you do not go over your finances that are available in your bank account. Save money for the future and also spend wisely.

Don’t lose hope, you are not the only one going through the part of finding a new job and being laid off. This is the time when the majority of people have lost their jobs and are finding new ones. Look around, there are more people who are succumbing and not moving up or moving ahead. Don’t be like them and just grab the next opportunity you find. 



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